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DW in Bulgaria – the status of long-term stay in the country, similar in its characteristics and rights with permanent residence – the status of permanent residence in Bulgaria. Favorably different from the residence permit – the status of a long stay in that it gives the owner a much broader rights. After the changes made to the Bulgarian legislation in 2013, this status lost popularity, due to the fact that the possibility of obtaining permanent residence “for long service” was returned, and with much more acceptable deadlines.
It should be noted that there is practically no difference between DVR and permanent residence. At least, legislatively. The only significant difference is that the permanent residence is granted indefinitely at once, and the DVZ initially for five years with the possibility of extension. Moreover, as stated in the Law on Aliens, the expiration of the term of the status does not constitute grounds for its termination. Given the lack of practice for the extension of the new status (it has not been five years since 2011), it can be assumed that foreigners who did not apply in time for renewal of the DVR will not be deprived of their status and expelled from the country. Most likely they will get rid of fines. Nevertheless, it is reliably known that a foreigner in the status of DVZH, who has changed his passport, receives a new personal card, valid for at least five years. The situation is worse with those who at the time of the end of the personal card will be outside of Bulgaria. It is not possible to re-enter the invalid document. However, this applies to any other status of stay.
Considering that the status of DVZH is a European “invention” and appeared in the Bulgarian legislation due to the process of harmonization with pan-European legislation, the legislative system of Bulgaria was not ready for this. Most of the normative legal acts granting foreigners certain rights operate with the term “permanently staying”. This applies to virtually all areas of activity from the acquisition of a car and employment to the legal purchase of personal weapons. Practically in each case, the official has to prove the equivalence of the status of permanent residence and DZH, provided that he often did not hear about the latter. Usually, in such cases, the indication of the presence of a Single Civilian Number, which is registered in the personal card of a long-term resident alien, helps.
The validity of the status of the DVR is not specified in the Bulgarian legislation. However, the assignment of this status is accompanied by the issuance of a residence permit for an initial period of five years with a subsequent extension. Given that this status was introduced into the legislation of Bulgaria very recently – in 2011, there is still no practice for extending the status. However, we can safely assume that there will not be a separate reason for the extension. Moreover, according to Art. 24.e ZCRB the expiration of the validity of the permit is not grounds for weaning or forfeiting the status of the Long Term Stay.
The status of a long-term stay provides the holder with the following rights:
� To be in Bulgaria and to enter the country unlimited number of times during the validity period.
� Invite relatives and third parties to Bulgaria.
� Officially to work in Bulgaria on a par with Bulgarian citizens, with the exception of state and municipal authorities.
� To use the services of the state system of compulsory medical insurance (health insurance).
� To issue Schengen visas on the territory of Bulgaria in an accelerated manner.
� To study in schools and higher education institutions on a common basis with citizens of Bulgaria.
� Purchase cars in Bulgaria in your own name, as well as other vehicles.
� After five years of staying in Bulgaria in the status of the DVR, to apply for the appropriation of Bulgarian citizenship.
� To act as the founder of a non-profit organization.
The holder of the status of a long-term stay in Bulgaria has no right:
� Take part in elections: choose and be elected.
� Can not find work in state and municipal authorities.
If you plan to apply for the status of DVG in the Migration authorities and you have a misunderstanding of the procedure, read the article, which indicates the algorithm for obtaining this status. If the questions remain – feel free to contact specialists in Bulgaria Ltd.!
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