Business immigration to Germany.
The growing number of people wishing to move to Germany permanently forced the government to reconsider the conditions for immigrants. Special attention is paid to qualified specialists, the deficit of which is felt in all fields of activity. For them, immigration to Germany today is carried out under the new legislation, which greatly simplifies the entry into the country of citizens from states that are not members of the European Union.
Immigration to Germany: requirements for applicants.
Changes in the immigration law touched on a number of issues, including – the level of wages, the provision of residence permits and the issuance of a visa. So, to obtain a long-term residence permit, now the salary level for a number of specialists is reduced to 44.8 thousand euros per year, and for certain professions – up to 34.2 thousand euros. Applicants who have a diploma of a programmer, doctor or engineer, can immigrate to the country under especially loyal conditions – there is a special need for these specialists in the country. Three years of work in Germany allow immigrants to rely on a residence permit. Particular preference will be given to those who speak German at the proper level. And some rules apply to graduates of German universities – they are given the right to seek work for a year and a half, with the right to live freely in the territory of the country during the specified period of time.
Immigration to Germany: visa issues.
According to the new legislation, immigration to Germany for subsequent employment will become possible after the registration of a special type of work visa. Its presence allows you to stay in the country for 6 months, with the aim of finding work and finding a job. You can obtain an immigration permit for entry by presenting a diploma of education and proving the availability of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your planned stay in the country.
Business immigration to Germany.
In order for business immigration to Germany to acquire real features, it is necessary to take care of drawing up documents confirming your intentions and their effectiveness for the country’s economy, after which – to convince the business of strict German officials of your business.
Business immigration to Germany: the process of approving the application from the applicant.
Dreams of starting their own business in Germany can easily be broken against the harsh reality. The massage parlor in Baden-Baden or the restaurant of Russian cuisine on the busy Berlin street are bold and ambitious, but not always feasible projects. To rid their country of grief-entrepreneurs, German officials strictly check all those who wish to become a citizen of Germany and open their own company in the country. Therefore, you need to prepare a package of documents that reveal the content and profitability of your future entrepreneurial activity and prove a high level of your own professional training. In addition, it is important to find your niche in the selected region, where the work of your company will be in demand. It is worth noting that the examination of the applicants’ papers is carried out quickly and without bureaucratic delays, and you will not have to wait for a long answer on your candidacy.
Business immigration to Germany: the choice of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise.
You can open your company in Germany in any form – from an individual entrepreneur, to an LLC or a joint-stock company. In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future, pay attention to the requirements of domestic legislation and the taxation system for each of the organizational and legal forms, involving experienced financial advisors in this work.
For business immigration to Germany to be successful, be sure to use the professional help of specialists with experience. They will prompt how to “tie” their future enterprise to a specific region where its activities will be in demand to convince the discerning migrant center specialists to give you a “green light” to enter the country.
Ready business in Germany.
Ready-made business in Germany is an excellent alternative for those who are afraid of the documentary and legal difficulties that are associated with the opening of their own company in Europe. Fast, affordable, legal – the acquisition of a ready-made German company will ensure you an easy and successful start in the new status of an entrepreneur.
The length of state registration of a new enterprise in Germany scares off a considerable number of potential businessmen. Therefore, offers for the sale of ready-made companies quickly find grateful buyers. If you are in a hurry, and wait for the results of consideration of your papers by leisurely officials, once, use this option – practice shows that it takes one business day to prepare a business for a new private person. Among the advantages of a new acquisition, it is worth pointing out:
� Full readiness to start activities: open settlement account, registration with the tax authority and registration number;
� Ability to start work immediately, immediately after signing the title documents;
� Absence of the need to make the authorized capital amount on the account;
� Legal cleanliness of the enterprise: as the activity was not carried out, there is no need to conduct an audit, before selling the company.
If a ready business in Germany is for you – not an empty formality, designed to facilitate the simplification of obtaining a residence permit, pay attention to the next moment. Among the areas that are guaranteed successful existence on the market, it is necessary to designate electronic technologies, chemical industry, consumer services, automotive, IT technologies. Companies involved in these activities will never complain about low profitability.
Montenegro.Bar.Novy 101 apartment building.
Object m2: 52 Land m2: 52 Rooms: 2 Description: Montenegro. Bar. New apartments near the city administration.
The building consists of 101st apartment, which are distributed over seven floors. It consists of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments with a view of the sea, the mountains and the town of Bar. Our apartments are built on the principle of open space, where the living room, dining room and kitchen are connected to a spacious room, which is ideal if you are looking for an apartment for both holiday and permanent residence.
Surfaces of walls in kitchens and bathrooms are faced with ceramic tiles. The walls of the bathroom are tiled from floor to ceiling, and the kitchen is up to a height of 1.5 m. On all wall and ceiling surfaces of the apartments there is a lime mortar in two layers. Final surface treatment is carried out with finely dispersed plaster. The ceilings in the bathrooms are made of metal rails. Surfaces of walls of terraces are processed on the system of the warmed facades (DEMIT), external furnish by stone plates. Surfaces of the ceiling of the terrace are treated with decorative two-component mineral plaster (Bavalit, etc.) and painted with acrylic facade paint. The walls in the halls (common communications) are treated with decorative two-component mineral plaster (Bavalit, etc.) and painted with acrylic paint.
A comfortable microclimate is created in the apartments with the help of installed air-conditioners and warm floors. The external unit of air conditioners is on the terrace, there is also the possibility of installing two indoor units (split-system).
Apartments studio with a garden on the ground floor:
54625 euros to 70250 euros.
52 sq.m. – 84368 euros.
79 sq.m. -129,238 euros.
and many other prices and layouts.
House Russia Moscow.
Object m2: 84 Land m2: 17.5 Rooms: 3 Description: House Russia Moscow.
Moscow region, city of Korolev, m. Pervomaysky, st. The world.
Gas in cylinders (main on the border), electricity, a well with a pump, a cesspool. The site is developed, planted with fruit trees and shrubs. Neighbors live year-round.
A great option and for commercial use – the construction of a store, a hotel, a cafe.
Plot of land, 35 hundred. and a house near the Don River.
Object m2: 57,3 Land m2: 35 Rooms: 3 Description: A plot of 35 hundred square meters, flat, is located next to the river Don / 500m. /, In a quiet pleasant place, neighbors only on one side, not on the travel road. Gas, light is carried out, water is a well, running water along the street. On the site there is a house suitable for living. It has 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, gas heating, toilet, two garages, a separate cellar for storing vegetables. Before the city of Voronezh-5 km., Semiluki-1km.
Hungary. Budapest. Apartment 85 sq.m. in the center, in the 5th district.
Object m2: 85 Land m2: 85 Rooms: 4 Description: Hungary. Budapest. Apartment 85 sq.m. in the center, in the 5th district.
In the 5th district of Budapest it is offered for sale an apartment with two balconies.
Location: BUDAPEST V. district.
Property type: Apartment.
In the 5th district of Budapest, in its historic center, in a wonderful house of ancient construction, an apartment with two balconies after major repairs is offered for sale. During the repair, Premium quality materials were selected. Design solution of space, items of furniture of exclusive quality.
Excellent infrastructure and transport links.
Number of rooms: 4 (living room, 2 bedrooms, office)
Heating system: central.
There is a choice of apartments and houses in a different budget, including commercial objects.
Bulgaria. Sunny Beach. The apartment is 82 sq.m. with furniture.
Object m2: 82 Land m2: 82 Rooms: 3 Description: Bulgaria. Sunny Beach. The apartment is 82 sq.m. with furniture in the complex Sapphire.
For sale an apartment with a separate kitchen in the center of Sunny Beach.
Location: Sunny Beach.
Property type: Apartment.
Type: Secondary market, Real estate for investment.
Maintenance fee: 8E / m2 per year.
Distance from the sea: 200m.
On sale is a spacious apartment with 1 bedroom and a separate kitchen in the complex Sapphire in Sunny Beach. The apartment is fully furnished, ready for living.
It consists of an entrance hall, a separate kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, two bathrooms with a toilet, two balconies with a beautiful view of the greenery and a swimming pool.
The apartment is suitable for permanent living, it is located on the 5th floor in a house with an elevator.
Equipped with quality furniture and appliances, there are two air conditioners, washing machine, microwave, electric stove, oven, large refrigerator.
The area where the complex is located adjacent to the center of the resort is one of the most prestigious and attractive, because at the same time with the peace and tranquility that you can get here, you are 200 from the wide beach strip of the resort and 150 meters from the beautiful pedestrian alley of the resort with many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.
The area has excellent infrastructure and transport connections, the post office, a polyclinic, the police are close by, and just 400 meters away is the bus station, from where buses leave to anywhere in Bulgaria.
All the amenities you need, throughout the year – a cozy restaurant with a summer garden, a swimming pool with a children’s section, a pool bar, a currency exchange office, a large supermarket, a beauty salon and a hairdresser, a pharmacy that turns Sapphire Complex into a preferred object for recreation and for year-round living.
In the restaurant of the complex you can taste wonderful dishes of local and international cuisine, and in the summer garden of the restaurant you can enjoy the greenery and beautiful singing of birds sitting on trees.
Directly at the complex, about 250 m is the biggest Aquapark on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast where you can have fun with your children, and at 100 m there is the largest shopping center of the resort where you can make wonderful purchases.
There is a choice of apartments and houses in a different budget, including commercial objects.
Montenegro.New mini hotel in Dobra Voda.
Object m2: 415 Land m2: 350 Rooms: 10 Description: Montenegro.New mini hotel in Dobra Voda, below the highway.
Apartment house, 2016 g of construction. Now there are final finishing works on the last floor. The plot is 304m2. The house has a base of 115m2, a total area of 345m2 + 70m2 roof terrace. The inner area is 258m2. The house has 5 apartments.
On the first floor: two apartments of 43m2 and 41m2 one bedroom each.
On the second floor: two apartments 43m2 and 41m2 one bedroom each.
On the third floor: one apartment 90m2 with two bedrooms.
On the roof there is a large terrace.
In the house there is a solar panel for heating water, and in a large apartment there is also water heating.
Water reservoir – 20m3, septic tank, el. Internet connection is possible. To the beach “Veliki Pesak” about 300m. Nearby there are both seasonal and year-round shops and cafes.
The construction tax has not yet been paid.
Price: 415.000 euros.
Modern guest house.
Object m2: 831 Land m2: 3426 Rooms: 18 Description: A modern guest house with countryside views overlooking the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Mountains. The Minihotel is located in Khres, 1 km from Leske-Bled railway station. To the center of Bled – 4 km, to the Rzed Bled – 5 km (5 min drive). Within 3 km there is a golf course.
Hotel Hotel Hungary Keszthely.
Object m2: 650 Land m2: 910 Rooms: 20 Description: Hotel Hotel Hungary Keszthely.
Hungary. Heviz. The hotel is in excellent, working condition with regular customers.
Location: 5 minutes walk to Lake Heviz.
Property Type: Commercial property.
Type of property: Secondary.
The area of the object is 650 m2.
Plot area: 910 m2.
Floor: 4 floors, 2 houses.
Condition: new (2008)
Parking: in the yard for 14 cars.
Features: White marble fireplace; + massage salon “Tai” (54m2) For sale with furniture and equipment. Air Conditioned.
Commercial premises in Recklinghausen, North Rhine-Westphalia.
Object m2: 683 Land m2: 800 Rooms: 7 Description: Sell commercial premises in Recklinghausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Detached building. The area is 683 m2. There is a supermarket in the room. As a tenant of premises is a large retailer. The lease contract is valid until 12.2018. Profitability – 66000 EUR / year. Profitability – 8.8%. The object has a profitability above the market average for commercial real estate in Germany (3.3%). The possibility of lending in a foreign bank on the security of its own facility with low interest rates (from 2%), and the use of received funds both abroad and in the territory of their country.
We have more than 1,000 partners in 53 countries, including major real estate agencies, developers, banks, leasing companies, state regulatory bodies, and investment funds.
We offer real estate that provides passive income (various office buildings, street retail, production facilities, etc. with tenants with long-term lease agreements).
Other Russia Veliky Novgorod.
Object m2: 1189 Land m2: 1189 Rooms: 1 Description: Other Location: Russia, Velikiy Novgorod.
Information on rights on the legal entity’s balance sheet.
Year of construction 2010.
There is a repair in the room.
Floor / Storey of building 1/1.
Number of rooms 1.
The total area of the premises is 20 sq.m.
The area of the land plot is 1189 sq.m.
Information about the rights of the zou. on the balance sheet of the legal entity.
Proximity to the Ring Road: close by.
Telecommunications: telephone, security system.
Communications: electric heating, ventilation.
Infrastructure: developed infrastructure.
Location: Novgorod region, Novgorod district, Grigorovo village, st. Teplichnaya, 1A.
The gas station consists of: a service station (19.7 sq. M)
1. 4 underground storage tanks for fuel and lubricants of grade P-10 with a volume of 10 m3.
2. Emergency tank with a volume of 10 m3, canopy (building area – 32.7 m 2)
3. Wastewater treatment plants, a 5 m3 septic tank, a well with a fire hydrant.
4. 5 lighting poles with lightning protection, information board (stela)
5. Enclosure of tanks (29.9 m), concrete paving (area 186.4 m 2)
6. Asphalt covering (area 758.2 sq. M.), Foundation under the columns, TRC NARA 7221.