Bermuda & # 8211; overseas territory of Great Britain.
Many of you have heard of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is located between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Bermuda is located in the north-west Atlantic. They belong to Great Britain, but they are quite original and even have their own monetary unit.
Beach in Bermuda.
Weather: moderate climate, average temperature in summer is +24 C, in winter +14 C.
Visa: required, the cost – 2290 rubles.
About 150 of these islands are Bermuda, but only 20 of them live people. Well, half of these 20 bridges connect, forming, thus, the big Maine Island. Holidays in Bermuda, in addition to beach pastime, will allow you to see one of the 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the city of St. George.
Resorts and tourist places Bermuda.
To go to Bermuda is only because of some beaches with unprecedented sand – snow-white, with a pinkish tint. The most intense color it differs on the island of Bermuda. In addition to its beaches are popular Clearwater Beach, Elbow Beach, Tartley Bay. They all have clean water, beautiful coral reefs and stunning views of the surrounding nature.
Pink sands of Bermuda.
Many hotels in Bermuda have their own beaches. Unlike public, they are not closed at night. The most upscale hotels are on Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay and Jobson Cove.
Cave in Bermuda.
Bermuda and attractions.
Excursions in Bermuda will allow you to get acquainted with their capital, Hamilton. Here you will find buildings of the Victorian era, apricot gardens, quiet streets and harbors. The city (and so it is called the local – “City”) is quite small, so that four hours is enough for you to bypass all or almost all interesting places.
No less beautiful and St. George on the island of the same name. Its most interesting objects are: a historical museum, the ancient church of Saint-Petersburg-Church and the house-museum of Tucker.
Travel to Bermuda is always enveloped in marine maritime romance – which is the only Royal Naval Shipyard, located on Main Island. Once it was the most important naval base, and now there are art centers, museums and pubs here.
How to get to Bermuda?
You can relax in Bermuda by flying with a dock in the USA or London, or by reaching the sea – Bermuda is included in the routes of many sea cruises. Find burning tours to Bermuda will not be difficult either in summer or in winter.
Kitchen in Bermuda.
Local cooking will please you with national stinky seafood soup, cassava pies, shark eater with black rum, as well as fish baked with fruits, eggs and avocado. Still there are huge delicious lobsters, well, of course, a sea of fruit. Drink on Bermuda like rum and coffee, both individually and together.
Councils for tourists.
The people of Bermuda are quite friendly and hospitable, although somewhat closed and conservative – the influence of Britain affects. Tipping for service in schools here is prescribed in the account. Another thing – porters, porters and taxi drivers. They are supposed to leave a few dollars and 10-15% of the cost of the trip, respectively.
Holidays in Bermuda.
In many restaurants and expensive establishments a rather strict dress code operates, the poet must take his evening dresses and costumes on a trip.
If at the time of the tourist trip you have valid visas for the US, Canada or the UK, then you do not need to obtain a separate visa. In this case, when crossing the border, it will be sufficient to show a foreign passport with a visa and return tickets.
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