Between Rostov and Donetsk they started the train.
On the territory beyond the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, where all transport communications were destroyed, people’s vehicles – a train – were launched across the border with the Russian Federation.
The train follows from Yasinovatoy and Donetsk through Ilovaysk to the border station – Uspenskaya station (Avilo-Uspenska village), which is located on the border with the Rostov region. There, all passengers can transfer to the Uspenskaya-Rostov train (the timetable of these trains is the same) and get to Rostov via Taganrog.
The network already had impressions of eyewitnesses who traveled from Donetsk to Rostov and back. It is reported, in particular, that the train from Donetsk is a three-seater diesel train. “This three-seater diesel train of Lugansk, by the way, is a modern, last model, the locomotive’s cabin is somewhat like an airplane.” A lot of electronics that the Ilovaisky Depot team successfully ran in. From the high window, rails stretching toward the horizon are clearly visible, and along the ways – poles with scraps of wires. Actually, that’s why the diesel train was launched to the border, “Ruslan Melnikov writes. In the composition of only three cars, designed for 273 seats.
First reviews.
“Vesti” talked with the residents of Donetsk who had already traveled along this route and calculated how long it would take. So, the first part of the way: Yasinovataya (Donetsk) – Uspenskaya station. From Donetsk the point of departure is Donetsk-2 station in the Kalininsky district of the city (Shevchenko boulevard – Krasnogvardeysky avenue).
The train that follows the route “Yasinovataya-Uspenskaya” leaves at 6:30. At the station of the Assumption he arrives at 11.30. That is, the travel time is 5 hours. If the passenger travels from Donetsk, the time is reduced by 50 minutes.
There is already a diesel Rostov-Uspensky-Rostov from 11:30 to 13:30. During this time, that is for 2 hours, customs inspection by both the People’s Democratic Republic and the Russian Federation must pass. Then on this diesel engine to Rostov-on-Don can be reached in 3 hours 11 minutes. That is, the passenger arrives at 16:41. It turns out that the time of the trip from Yasinovatoy to Rostov will be 10 hours 11 minutes, and from Donetsk, respectively, 50 minutes less.
Ticket price: from Yasinovatoy to Uspensky 26 rubles (from Donetsk – 19 rubles), from Uspenskoye to Rostov – 250 rubles, that is a total of 276 rubles (92 UAH).
If you compare this route with the bus and car, the price of the ticket for the bus “Donetsk-Rostov” is 500 rubles (167 UAH). Travel time – from 6 to 9 hours (time can also grow if long queues at the customs).
The fastest, but expensive way to travel is to cross the border with the Russian Federation on foot. The price of a taxi from Donetsk to the checkpoint Uspenka is 1,500 rubles (500 UAH). It will take about 1.5 hours. The pedestrian crossing also takes 1.5 hours. From Uspenki to Rostov the price of a taxi is 2000 rubles (667 UAH), the time of the trip is 1.5 hours. The entire route will take 4.5 hours, and the trip will cost 3500 rubles or 1167 UAH.