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About Bhutan:
Geographical position: The state in the north of South Asia (Eastern Himalayas) In the east, south and south-west borders with India (border length is 605 km), in the north and northwest – with China (470 km) Total length of the border is 1,075 km Total the area of the country is 47,000 km2. Through the high-mountainous country are deep valleys of the rivers of the Brahmaputra Basin. The highest point of the country – Mount Kula-Kangri (7554 m) – is located in the north.
Capital: Thimphu – 27,000 people.
Administrative division: the country is divided into 18 provinces (dzongi).
Ethnic groups: bhotot (bhotya) and related groups of Tibetan origin – 70%, Nepalese – 25%.
To minimize the impact on the unique Bhutanese culture, the Bhutanese government has established a strict set of rules, presupposing that tourists will travel in advance by the planned route, mostly in the group. Despite this, the process of obtaining a visa is relatively simple. Visa is issued through the tour operator, associated with the Department of Tourism in Bhutan. At least 3 weeks before the start of the trip, you need to give the travel agent the passport data. Upon confirmation by the Bhutanese side of the visa, the tour operator and the airport of Druk Air, the confirmation number of the visa is sent. You will not be allowed to board the Druk Air aircraft until they get this number. The actual visa is placed in the passport already upon arrival in Paro, if you arrived by plane, or in the border town of Puentholching, if you crossed the border with land. After that, you have to pay 20 dollars and submit two passport photos with the passport number written on their back side. The visa is valid for 15 days. If it is exceeded, a surcharge of $ 20 is required. It is necessary to have enough money for the entire stay (not less than $ 200 per day) and round-trip tickets or to further countries.
Currency exchange: Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00. Some small offices can be opened on Saturday or Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00-13.00. Bhutan has two national banks that have branches throughout the country. Currency and travel checks can be exchanged in any bank and in most hotels. Credit cards are accepted for payment only in major hotels and stores in the capital (preference is given to cards of large payment systems). There are no ATMs. In the province, it is almost impossible to exchange currency or pay for goods with non-cash payment instruments.
Health: Special vaccinations are not required, but those who are going to trekking, it is recommended to vaccinate against poliomyelitis, tetanus, typhus, cholera, hepatitis A and malaria. There are no private doctors or clinics in the country, but there is a system of state hospitals where treatment is free for tourists. In Timphu there is the main hospital of the National Referral Hospital, where you can get the best service. In hospitals, you can get primary care, but in case of a serious illness or injury, you need to travel to another nearby country.
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