Australian Immigration Independent
At the moment, Australia ranks 2nd among all countries of the world in terms of living standards (for comparison, the USA ranks 4 th place, Canada – 6). The high level of salaries, relatively inexpensive housing, social conditions – all this makes the country attractive for immigration. However, Australia in this respect pursues a fairly clear policy – a specially developed immigration program ensures the influx of really necessary people to the country.
An independent or professional immigration program allows immigrating to people who are of interest to Australia as professionals in their field. This immigration program differs favorably from others in that you are not required to have relatives in Australia or to sign a work contract with an Australian employer.
1. The main independent: Skilled – Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
2. Nominated: Skilled – Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
3. Nominated sponsorship: Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)
� Be younger than 50 years.
� Have the knowledge of English, sufficient to pass the IELTS exam at least 6 points in four indicators (reading, writing, listening, speaking).
� Have a specialty that is included in the SOL (The Skilled Occupations List) – a list of sought-after Australian professions.
Accompanying your case specialist association Gulf Stream. The cost of the full range of services from the beginning of the immigration process to obtaining a visa is 990 euros.
� providing our collection of materials on life in Australia (useful information about employment, renting and purchasing housing, living practices in Australia, etc.);
� provision of materials for the preparation for the IELTS language exam (this is a detailed description of the exam, recommendations for preparation for each part of the exam, impressions of the people who passed the exam, 25 textbooks for training, audio tracks, etc. – more than 1.5 Gb of information per compact -disk);
� assistance in the confirmation of your qualification in the Australian confirming organization;
� Assistance in registering the EOI application for the SkillSelect program;
� preparation of documents for submission for emigration;
� filling in the immigration questionnaire 1276 and form 80;
� provision of materials on the passage of medical examination;
� consultations on the procedure for obtaining an immigrant visa and processing exit documents;
� provision of materials on relocation, adaptation, etc.
Escort your case by an Australian immigration agent. The cost of the full package of services for the whole process is 4900 AUD (about 4000 euros).
� control and adjustment of the contents of documents and questionnaires submitted for certification of skills and to the immigration center, by the Australian immigration agent;
� Translation of documents into English;
� Postal services for the delivery of documents to the confirming organization;
� attachment of documents to the DIBP website (documents are sent to the immigration center not in paper but in electronic form);
� contact with the confirming organization;
� organizational assistance when paying a fee to the confirming organization, as well as to the immigration center;
� submission of documents to the immigration center on behalf of the client;
� monitoring the progress of your case at the immigration center;
� communication with officials of the immigration center in your case, solving current, including complex issues;
� Assistance in adaptation (advice on opening a bank account, issuing a Medicare state medical insurance card, obtaining an individual taxpayer number and other initial steps upon arrival in Australia).
Registration number in MARA is 0324792.
� Duty for confirmation of qualification – from 270 euros.
� Payment for sending documents by express mail – from 60 euros.
� Payment for interpreter and notary services – about 250 euros.
� The cost of the IELTS exam is approximately 140-230 euros per person, depending on the center in which the exam is conducted. If any member of the applicants’ family for a visa over the age of 18 included in the application is unable to pass the IELTS exam at least 4.5 (on average), the amount of 4885 AUD (about 3900 euros) per family member must be paid before receiving visas. This amount will be used for their language training in Australia at special courses.
� A medical test costs approximately EUR 200 for each family member included in the application.