Banks of Europe. Opening of bank accounts in Europe.
Opening of bank accounts to non-residents in Czech and Polish banks without presence.
Open an account with European banks & mdash; for firms, foreign companies, individuals – non-residents & mdash; probably always, quickly, inexpensively, with a minimum set of documents.
Opening bank accounts & mdash; an obligatory part of business and personal financial activity. Bank accounts can be opened in the name of the company or in the name of an individual. The banking system in the countries of the European Union is very well developed, characterized by high reliability and good organization. The basis is made up of well-known banks with a worldwide reputation, such as Deutsche Bank, UniCrediBank, Raiffeisen Bank, Citybank. They have offices in most countries of Europe. Also in each country there are regional banks operating within one or several countries. For example, in the Czech Republic it is CESKA SPORITELNA, CSOB, Fio Banka. The funds of private depositors are insured at the state level, and over the past decade these countries have not had a single bankruptcy case of banks.
Bank accounts in Europe for legal entities are usually opened for business in Europe. European banks open company accounts for companies in the presence of a full set of registration documents confirming the intention to conduct financial transactions under the current legislation. When opening an account, the bank will necessarily require an address for sending correspondence and a telephone for communication. Usually you can open an account with banks in Europe within 2-5 business days, depending on the bank. If you with our help register a company in Poland or a firm in the Czech Republic, then usually opening an account of a Czech or Polish bank is included in the cost of services.
Bank accounts in Europe for individuals open accounts for transactions on the purchase of real estate in Europe or for personal savings. Accounts can be current, investment and deposit. From your current account you can pay all the necessary expenses and carry out calculations both in Europe and around the world. All banks provide their customers online access to the account via the Internet. The easiest way, of course, is to open a current bank account in Europe to a resident individual who has a residence permit in one of the European countries, for example, a residence permit in the Czech Republic or a residence permit in Poland. However, some European banks open accounts to non-residents under certain conditions. When opening an account, you need to convince the bank manager that you are not going to use the account for illegal activities and provide the bank with an address for sending correspondence, phone and email for communication.
To open an account with a Czech or Polish bank for a non-resident company, you will need:
an extract from the register of the country of registration; charter or memorandum of association; protocol on the appointment of a leader; a copy of the head’s passport.
All documents will need to be translated into Czech (Polish) language and notarized.
The legal company Teleskop Invest s.r.o. has a long-standing partnership with many banks. We also have the opportunity to open accounts with non-resident banks in the Czech Republic and Poland for non-EU individuals and companies registered outside the European Union.
Opening of accounts in banks of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland WITH PERSONAL PRESENCE.
Opening of accounts in banks of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland WITHOUT PRESENCE.
* – when opening accounts for foreign firms and individuals-non-EU residents, the cost of translating documents into Czech and the notarization of the translation are additionally paid.
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CESKA SPORITELNA A. S. (Czech Republic)
These are completely different documents and should not be confused. VISA is a sticker in a foreign passport that gives the right to visit the country one or more times within a certain period. The residence permit is usually a plastic card that confirms the right to stay in the country for a period of 1 to 5 years.
How to get permanent residence and citizenship in Europe?
On the citizenship of Poland, the Czech Republic or another EU country, as a general rule, the owner of a residence permit who has lived permanently in the country that issued a residence permit for at least 5 years and who has observed other rules of his residence permit category may claim.