BULGARIA – Buyer’s guide.
Bulgaria – Introductory provisions.
Bulgarian legislation permits Russians to acquire real estate as individuals without any restrictions, only when a Russian wants to buy land or a house with a land plot, it is necessary to register a company, while you can be a sole shareholder.
Bulgaria – 10 unique pluses for foreigners.
Culture. We are close to the mentality of the Bulgarians, we have a very similar language environment with the Bulgarians. The main religion with the country is Orthodoxy. Here there is a cozy, hospitable, family atmosphere both for rest and for permanent residence.
Bulgaria – Sunny Beach is recognized as the most profitable.
According to the famous British portal Post Office, the popular Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach is named the most friendly, and simply, the cheapest destination for beach holidays in Europe, the Bulgarian news agency Novinite reports.
Bulgaria – Bourgas. No. 1 Russians have a family vacation.
In the summer of 2017, Bourgas was the most popular summer destination for family vacations from Russia. The information was obtained from the portal OneTwoTrip based on the data on the booking of air tickets by Russian citizens during the period June-August 2017. The cost of a flight to Bourgas and back will cost an average of 17,900 rubles. Leaders also Antalya (Turkey), Sochi, Larnaca – Cyprus. Source: OneTwoTrip.
Bulgaria – The pro-Russian president has been elected. Hooray!
November 14, 2016. In Bulgaria, in the presidential election, Rumen Radev, a representative of the opposition Socialist Party, won. He recruits nearly 60 percent of the vote in the second round. The acting head of the Cabinet Boyko Borisov has already announced the resignation of the government. It is noteworthy that Radev opposes Bulgaria’s membership in the EU and NATO, as well as for closer relations with Russia. Read more.
Bulgaria – There are already more than 130 thousand foreigners in the owners.
The property owners in Bulgaria are 132,000 foreign nationals. By regions, the southern coast is unequivocally leading – the Burgas region. Foreign owners of Bulgarian real estate on the South coast – about 86 thousand, at the ski resorts – approx. 15000, the northern coast, the region of Varna – 14000.
Bulgaria – Russian owners of housing approx. 74 thousand.
According to the data of the Bulgarian Investment Agency, from 2005 to June 2016, 74,000 Russians acquired property in Bulgaria, the “Russian Bulgaria” portal reported. The total number of buyers from Russia officially registered in the BULSTAT register includes both individuals and legal entities.
Bulgaria – Growth in sales of holiday homes.
According to the Novinite portal, the sales of holiday homes on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is growing, including. returns and the demand for primary housing.
Bulgaria – Service package from INTER-AKTIV Overseas.
Lawyers and realtors of our Bulgarian office will fully accompany your transaction, check all legal and technical aspects of the property, ensure the opening of an account with the bank, register you in the necessary state institutions, register in your name a legal entity.
Bulgaria – Soon. VNZH when buying a home from � 51,000.
The Parliamentary Committee on the Law and Order of Bulgaria adopted in the first reading amendments to the Law on Foreigners concerning the reduction of the amount necessary to obtain the residence permit of the country when buying real estate from BGN 600.000 (� 306.779) to BGN 100000 – 51.159 Euro. The proposal to the Council of Ministers was also supported by the Department of the Archives of Population and Migration Registration of the Ministry of the Interior of Bulgaria. This is reported by the portal of the newspaper Sega.
Bulgaria – New visa regime easing for Russians.
According to the news portal of Bulgaria BG News with reference to the site Dnes.bg, since February 2015 some visa facilitation has been introduced for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia:
Bulgaria – Rules for the purchase of houses and land by foreigners.
Individuals – non-residents are NOT allowed to acquire land in Bulgaria. In order to purchase a house with a plot of land or only land, you must first register a company. Favorable to choose houses in the so-called. Condominiums, the land in which is owned by the management company. This allows foreigners to become owners of houses WITHOUT opening a legal entity in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria – Taxes and expenses when buying.
Single costs for registration of the purchase of real estate (tax, notary, the cost of transfers, etc.): 4-6% of the cost. It should be borne in mind that the prices on our website are indicated as the sale price requested by the seller, i.e. without the cost of registration. Company registration (if necessary): 300 euro (2011)
Bulgaria – VAT when buying.
VAT of 20% on the purchase of real estate is charged if the buyer is an individual, and the seller is the company. As a rule, this is the situation when buying a new building in the primary market. Usually the price of VAT declared by the seller is already included. If you purchase real estate in the secondary market from an individual, VAT is not charged.
Bulgaria – Regular property taxes.
The tax on real estate is annual: 0.15%. The tax rate is the same for individuals and legal entities. At the same time, local authorities set their own tax ratios, so the “fork” in the country is 0.15-0.5% per year.
Bulgaria – Sightseeing tours.
A personal trip will give you invaluable first-hand information and help you make an adequate purchase decision. Our employees will provide you with professional advice, without lobbying the interests of any third parties – sellers. The team of our staff organizes your trip, from the moment of your arrival in Bulgaria before departure. All you need to do is tell us when you come, and we organize everything else:
Booking a hotel or a private apartment Providing an invitation letter for visa processing Meeting at the airport Providing transport and a professional Russian-speaking realtor anywhere in Bulgaria – at your service more than 20 regional offices throughout Bulgaria.
Bulgaria – Visa.
Bulgaria is not included in the list of countries of the Schengen agreement and to obtain a visa in the country it is necessary to obtain a Bulgarian visa. At the same time, in January 2012 it was decided that visitors from Russia who have a Schengen visa can be on the territory of the country without a Bulgarian visa. The period of stay in the country can not exceed the validity of the Schengen visa.
Bulgaria – Residence permit.
The residence permit (residence permit) in Bulgaria can be issued after obtaining a visa of type D. Visa D is issued for 180 days. It can be in the country for three months. Such a visa can be issued on the basis of: 1) opening a company in the territory of Bulgaria and creating ten jobs for Bulgarian citizens, 2) with the status of “secured pensioner”, etc.
Bulgaria – Residence permit for pensioners – Russians.
Pensioners from Russia can get a residence permit in the country relatively easily. This is due to the fact that the average Russian pension is significantly higher than the Bulgarian pension, amounting to 150 euros (293 leva). To do this, the availability of real estate in Bulgaria in the property or under a long-term lease agreement, as well as have sufficient income to obtain residence permit as a “Secured pensioner.
Bulgaria – Permanent place of residence.
A foreign citizen after a legal stay in Bulgaria for five years can apply for permanent residence Permanent residence. In Bulgaria, there are two types of permanent residence: long-term stay (residence, stay) and permanent residence. They can be obtained on different grounds, but to obtain these permits you need to live five years in the country on the basis of residence permit. They have different status. Long-term stay entitles you to obtain a similar status in the European Union. To obtain the status of “long-term stay”, you must fulfill the condition: you can not be absent more than six months in a row, and the total absence period for five years should not exceed ten months.
Bulgaria – General information about the country.
Bulgaria, full official form The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, occupying 22% of its area. It is part of many international organizations – the UN since 1955, the OSCE since 1975, the Council of Europe, the WTO since 1996, NATO since 2004 and the European Union since 2007.
Population: approx. 7.3 million people. (2013). 98th in the world.
GDP (PPP): 101.6 billion dollars 69th. Per capita: US $ 13,562
Currency: Bulgarian Lion (BGN)
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