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Bulgarian beach pictures.
Morning & # 8212; temperature + 20 �, day + 28 �. Water + 26 � C.
“By the sea, by the blue sea & hellip; with you we are near, with you & hellip; & quot;
I remembered the motif of the famous Japanese song when yesterday we came to one of our usual swimming places pretty early & ndash; around 07.00. On the sandy Bulgarian shore, almost at the very edge of the water slept couples.
We’ve seen people spend nights on the beach before, but there have always been tents or trailers. And here, not far from each other are two pairs and a group of several people literally on beach litter. Funny such a sight. Probably, the romance is great. Or maybe they drank too much and did not get behind the wheel (well done), the cars were not far off. Or maybe both & hellip; .
It is interesting, probably, to wake up under the rustle of a surging wave. I, perhaps, do not dare to do this. The maximum of our capabilities in this regard is enough to come a watch in five & ndash; to meet the Bulgarian sun. Although & hellip; try never to late & hellip;
In our Kranev places, as well as on many coasts in the world, there is a nudist beach. It is located where the beaches of Kranevo come to Albena. The Germans, of course, this is the usual thing, but here, most likely, & ndash; a kind of mixture of peoples. In fact, there are not many nudists here, but they clearly stand out for their total lack of affection. Who & ndash; then modestly hides behind a tiny dune from prying eyes, and who & ndash; then tans in such unusual for the majority form directly on the coast, demonstrating their dignity with a sense of pride and full satisfaction.
Well, yes & ndash; naturism. I have nothing against it. But some of them look so unpresentable, and obviously someone & ndash; then this way he tries to heal his complexes. So you think that it’s not bad for such a specific and wildly organized beach to be where & ndash; then not in the aisle.
On the other hand, after several such intersections with & laquo; the other & raquo; beach life is just not notice. Yes, and you can always bypass this beach (spacious and airy places), if you do not want to intersect with lovers of a complete merger with nature. But it’s strange & hellip; does not this small piece of tissue interfere with this merger. I & ndash; not a hypocrite. And she is ready to bathe like that when there’s nobody around. Once even in a funny story on this topic fell. But this is now funny.
It was in October, and my Bulgarian was naturism forced. When you bathe in October, it’s already cool, so when you get out of the water, you just want to wipe yourself off. # 8212; to wrap oneself, and not to pull off a wet swimsuit. And the beaches at this time of year are almost deserted. I managed to get into the water at the end of October (it’s not so warm to spend a lot of time in it), when on an empty beach a gentleman appeared on the horse with a full parade (a beautiful jockey outfit), and with him another couple of escorts , shooting this gartsevanie on the movie camera.
They managed to choose a place just opposite me in the sea. And they pranced, and pranced along the edge of the sea. And I swam and swam in cold water & hellip; The horse is clearly not from the simple & ndash; beautifully danced, gracefully plunging her slender legs into white foam & hellip; Beauty, in a word. And what should I do? Long in such cool water you will not sit out. In general, somehow it cost & hellip; The gentleman turned out to be an Englishman and greeted me with honing. In such small places as & ndash; then it is customary to greet each other at least with smiles & # 8212; I had to match & hellip; .
And today we sailed “# 8212; rejoiced in the place where already a month did not appear & ndash; on the central Kranev beach. Good enough place, although in the afternoon probably a lot of people. The beach is wide (one hundred meters wide), sandy. It used to be rather big, and then the winter storm also threw a lot of sand from the beach deep into the coast. I had to pull the tractors back.
So, we were early in the morning, when the beach was still almost empty, and in the Bulgarian sea floated, or rather jumped & ndash; a couple of lovely women frolicked. It seemed to me from the point of view that hohlushki. Middle age, and the composition & ndash; much above average.
They enjoyed to the fullest. I understand that the sea water compensated “# 8212; facilitated excess weight and they seemed so light and graceful. In any case, they were shouted: “I’m & ndash; butterfly & hellip; I & ndash; bird & hellip; & raquo ;, etc. It was morning, and the women were not at all under the shafe. They were just overwhelmed with joy, and they did not prevent it from overflowing.
P. S. Slightly useful for anyone & ndash; then information.
Let’s say that grandmothers or other relatives live here, to whom children are scheduled to be brought for the summer. But if the parents that & ndash; then does not add up with the trip or they just want to extend the child’s stay, after coming later, you can take advantage of the wonderful service from the airline S 7.
Having agreed beforehand about the service when buying a ticket, obtain a letter of attorney from the notary for the removal of the child with the company S 7. Arriving at the airport, you hand over the child to the employee of the company & ndash; he will be tirelessly monitored and cared for, and at the airport of his arrival he will be handed over to the person in charge (on documents and on receipt of the person indicated in the power of attorney). And besides, the child is likely to fly business class & ndash; so it is easier for him to control.
We take advantage of this opportunity for the first time and are very satisfied.
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