Business and real estate in the Czech Republic.
Today, the Czech Republic is one of the most attractive states that provide an opportunity for Russian citizens to immigrate and acquire foreign real estate. For more than 10 years the Czech Republic has attracted not only numerous tourists, but also large investors, as well as people who would like to immigrate to the Czech Republic forever.
The activities of our company can be divided into three main areas, which are closely related to each other:
1) Assistance in buying or selling any property throughout the Czech Republic. For more than 15 years we have been working with Czech real estate and helping our clients solve any problems that arise in this area. For more information about this direction of our work, please visit the Czech Property page & gt; & gt; & gt ;.
2) Assistance in purchasing or selling a ready-made business in the Czech Republic. We will register your company in the Czech Republic, tell you what to look for, help you find any real estate in the Czech Republic necessary for your business, establish business cooperation, find partners. For more information, please visit this business page in the Czech Republic & gt; & gt; & gt ;.
3) Assistance in immigration to this wonderful country. Registration of a package of documents necessary for obtaining a long-term visa, and in the long term a residence permit, permanent residence and, perhaps, Czech citizenship. We will help you at every step of this difficult procedure. You can read more on the page of immigration to the Czech Republic & gt; & gt; & gt ;.
For more information on the terms of cooperation and the cost of our services, please see the & # 171; Services & # 187; & gt; & gt; & gt ;.
Foreign, commercial real estate in the Czech Republic is one of the best ways to build a reliable business in Europe. Such a purchase will provide you with a stable income, as well as with a working business, immigration and obtaining residence permit in the Czech Republic will be much easier.
To answer unambiguously to the frequent question “how much does real estate cost” will not work, since prices vary from region to region. Buy a house in Prague can be inexpensive, but living in Prague is considered more prestigious, although more expensive. Also, on real estate abroad it is impossible to indicate prices in rubles because of the floating rate, on our website all prices are in euros.
Unconventional real estate in the Czech Republic is bought by Russians and French.
The offer of non-traditional real estate in the Czech Republic, such as castles, churches or fortresses, at this & hellip;
In 2018 in Prague there will be almost 200 thousand square meters of offices.
2018 will be one of the three strongest in the last decade in terms of & hellip;
Czech Real Estate Trends 2017: lack of apartments and growing interest in shopping centers.
Over the past three years, the number of missing apartments in Prague has tripled, & hellip;