Australia & # 8211; paradise, in which we are not waiting.
The guest of “��������� to conduct” ���� ������ was lucky. She was born in this beautiful country and is currently a citizen of Australia. True, the way home, to the Motherland, was very long and difficult. And this story began in the distant post-war years, but Ms. Savane herself will tell us about it.
– My mother was born in Latvia. During the Second World War she went to work in Germany. I returned home only two years later, when the Germans were retreating. But it so happened that after some time she had to leave Latvia, and she was in West Germany, where she married. Later, her fate was brought to Australia, where I was born. However, the idea of returning to Latvia did not leave her. When I was three years old, she returned to the USSR and soon regretted it. But let’s not talk about sad things.
– What was the reason for your move to your historical homeland?
– No decision is taken from the bay-floundering. I worked at the ZHV plant for 29 years, got a good salary, paid big taxes. Unfortunately, the years spent on harmful production have made themselves felt. However, about the possible consequences of working on ZHV, I began to think about it before, when I looked at the portraits with a black ribbon hanging on the entrance. From these photos, my colleagues looked at me, prematurely passed away at the age of 40-45 years as a result of serious diseases. In the end, when my health was shaken, I realized very well that the state will not help me in my misfortune. Having assessed to me the pension on physical inability 47 �����, it about me has forgotten. In the most difficult period of my life, I became insolvent. Woke up every morning and thought about how to make ends meet. And you yourself understand, if there is no money, then there is no hope of recovery.
To the aid, strangely enough, came the citizen of Germany Anna-Maria Heydenhain, now the head of the enterprise Zigler masinbue, Dr. Hanselman and Nelya Valynkina. Only thanks to these people I got out. And when I felt more or less normal, I decided that my daughter would not work for the benefit of this state, because eventually she would receive a beggarly pension. That’s how in 2005 we were in Australia. And for the first time in many years my sleep has ceased to be disturbing.
You know, I believe that in Latvia no one ever thought of a simple people. Such feeling, that the motto of a state policy of Latvia sounds as follows: “Survive itself as you want”. And this will continue until the people themselves change. People are so frightened, scattered and cowardly that they are even afraid to sign a document protecting their rights and interests. So, for example, in 2005, when the government planned to abolish the list of harmful professions, and, accordingly, early retirement, people were afraid to subscribe to the developed appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers. True, more than 2,000 signatures were collected by us, and thanks to this, people like me could retire early that year, if this, of course, can be called a pension. Try to live today at 62.10 Ls.
– How did Australia accept you?
– Perfectly. You know, thanks to local residents, integration into Australian society was successful. And this despite the fact that I did not speak English well. But the Australians were so prudent that I created a free translation service for people like me. For example, if you had to go somewhere, and do not speak the language, then you just need to call this service and your employee will solve your problems with you.
By the way, in Melbourne there is a Russian district of “Balaklava” (here in the shops they sell herring, doctor sausage, cucumbers, etc.). Price lists and signs are also in Russian. The most interesting thing is that Australians do not divide themselves by nationality, and that’s fine. By the way, when I begin to tell what naturalization is, they all laugh and do not understand how a person born in Latvia is not her citizen.
Australians are friendly, trust each other, and everyone is ready to help you. For an example I will give one episode. They are at their homes put out a little bag with lemons, which absolutely free of charge can pick up any person. Sale of honey will surprise also ������������. On the counter there are several types of this fine product. You can come, try it, and if you decide to buy something, you throw the money in the nearby box. Notice, there is no seller behind the tray. Everything is built on trust, no one steals.
– Do you believe in the bright future of the Latvian state?
– What kind of future can we talk about if young people leave the country en masse. Today, all my daughter’s friends from Daugavpils live in Ireland, Spain, Germany, and her girlfriends settled in London. Yes, and Christina not only to return, but also to come to Daugavpils on a visit is not going to. In this city there will be only old people who today can count only on the help of their children.
To be honest, I have no idea how today people survive here. Everything is expensive. My aunt gets a pension of 100 lats, and she gives 80 for her apartment. It’s horrible. For example, I pay for my three-room apartment (kitchen, hall, two bedrooms) about 80 dollars a month.
It’s just unfair. People who have worked all their life, regularly paid taxes to the state treasury, today they actually take their lives. And note: no war, no earthquakes and other ills in recent decades in Latvia was not.
It’s the case in Australia. In this country, a person has the right to retire on a deserved vacation in 55 or 60 years. However, if you retire at an earlier age (55 years), the state does not return the amount of taxes paid by the employee to the state budget. A sixty-year-old pensioner is paid all taxes that have accrued interest for this amount. As a rule, for these funds people buy their own house, car, go on a trip. When this money ends, the retirees begin to receive a state pension. 960 dollars a month. This is quite a decent amount, which allows an elderly person to feel very comfortable. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that people in Australia are passing away for about 90 years.
– What struck you in this country?
– Surprised a large number of large families, each with about 10 children. So the demographic crisis of Australia does not threaten, like Latvia. Of course, in large cities this number is less, and married couples are limited to two or three successors of the genus.
High fertility is directly related to the social policy pursued by the state. Here the woman mother is protected. She will not stay in the street with starving children. For example, in case of a divorce, 70 percent of the former husband’s salary is calculated in favor of his ex-spouse and children. In the case of the tragedy, large families themselves are greatly assisted by the people themselves. Responsiveness to someone else’s trouble & # 8212; Here is a distinctive feature of Australians. When we lived in Onubek, as a result of an accident in one of the families, the husband (breadwinner) and the eldest son were killed. The townspeople collected about half a million dollars for this family, in which six children were left without a father.
– In Latvia, only a lazy person does not discuss the situation that has developed in medicine today. Doctors are dissatisfied with their wages, however, like all the rest of the able-bodied population of Latvia, except for state officials. Patients give their last savings for the hope of becoming healthy, and the government comes up with how to make “white and fluffy” doctors taking “gratuities” (bribes) from sick people. How is the situation in the medical industry in Australia?
– There are no such problems as in Latvia, neither in education, nor in the field of medicine in Australia. At least, I did not encounter such a thing. In this country, both private and public medicine work successfully. If your annual income does not exceed 35 thousand dollars a year, your treatment is paid by the state insurance company Medicai. If a person still decided to apply to a private doctor, then the same company pays part of the cost of treatment. So, for example, when I asked for help from a private surgeon, Medicai paid me a 75% treatment.
As for bribes to medical workers … Australia does not face such bruising. Here it is not accepted. Moreover, if you bring a box of chocolates or flowers to the doctor, he will not understand you and may even take offense at you. This is considered to be the norm in Latvia. What can we talk about, even if the newly elected president of Latvia was seen in such deeds. And this face of the country!
It is very bad that people are calm about this abnormal state of affairs. Now, if the people rebelled against such medical extortion, then something has changed.
– Problems existing in the field of education in Latvia, too, are fevering society. Teachers demand higher wages and various social benefits for themselves. Applicants who failed to get into budget groups are attacked by banks in the hope of receiving a study loan. But often, not finding a guarantor, postpone studying in high school until better times …
– And in Australia the approach to obtaining higher education is fairly clear and simple. If you are clever and talented, then according to the results of school examinations young people have all the chances to enter the budget group of the university. It is to these minions of fate that my daughter Christina also belongs. After graduation, she will receive a diploma of a geologist and a builder. To date, in Australia, this is the most popular specialty, so I will not be surprised if in a couple of years Christina will become the mistress of her own house.
But let us return to the sphere of education. If the student appreciates the teachers with his assessments, then at the beginning of each school year the university allocates $ 1,000 for the purchase of textbooks. But if the entrant was not lucky enough to get into the budget group, then he has the opportunity to take the state student loan, which he will begin to pay after the end of training.
As a rule, during study, students earn money somewhere. For example, Christina, working for a couple of hours a week, earned $ 8,000 for six months, thanks to which she visited England, looked in Latvia and paid for my trip to Daugavpils.
– Do you sometimes get over nostalgia for the country where your childhood and youth passed?
– No. You know, when you live in a wonderful country in which you feel yourself excellent and which you need, there can be no question of nostalgia. How can I miss the state in which I undermined my health and received a pension of 62.10 Ls. And this is after 29 years of continuous work in harmful production ?!
– Are you working now?
– No, since I am a disabled person of the 1st group, I get a monthly allowance. But at the same time I am a volunteer (volunteer). I help people, care for the infirm, take part in the radio & # 8211; and telecasts.
– You in Daugavpils were not three years old. What do you think, visually our city has changed?
“The city has changed.” Only here shopping centers, they are hangars, spoil a kind of a historical center of Daugavpils. You know, in Australia all such structures are on the outskirts. And if something is being built in the center, then, as a rule, a modern building is combined with architectural buildings and by no means stands out against its historical background with its primitivism.
I was amazed also with that fact, that in Daugavpils that what has been created by other people is not saved. Everyone probably remember the Stalkers refueling, drowning in flowers. And now what? Dirty ponds, faceless trampled lawns … Was it impossible to preserve this corner, which so pleased the eyes of the townspeople?
– What will you tell your grandchildren about Latvia?
– I do not know. Latvia & # 8211; this is a beautiful country, but the attitude of the state to its people does not stand up to any criticism. And I will tell my grandchildren: “Live in Australia, because this country cares about its inhabitants.”
the name of delirium, in Australia a bunch of programs to attract immigrants from Europe and the CIS! but about honey and about pirzhki with lemons – only in small towns!
Ja zivu v Rige, no xo4u perebratjsja v Avstraliju ili Novuju Zelandiju! Ochenj xotelosj bi uznatj kuda mozno obratitjsja za vijasneniem vsex tonkostej dannogo voprosa?
Esli ne slozno, otvet pri6lite na.
Thank you for the article! This is a very topical issue at the moment in Latvia. There is no future, of course. But everyone makes their own destiny, as well as the example of Utah. She did not sit idly by, but continued to “punch” her way further, according to her needs and her intellect. How can I contact you? My email address is: [email protected] Hey.
Very interesting article. Today I dreamed – Australia is a paradise. I type in the search engine a question – I find an article. The answer to my question on life. Do I still have to live in Kazakhstan? Thank you.
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