Barbados property for sale
According to the laws of the island, the acquisition of citizenship can become possible only after 7 years of stay in the territory of Barbados. Women who marry nationals are allowed immediately after registration to apply for citizenship. A child who is born in Barbados has the full right to obtain citizenship even if his parents are not citizens of the country. Buying property in the property, registering a company, even with a small capital, allows you to obtain a permit for permanent residence in Barbados. Highly qualified specialists, in addition, have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence after they are registered for work on the island.
The most popular place is the south and west coast of the island, but in the north and east there are good prospects for investment and new construction. Many of those who buy villas spend there only a few weeks a year, and all subsequent time the property is rented with the help of a local agency, bringing a good income to the owner.
Property and land are sold without any restrictions, but to purchase real estate, citizens of other countries will need to obtain permission from the Central Bank of Barbados. But it’s still a formal procedure. The seller of real estate is responsible for paying a tax in the amount of 10% of the price of the property upon sale. The desired amount should be delivered to the island using a money transfer, with registration at the Central Bank of the country.
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