Business Immigration is immigration to Canada for business people.
If you are a businessman who wants to invest, then this immigration program can be a good way for you to accelerate emigration to Canada.
Business immigration is aimed at attracting business people with experience in business and management and who can contribute to the development of the Canadian economy.
Federal program of business immigration.
Want to invest in Canada as an entrepreneur, an investor or a self-employed person? For you there is the possibility of accelerated emigration to Canada.
Business immigration to Quebec.
If you plan to live in the province of Quebec and want to go on the road to business immigration, then you will need to apply for a business immigration program in Quebec.
Business immigration by provincial nomination programs (PPN)
In many other provinces of Canada, there are immigration schemes based on provincial nomination programs.
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Saskatchewan invites 251 international entrepreneurs.
The Government of Saskatchewan has conducted its first draw of 2018 for its Provincial Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur Stream.
October 31 Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Draw is Largest Ever.
The latest draw for Saskatchewan’s Entrepreneur stream, an important component of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), is the largest such draw to take place with the stream for more than two years.
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Comments on National Francophone Immigration Week.
October 30 marks the first day of the National Francophone Immigration Week in Canada, a week-long event organized by the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada (Federation des communautes francophones et acadienne, or FCFA) and the Francophone Immigration Networks (Reseaux en immigration francophone, or RIF) to highlight Francophone immigration and diversity in Canada.