Battalion Kharkov was asked to leave Mariupol.
After three months of service in Mariupol, before the third wave of rotation, the soldiers of the Kharkov battalion appealed to the heads of the National Police in the Kharkiv region and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to transfer them closer to the house.
The volunteer battalion is still suspended: after the unification of Kharkiv-1 and Kharkov-2 and the transfer from the police to the police, the soldiers are delayed with a salary and it is not yet known whether they will have to pass a re-certification on an equal basis with others. In the meantime, another voluntary police unit “Skidny Corps” asks for membership in the National Guard.
Day in body armor.
In Mariupol, Kharkiv citizens are guarded by the “gray” zone, bridges and power stations. For a short time – since early December – managed to excel. Soldiers detained 22 saboteurs, 17 people received medals for service. But still the defense of Mariupol is not very smooth. Initially, the soldiers were placed in an unprepared barracks, where there were not enough beds, there were problems with ammunition – there were not enough unloading waistcoats. Even the food was not enough.
“Now our regional administration passes the products, but the volunteers are also brought. The funds allocated by the ministry are not enough in full, “the press officer of the Kharkiv battalion Alexei Vedmidsky told Vesti.
Despite the fact that domestic affairs went well, and every month the fighters are rotated, the battalion would prefer to carry a service closer to Kharkov. “We turned to the leadership of our department, and I know for sure that the head of the National Police in the Kharkov region asked the ministry to move us to another sector. We asked to bring us closer, so it was not so far away. We have an ATU zone in the Lugansk region, which is almost three times closer to Kharkov, “said battalion commander Vladimir Provolovsky.
Since February 1, the soldiers of the “Kharkov” battalion have been increased their salaries. Photo: Battalion “Kharkov”
In the battalion they say: since it is called “Kharkov”, then the approaches to the native city should be protected. In addition, many people believe, the service they perform there does not correspond to their level of preparation.
“When we entered the service, we wrote in the report that we are ready to serve at any point. But this is not the level of work that we must do. 60 officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the battalion are people who have been engaged in the protection of public order all their lives and know how to organize it, stand on bridges with assault rifles, “one of the battalion commanders told Vesti, who did not want to reveal his name.
Not so smooth relationships have developed with the police leadership of Mariupol. Basically – because of bulletproof vests.
“We are checked, and the management of Mariupol complains that we sometimes take off bulletproof vests. But we already do not have enough money to treat our backs. The bulletproof vest weighs 12-16 kilograms, by law, it should be worn for 4 hours and then 2 hours rest. And we – we do not have the right to shoot it for 24 hours, “says the fighter.
On top of that, local power engineers beat the battalion with a demand to pay for electricity supplies to the barracks, although the Kharkiv National Security Administration does not have the right to transfer money to other areas, it should be decided by the Ministry.
They leave for Nazgvardia.
The battalion commander does not know yet whether the battalion’s request will be satisfied, but there is good news for Kharkiv. Fighters will raise their salaries. Private will receive 7 thousand hryvnia, for service in the ATU zone, a surcharge of $ 1400 hryvnia is supposed, and for combat clashes – 4200 per month. So far, the fighters receive much less.
“I received 4200-4500 for last month, those who serve in Mariupol – another 1000 hryvnia, such a surcharge plan. Previously, the ATO zone was paid twice, “says Alexei Vedmidsky.
Raising the salary will raise the morale of the battalion – the commander is sure. “The guys certainly cheered, because the soldiers of the National Guard and the Supreme Armed Forces raised their salaries, but ours – no,” – said Vladimir Provolovsky.
So far, the battalion has debts on wages. According to the fighters, they were paid everything before the transfer to the police, after – there are delays. Completely pay off the “Kharkov” in the Ministry of promise until the end of March.
Another volunteers – the company “Skidny Corps” – decided not to wait until the police will be, as in the National Guard. They want to join the National Guard in full membership, the issue should be resolved in the near future.
“We want to go to the National Guard, not to sit at checkpoints, but to participate directly in combat operations. We want to get heavy weapons and continue to master the military business, “commander of the company Oleg Shiryaev told Vesti.
When in October of last year the subdivisions of the MVD Kharkov-1, Kharkov-2 and Slobozhanshchina were liquidated and the Kharkov battalion was created on their base, it was said that later the company Shchidny Corps . But they remained a separate unit even after the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Recall, the merger of police battalions in Kharkov was accompanied by loud scandals. Combat “Slobozhanshchina” Andrei Yangolenko was accused of preparing an attempt on Arsen Avakov, was arrested, but after being released on bail, which was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs. His brother Sergei Yangolenko, commander of Kharkiv-1, was suspended from his duties. At the moment, according to Provolovsky, both ex-battalions are listed as part of the Kharkov battalion, but are on sick leave.