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Emigration from Ukraine in the last couple of years has become an urgent issue, the blame for the complicated conditions of life, this concerns both ordinary residents and participants in political processes in the country. Running politicians after the change of power, of course, have long prepared a springboard for their escape, who have their own firms in Austria, who in Russia, and so on, but where to go to ordinary people, whom Ukraine has not become dear to? Immigration to the United States Country number one looks at the views of Ukrainians – it’s the United States, it’s not for nothing that exactly for Ukrainians in the Green Card Lottery there is a quota, a very unique phenomenon, since those participating in the draw among other countries are most from Ukraine, by the way, therefore, not from Ukraine, but for example from Russia, suddenly your spouse, wife or parents have Russian roots.
Where is it easier and easier to emigrate from Russia?
Studying in the US and a student visa is more likely for rich young people, since studying in the US is a paid business, American families often collect money for college studies for their children for decades, we have such a practice that all our lives to save money for the university has not yet taken root and is alien to Russian or Ukrainian spirit. After the end of the American university, you can find a job and get a work visa for half a year, and then you can get a residence permit, and eventually become a full-fledged citizen of the American society and even go to the polls. There is no problem in the US with the opening of its business. In this case, relatively large amounts of money are required, your firm can take you to work.
You can also get political asylum, but until now you need to be in the US and prove that torture and persecution are prepared for you at home.
Countries for emigration from russia.
For Belarusians, it is preferable to emigrate near abroad, mainly Russia – because of the similarity in rights, culture and language, where there is no need to issue a visa, and there is an opportunity to gain stability. Urban transport in Minsk In Poland and the Czech Republic even special simplified programs have been created for the reception of citizens wishing to live there. It attracts Belarusians and America, which can help in the realization of their abilities and skills, and also guarantees stability.
It will be easiest to emigrate from Belarus to young people who have just graduated from school and who want to get an excellent European education. Belarusian talents will always be welcome everywhere. The only negative is the need to have parents who are able to pay for their child’s life and study abroad.
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Recently, compatriots are increasingly visiting the idea of finding a comfortable place to live. According to the ratings compiled by international organizations it is difficult to unequivocally determine the best countries for emigration from Russia. The fact is that this issue is considered from several points of view.
This article will tell about different aspects of emigration for Russians. Content.
The list compiled by the European Commission Popular countries The main ways of emigration It is easier to move List of popular professions in different spheres in 2016.
The list compiled by the European Commission In 2017, according to the data received by the European Commission, a list of countries with the best countries for emigration included.
Visas to the United States: personal experience.
To have a chance to win it, you just need to mail a completed form and a fresh photo. A good standard of living and not too stringent migration requirements in Australia and Canada. To live there, you just need to have a higher education, 2 years of experience and excellent command of English.
But young people have more chances to stay there for permanent residence than for more mature citizens of Belarus. An example of a Belarusian citizen passport The Dominican Republic is considered to be the easiest to relocate. Visa to the Dominican Republic is not needed – upon arrival a tourist visa is purchased for $ 10, which entitles you to live there for 90 days.
Having expressed a desire to stay forever, a certificate is provided on the absence of previous convictions and diseases that are dangerous to others. But not everyone will be satisfied with the standard of living in the republic – quite low, and plus dirt in conjunction with crime.
Free education in Europe and the USA.
But here your subtleties – you need to find an employer who wants to deal with all formalities for the sake of the Belarusian employee. It will be easier for those who have high qualifications in the sphere that is in demand on the labor market of the chosen country. Back to contents Emigration in refugee status This way of living abroad is more theoretical than practical.
Because it will be necessary to prove the fact of national oppression or religious. Plus, there are no clear requirements, and the complexity of the procedure itself. The opponents of this status are France and Germany.
Back to the table of contents Presence of ethnic roots Having ancestors from Germany and Greece, you can safely rely on life there. In the Republic of Belarus there is a special program that consults free people wishing to live abroad.
How to send an application for a green card.
Is it worth immigrating to Israel?
Back to the table of contents Admission to the university Having set a goal to enter a European university, a citizen has the right to obtain a student visa. This is how the Schengen student visa looks. It remains only to choose where to go. The Belarusian, who entered the educational institution, subsequently has the right to get a job and get a permanent place of residence.
But this way of emigration will require a certain amount of money, which can not be called small. Plus, you have to master the language of the chosen state. A scholarship paid by an educational institution can be a help.
Back to Table of Contents Getting Married The most common option to go live in another country is to register a relationship with its citizen / coy. This can help multiple sites and agencies that contribute to this.
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After the residence permit you can count on permanent residence in Europe.
Registration of a permanent residence permit. This permission gives the right to live for as long as necessary in the chosen country without any restrictions, except for elections. Getting a Blue Card or a temporary residence permit. It operates in all EU countries, except Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland.
Valid 4 years with the right of further extension. After that, you can permanently reside in the country. All these permissions will be available only if there are certain goals. It can be entering a university, marrying, running your business, or just hiring, in refugee status or having ethnic roots. It is worth considering each goal in more detail.
A work visa is issued if the local employer wants to hire a foreigner. Often, Russians and Ukrainians receive a residence permit through family reunification or in the process of proving their Jewish or German roots. Immigration to the Czech Republic The Czech Republic is considered to be the country where the migrants who were expelled from Germany settle, really stay in the Czech Republic a bit, but easier than in Germany. Popular in the Czech Republic is business immigration, many Russians are opening their own company here and so remain to live. Also in the Czech Republic is a very cheap higher education, a diploma obtained in the European Union is accepted everywhere in the world. Immigration to Austria Austria is the European leader in business immigration from Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine. Our business people open joint ventures here and continue to live.