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Application for a visa to Canada.
Getting a Canadian visa is a process that takes a lot of time and requires special attention. When applying for any visa to Canada, an interview is conducted with the applicant, in which he must convince the consular officer that his visit to the country is a necessity and that he will return at the end of the planned visit. Unlike the countries of the European Union, Ireland, for example, Canada requests a fairly substantial package of documents that would confirm the applicant’s intentions to return to his homeland, as well as his solvency in securing himself during the trip. So, for obtaining a visa it is necessary to collect and provide such documents:
a visa application form to Canada in two copies;
the “Family Information” form is also in two copies;
passport for overseas trips, the validity of which is not less than six months from the date of the end of the trip; two photographs of 35×45 mm and biometric data, which are also subject to stringent requirements, which can be found on the official website of the Canadian Foreign Ministry; a certificate from the workplace containing information on the position held, work experience, average monthly income, permission of the organization’s management to leave for a visit to Canada. The document must be issued on the company letterhead of the organization and certified by the stamp and signature of the head. If the applicant is married, a certificate from the workplace of the spouse is also required; copy of the pages of the old passport with visas and marks on crossing the border (if available); documents confirming financial status: advertising brochures of the company where the applicant works, a letter with a brief description of his activities, the year of creation, etc .; if the applicant is the founder or co-founder of the enterprise – the constituent documents, the certificate of registration, licenses, accounts and other documents that are evidence of the financial well-being of the company; documents confirming the existence of property (purchase and sale agreements, donative, general power of attorney, etc.); a credit card or a certificate from a banking institution on the existence of an account; a notarized authorization for the child’s removal if he travels with the applicant; description of the trip route, documents confirming the reservation of rooms in hotels and tickets.
All documents should be provided exclusively in copies, except for the passport, because after consideration they are not returned. The visa fee for a short visa to Canada is 75 Canadian dollars. Payment can be made through the IOM (International Organization for Migration). Payment by cash or credit card is not accepted. Documents for a visa can be submitted in person or by courier service Pony Express. Officially, the time limit for processing visa documents is up to 15 workers. However, the website of the Government of Canada also has information that they recommend submitting documents 6 weeks before the proposed trip with the aim that the visa was issued on time.