Bulgarian residence permits and citizenship: advantages, stages and methods of obtaining, necessary documents, Real estate in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian residence permit and citizenship: advantages, stages and methods of obtaining, necessary documents.
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At the expiration of a five-year period of residence in a country with a residence permit, a foreign citizen can apply for permanent residence. After another five years of being in the status of permanent residence, it is possible to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.
Foreign citizens have the right to apply for a residence permit in the following cases:
Marriage with a Bulgarian citizen;
The opening of a representative office in Bulgaria (a good option for people who have no relatives in the country, this is the so-called business immigration). When obtaining residence permit for a representative office, there is a mandatory condition – the creation of at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens;
The applicant plans to enter long-term care in the country’s medical facility;
There is a high pension, which is paid by another state or other non-state fund (residence permit for pensioners). It will be necessary to provide a document from the Pension Fund of Russia, which confirms pension provision or a certificate from another non-state fund;
Labor activity (the applicant has a labor contract with one of the Bulgarian companies);
Obtaining education in the educational institutions of Bulgaria (for confirmation, you will need a contract with the university);
When buying real estate in Bulgaria for more than 600 000 leva (1 lev.
25 rubles). In this case, it is not necessary to purchase only one object, you can buy several, but their total value must correspond to the specified limit (documentation required to confirm the purchase will be required);
Through investments in a commercial organization in the amount of more than 250 000 leva;
Conducting private practice (subject to appropriate authorization).
I would like to note that it is quite easy for pensioners to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. This is due to the fact that pensions in this country are much lower than state support in Russia. And a Russian pensioner who has issued a Bulgarian residence permit will be able to receive a pension in Bulgaria.
At the initial stage, you will need to issue a D-document visa, which will allow you to come to the country directly for obtaining residence permit. The visa is issued in the Bulgarian representative office. In Russia they are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in a number of other cities. It is worth emphasizing that an indispensable condition for the design of residence permits is the availability of a visa document of the type D, which can only be obtained outside of Bulgaria. This visa is issued for a period of 180 days and is multiple, that is, you can enter or leave Bulgaria at any time, as many times as you like. When you get a visa, you will have to pay a consular and service fee (in case of urgent registration – 4000 rubles). Documents for issuing a visa D are submitted solely by the applicant personally.
The general documentation that each applicant must provide.
General documents include:
One standard passport photo.
Passport, a copy of his first page and a spread with a note on the receipt of a visa D. The validity of the passport must be six months more than the planned stay in the country. That is, when applying for a residence permit for 12 months, the passport must be valid for more than 1.5 years, and taking into account the time required to obtain a visa D, it is recommended to have a document with a term of more than 2 years.
A copy certified by a notary, a long-term lease agreement or a notarized copy of the certificate of ownership.
Certificate of criminal record. Its term should not exceed six months.
An inquiry from a Bulgarian bank in which a personal account with a sufficient amount of money is opened in the name of the applicant. At the same time, for pensioners, the amount is set that corresponds to the minimum pension in Bulgaria (for 2015 – 150 levs), multiplied by 12 months. And for foreigners who are not retired, this amount will be the minimum wage in Bulgaria (310 levs), multiplied by 12 months. The period of the bank certificate should not exceed 1 month.
The medical insurance in the territory of Bulgaria with a coverage of 60 000 levs.
All submitted documentation must have a translation certified by an accredited specialist.
The UWW does not allow obtaining a similar status in the EU countries, but it can be absent in the territory of the country for up to 30 months for all 5 years that are compulsory for living.
The status of permanent residence practically equates the rights of foreigners and citizens of Bulgaria.
In the presence of Bulgarian origin;
In the case of a marriage with a Bulgarian citizen (the marriage must officially last more than two years);
In the presence of a minor child – a Bulgarian citizen;
When making investments in the economic branch of the state for an amount exceeding $ 500,000 (in the presence of a certificate of direct foreign investment);
At birth in Bulgaria, but the loss of citizenship (due to personal refusal or as a result of resettlement);
With a permanent residence in the country, with the exception of getting an education in the universities of the state.
There is a five-year status of the DVZh or PVZh;
Presence of legitimate sources of subsistence;
Knowledge of the Bulgarian language;
Absence of mental disorders and a number of diseases;
Refusal of previous citizenship (in some cases, refusal is not needed, for example, EU citizens and spouses of Bulgarian citizens may not refuse to have citizenship).
Documents for citizenship.
A foreigner who claims to obtain citizenship is required to prepare a number of documents:
Four standard passport photos;
Birth certificate;
Copies of the certificate of birth of the matter (with notarization);
Certificate of criminal record;
Certificate from the medical institution;
Receipt for payment of state fee;
Documents confirming financial solvency;
Information about relatives.
The package of documents together with the application for citizenship is submitted to the Commission on Citizenship in Bulgaria. Each document must have a translation and legalization. The application is considered within 2 months, after which the decision on refusal or assignment of citizenship is made. The result of the procedure is getting a passport of a Bulgarian citizen.
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