Business immigration to Canada.
Business immigration to Canada – immigration to Canada for business people.
In this review, which is based on the materials published on the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service, we will omit business immigration issues in Canada by investor class. Let us also not dwell on the small but still occurring category of immigration to Canada – creative professions (who can go to Canada under the so-called self-employment category).
The program for business immigrants to Canada stipulates that applicants with relevant business experience and a legally earned net worth of 300,000 Canadian dollars can immigrate to Canada provided that their activities in Canada are related to management. The second condition is that they will own at least one third of a certain size within one year of their three years in Canada. All applicants for business immigration to Canada must indicate in writing that they intend to meet these conditions and will be able to do so, which also applies to all members of the applicant’s family. Compliance with these conditions is monitored by a special commission after your resettlement (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
Now for immigrants in the professional and business categories introduced a simplified procedure for applying for immigration to Canada. This means that you can take English at one of the offices of the British Council in order to have the appropriate certificate, fill in the correct questionnaire, pay the consular fees, and then wait for the immigration officer of the Canadian Embassy in Moscow to request your documents in support of the information specified in the questionnaires. Therefore, in our opinion, while we are on the market of advisory and legal assistance for immigration to Canada and business immigration to Canada for about seven years, although the process of immigration will have less time, but documents need to be prepared in advance at the stage of filling out the immigration questionnaire.
So, briefly the basic requirements for entrepreneurs (business immigrants to Canada) are:
“Entrepreneur” means a foreign citizen who.
Has business experience Has a legally earned minimum status established for business immigration to Canada Provides the immigration officer with a written application (such as a declaration of intent) that he will be able to meet the conditions described in subparagraphs 98 (1) to (5)
The Canadian Immigration Service describes the business immigration process in Canada in such a language that it does not immediately become clear what is meant by this or that term. Therefore, they themselves decipher certain terms.
“Business experience” with respect to an entrepreneur means a minimum of two years of experience (experience) consisting of two periods of one year of experience in managing an appropriate business and controlling the percentage of assets of a suitable business during the five-year period preceding the application for a permanent resident visa, , when your application will be made a final decision. “Equivalent full working day” means 1950 hours of paid working time.
“The minimum net worth” for an entrepreneur means 300,000 Canadian dollars.
“Net assets” for a suitable business, as well as for a suitable Canadian business, means assets of the business, net of business obligations, as well as loans and loans to the applicant for business immigration to Canada and members of his family (spouse or civil partner).
“Net Income” for a suitable business, as well as for a suitable Canadian business, means the profit or loss of a business, net of taxes, plus business fees to a foreign citizen who makes a business immigration application to Canada, as well as members of his family (spouse or partner) for civil marriage).
“Net cost” in relation to the entrepreneur means the full market value of all of its assets and assets of the spouse (or civil partner), minus the fair market price of their obligations.
Business in Canada – the basic requirements.
2. The percentage of business ownership multiplied by the company’s annual turnover must be at least 500,000 CAD;
3. The percentage of business ownership multiplied by net annual income must be at least 50,000 CAD;
4. Percentage of ownership of business, multiplied by the value of the property of the enterprise at the end of the year, must be at least 125,000 CAD.
2. 2. The percentage of business (in percentage terms) multiplied by the total amount of sales per year is equal to or exceeds 250,000 CAD.
3. The percentage of business (in percentage terms) multiplied by net annual income is equal to or exceeds 25,000 CAD.
4. The share of business (in percentage terms), multiplied by the amount of assets, is equal to or exceeds 125,000 CAD.
An entrepreneur can fulfill any two of four of these requirements within one year for a 3-year period of stay.
Unlike the business category, an immigrant-category investor allows you to obtain permanent residence in Canada at once, but the conditions are steeper: to have 800,000 CAD in assets and to freeze in the Canadian economy 400,000 CAD for 5 years without interest. The method of investing in Canada is as follows. The investor does not enter into an agreement with the bank, but makes a deposit through it to the Canada Receiver General (State Treasurer). The certificate of crediting is accepted by Immigration and Citizenship Canada, which will send confirmation of receipt of the deposit, and after 5 years – about its “unblocking”. Technically, it looks like this: the bank itself sends a confirmation to Immigration about the crediting of funds. Funds can be received back to their account in any bank (Canadian or reliable foreign) accredited by the Immigration Service of Canada.
Additional terminology will be given later. Follow our updates. And also the section of business immigration to Canada will be supplemented by some valuable observations from practice and valuable advice.
Answer: We can help with the organization of the study tour. As for the ready business, the presence of business in Canada will only complicate the process of immigration, because when submitting documents for business immigration or by category, the investor will need to provide a heap of securities not only from Russia, but also from Canada, which will significantly increase the cost of immigration. Presumably twice. If you opt for an investor program, then you do not need a business in Canada at all. You can do it after obtaining visas for permanent residents of Canada. If you go through business immigration, it is also recommended to buy business in Canada only after receiving approval for immigration.
Answer: Lack of knowledge of English will not prevent a short trip, because consultants in Canada, with whom we cooperate, speak Russian. But for immigration Canada it is desirable that the main applicant has at least an average knowledge of English, if it is business (for an investor to know English is not necessary, because the investor is a passive investment in Canada). Now about the timing. According to our observations, from the beginning of work with our company to obtaining an immigrant visa, it takes an average of 1.5 to 2 years. Immigration to Canada is not such a long process, but if you follow the idea of comparing with other countries, immigration through investment in the UK, for example, will be several times faster than the Canadian scheme. The process of immigration to the UK for investors (1 million pounds) takes only 3-4 months before obtaining residence permit in the UK.
Answer: Appeals procedures for the business category do not exist. If you want to apply again for a permanent resident visa to Canada, by providing new information, you can do so by submitting a new application with a new payment of consular fees and accompanying documents. You can wait, for example, 1-2 years, and then submit, but only if 2010 or 2011 on financial indicators will be at the level of 2008. Or choose another country for immigration, less demanding in terms of quality requirements for documents .
Question: What are these countries? What programs?
Answer: The procedure of immigration through investments in the US (the condition of participation – an investment of 500,000 USD for two years in an American fund) does not require proof of the applicant’s business experience. The program of immigration to the UK in the category of investor (the condition of participation – an investment of 1,000,000? In the UK for 5 years) also does not require the investor to have experience of doing business. This money can even be donated to the applicant. Moreover, both the British and American immigration programs through investment are carried out at a rapid pace (4 months in the UK, and 6 months in the US). Immigration to Canada for business categories takes 1.5-2 years.
Question: Can we buy a ready farm in Canada with land, and what is needed for this? Different sources of information have different requirements, and you will not understand what all the same is necessary. Some say that in addition to buying a farm, we must still pay the state nearly half a million. Is this possible?
Answer: You can buy a farm, but it will not give automatic rights to immigration to Canada. You do not need to pay half a million to the state, perhaps you have confused the type of immigration you are interested in with the category of investor. The farming program you are interested in is described in our articles: immigration to Canada – creative workers and farmers – part 1 and the second publication: immigration to Canada – creative workers and farmers – part 2.
But to participate in this program you need two years of experience in farming or agriculture in Russia. And also need to know the English language and fit in with other criteria for the selection of immigrants.
Answer: For immigration to Canada (for submission of documents), the IELTS certificate is valid for 1 year.
Our activity is to provide residents of Canada with the following services: graphic design, web site and project programming, website development and promotion, branding, photo shoots, video editing, advertising, printing. We already have work in principle, we are already leaving for the Canadian market. The only question is how can I immigrate to Canada, to continue and develop my business. I am married and will accordingly consider options for a joint trip. If there are any suggestions, please write to me. It’s a serious matter, and my approach to this is even more serious. I am 25 years old. Higher education, sphere of activity – bank.
Answer: The fact is that the opening of a company in Canada and even the operation of this company are not in themselves the basis for business immigration. To carry out business immigration, it is necessary to show to the Canadian authorities that the applicant fits into the definition of the entrepreneur. This means that the applicant must have two years of management of a suitable business (no matter where, in Canada or in the country of your current residence), and also document the existence of the earned assets for an amount equivalent to 300,000 CAD. As a result of the program, a three-year residence permit is issued, which after one year from these three can turn into permanent residence. To turn into permanent residence, you also need to meet certain criteria for business success already in Canada.