Available work in the US on a tourist visa.
Immediately get rid of the illusion of getting legal work on a tourist visa can not. The US immigration police are closely monitoring the safety of jobs for American citizens and will not allow tourists to take their bread. And still, if there is a desire to use your stay in America and earn extra money, there always remains a variant of illegal work.
Many employers are satisfied with the fact that US guests agree to a less-paid job, for which the American will not go. Usually such a risk comes from people from other countries who are rooted and legalized in the US. Since citizens of America by their nature are law-abiding, therefore the very idea of deception of the state is blasphemous for them.
Of course, you will not have to count on a profession, most likely it will be physical work, perhaps even hard. And the payment for it within America will be low. But this is not the main thing, if only the employer conscientiously got caught and “did not throw money”.
That is why it is desirable to go to a checked place or agree on a daily salary, a maximum for every week.
At the device for illegal work in the first place there is a risk that you will not be paid.
Navigator of illegal work.
The chosen travel period plays an important role in the job search. So, the end of autumn – the beginning of winter is considered the most unfavorable period of the seasons. Accordingly, the end of spring – early summer increase the percentage of success.
Usually the rating in the spheres of employment on illegal work is arranged in this order:
The first place is agriculture. 2 nd place – construction. 3rd place – public catering and services.
In the agricultural industry, the leaders in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables are the states of California and Florida. Private farmers are constantly recruiting labor for processing fields, often even providing accommodation and meals. Therefore, before you come to inquire, what dates start the planting and harvesting. For example, strawberries are harvested from May to June.
A collection of potatoes in Idaho is held from September 25 to October 10. US immigration police officers in recent years have reduced pressure on employers’ farmers on the issue of hiring illegal immigrants. The fact is that the need for cheap labor in this sector is very high, and the legalization of labor will raise the demands of workers. Accordingly, the cost of production will also increase. The authorities understand this, so they turn a blind eye to the violation of the law.
Entering the United States to earn extra money, you should not choose the nearby cities to the Mexican border. It is very difficult to compete with local illegal Mexicans.
Higher wages are earned by specialized workers, such as electricians, builders, plumbers.
If we talk about the usual construction, then our guys repeatedly complained of “hellish” working conditions. It happened that employers sent their illegal workers to the most dangerous areas without insurance. And each side understood that in case of trauma, the responsibility and the resulting problems fall on the worker himself.
Of course, not everything is so sad, young people with hands are always in great demand. For a day at the construction site, you can freely earn $ 200-300.
Most public catering jobs are in fast food establishments. Due to the high turnover of staff, many of them do not require any documents. The main drawback of this work is the irregular working schedule.
Work will have to be overtime, sometimes 18 hours a day. At the same time, the rate of the waiter or barman is usually $ 5 per hour. But due to the tip, revenue grows to $ 8 minimum.
Fast food cafe.
It’s easier for girls to find a job as a maid or helper in American families. Often in the ads appear proposals for the care of the elderly. If you have only a tourist visa, there is no work permit, then your optimal salary is likely to be $ 8-14.
Resort cities are a “fishing place” for tourists.
How to kill two birds with one stone: earn and rest? Very often people on a tourist visa use this opportunity at the peak of the holiday season. In this period, the demand for temporary workers is so increasing that job offers are literally met at every step. In New Orleans, it’s easy to quit and settle down for another day.
In the hotel complex preference is given to universal employees. One person can clean, cover the table, make beds, wash toilets and perform other tasks. Numerous catering establishments and bars are constantly short of dishwashers and ancillary workers. If you are lucky, you can try to get into a yacht club, for example, in Florida or get on pleasure boats.
In the US, there are many theme parks and attractions, where assistants are needed. Sometimes the scope of American entertainment involves thousands of workers. It is quite possible to get a place for a guide or a guide for Russian tourists. In this case, to earn a solid tip is added from the tourists themselves for personal escort to the right place.
As a rule, after a few months of work, young people give themselves time to rest. The money earned is spent on traveling around the country, thereby supporting the US monetary cycle.
Difficulties on the way to the goal.
The holder of a tourist visa must understand that working in America, he already violates the law.
Therefore, the golden rule of the illegal worker is not to attract the attention of the police. It is important to remember that the term of this type of visa expires sooner or later. And if by this time you have not left the territory of the United States, you get the status of illegal. And this means the following:
If you find out the delay of the documents, you will immediately be deported from the country. Your name will appear on the “black list” of unwanted guests of America. You can be attracted to social work until deportation or imprisoned for several days, or even months.
The term of the tourist visa is extended only two times and not later than a month before its expiration!
Without the knowledge of the language, even the waiter’s job tends to zero. In this case, the only way out is the Russian regions in large cities. They will always prompt and help you.
Brighton Beach & # 8212; Russian-speaking area of New York.
If English is not a problem and there is a desire to continue working after the expiration of the visa, you can try to go to college. In this case, the prospect of changing the visa for study opens. And this will allow to legally stay in America for the period of training and will open new horizons in the search for a higher paid position.
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