Australia or New Zealand.
Australia or New Zealand? Where to go and how to be, where is it easier to obtain citizenship? If to judge objectively, the conditions in Australia are better for living: from the removal of housing, ending with weather conditions.
I greet all the guys, “Australia’s Dalbanboys”. He is no longer a long-distance Australia, but still I will be confused and occasionally say sometimes: “Long-distance Australia”. I want to rename our channel and make it “Driver of Australia”, so it probably will be better, because I do not want to shoot in the truck, purely to do everything for all of you guys. “Driver in Australia” – this will be, as the good name of the channel says. As promised, I will make this small video, I do not know how long it will be, but I will try to quickly meet and answer the questions. Australia or New Zealand? Where to go and how to be. Let’s start with how it happened to me. I came to New Zealand, got citizenship and moved to Australia, because it was much easier to get to New Zealand. So, guys, especially now – it will be a difficult time for them, especially after the earthquake in Kresschec, too much labor is needed, all of you, first of all drivers, this is the drivers’ channel, secondarily engineers and mechanics. Diesel mechanics, especially big money, guys. Let’s not be lazy, the embassy of New Zealand in Moscow, if I’m not mistaken, Povarskaya Street 44.
Guys, I advise you to go there, take questionnaires, fill out, provide them with all the documents you need. And I think that all those guys who are skilled builders, mechanics of diesels, mechanics even of cars, engineers, drivers, guys, let’s do it. You can get citizenship in New Zealand, that is PR, permanent residency, as you remember, I have already explained. Get PR in New Zealand, and then get citizenship and just move here to Australia, because people who have New Zealand citizenship are allowed to move to Australia and work here. I live. And to have a family, raise children and a pension, everything will be. By the way, a pension is a separate issue, I will have to make a small video on the pension account, how to receive it, how much to postpone and what to expect, and what pension funds are good. I will advise you, another, as they say, theme for reflection for me.
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Let’s start with New Zealand, the pros and cons. Pros. Beauty, family rest, safety of children are big pluses, everything is compact, everything is at hand. As the saying goes, any store, everything is close, everything is within reach, I do not know how on the northern island, I lived on the southern island in the town of Kresscheche. Everything was at hand for 5-10 minutes, by car, everywhere, even on foot, I sometimes went, because there was no sense in the car. By car – 7 minutes, on foot 20, I better go on foot.
Cons of New Zealand. Constant rains, it’s cold in winter, here we have summer on this side of the hemisphere, we have winter, in Russia it’s summer, we have winter here, seasons are the opposite. In New Zealand 4 seasons, winter is cold, in Kraischec and snow is good. The big minus is the weather, not the summer, hot days, hot weeks, but summer, as they say, so cold. Salary, the second minus. Less work, less opportunity to find a good job, you have to agree with what is and work. Very poorly paid labor, I give you an example. If you work in a supermarket, put food on the shelves for the night shift, while the store is closed, in New Zealand you will be paid $ 11 an hour, in Australia you will get $ 20 per hour for this work. Now think for yourself. Some will say: “Yes, you earn and you spend more.” Yes, it is, but in Australia you can save more money and save more. So, what are the other disadvantages in New Zealand? At home it’s cold. Constantly you need to heat, for electricity you give a lot of money. If the fireplace – still need to buy firewood. That is cold, cold, cold. Sometimes I used to go to bed, I could not go to bed, it was cold before, I was dressed asleep. I could not sleep, like normal people: in my underwear I jumped and slept. No, pajamas in full, never in my life in Russia, pajamas did not wear. In New Zealand, I had to buy pajamas for flannel pajamas, so that it was warmer at the first moment when you climbed into bed. Then, of course, you get warm, it’s warm. What else? Far from everything. A trip of a family of 4 people, on the example of my: wife, husband and two children, to Russia and back costs about 5400 dollars, 6000 dollars New Zealand. Here, think for yourself. From Australia, it’s certainly much cheaper. On 1,5-2 thousand it is cheaper, and that business, it is possible to leave money, to save, in Russia to use. These are all the pros and cons, but these are all the disadvantages do not apply to fishing enthusiasts. In New Zealand, fishing is better than in Australia, fish is twice the size and much better and more fish. I compare everything by the number of fish you can catch there.
Australia. Let’s start with the cons. What are the disadvantages? It would be many minuses, here, probably, would not live. Not so safe, that is, there is banditry. Nobody will approach you, will not be afraid of you and throw yourself around. Banditry such, crime, gangsters, bikers on Harleys, go all decorated, tattooed, such here, of course, you will see more than in New Zealand. This is one of the drawbacks. The second negative, who does not like the heat, do not go here, especially in Queensland. If you go to the southern states of Australia, it’s cooler than north of there, the hotter it is. Here in Queensland, in the very Brisbon 40 is guaranteed in the summer. In winter, daytime weather is 16-18.
Let’s talk about the advantages of Australia, why I decided to move here as a citizen of New Zealand, and transfer the whole family. Because the opportunity to earn – much more, the choice of work – much more. You do not have to agree with what’s there, you just need to take and look for the work that you want to do. Removes streets, makes noise, rides. Spend a little time and find a job that you want to do. I advise you not to suffer, just go to the employment agency, there are more serious guys than in Russia and they will help you with finding a job, will help to make all the characteristics and recommendations of the family and everything else. Guys, do not forget how to go here, the first thing is to translate the rights into English, to assure in the official body, preferably all this through the police or the police, as it is now called, so that everything was done from there on their official forms. And from the last place of work, try to take a good characteristic, a recommendation written not by hand, but printed, because later on it will have to be translated and also assured.
If you do in Russia – it will be cheaper. That’s what the guys wanted to say. That is, in the employment agency, they will prepare the documents for you, help and even find the first job for you. And this applies to drivers too, they will help. If you want to find a job yourself, that is, you yourself are looking for a job as a driver, got only the right and want to become a truck driver, I highly recommend you as a driver with experience, a driver who has just started working, looking for work. In the long-range sphere it is very difficult to find a job, experience is required here. What do I advise you? To go into the buying companies like “Tolls”, “Linfox”, there are several of them. On the Internet, type “toll people” and in the career department, see what they need, and apply the application form, call. Perhaps 70% of the 100 that you get to work without experience even. And you will find an instructor who will travel with you, the whole system is the same as in America, if you watched the video and dvd about American truckers, the whole system. Take for 2 weeks, put next to someone with you, live, to be tormented together there is not necessary, because Australia, as they say not America, we go here quite differently and eat quite differently. And do not need refrigerators to carry with you, we have trucks here and mostly European ones, buy a small bag for yourself. As they say, from a road house to a road house, from a stop to stop trail, food is cheap. For 4 or 5 dollars you can eat, if not – yogurt collect with you, such basic that you want, and there you can buy. I always buy noodles “doshirak”, normally, I like it. Chinese, which is sharp-sharp, an infection, how sharp it is – I eat it. Kipyatochek flooded, by the way, unlike America, boiling water is free. Take as much as you want boiling water. He poured boiling water, sat, quickly ate, took a napkin for his hands, wiped everything, even do not need to wash at times. Therefore, I, when I myself began to travel, without coaches, did so. I do not want to wash anything, I ate, wiped it, folded it neatly, I know that everything is mine, everything. Warm clothes with a drag is not necessary, in general, absolutely. Take a working jacket, which you always have in your car to hang, this is enough for winter. I go in the winter in a jacket and shorts, and so on. And think, in a jacket and in shorts. Funny yes? That’s what I’m talking about.
What else would like to quickly say about Australia, the pros. A lot of apartments, rent an apartment is much easier than in New Zealand, because many more apartments are being rented. You are closer to home, to Russia, if you want to travel, you can do it much more often. All telephone, Internet, everything here is much cheaper than in New Zealand, everything is much cheaper. And the internet is much better. In New Zealand, terrible Internet, honestly. Compared to Australia, here we have Optic Cable Internet, National Broadband Network, just a click and that’s all, Google downloaded everything you want. On 4G phones, I heard someone call free K, it’s free G. Here in Australia 4G long time ago, everything works very quickly, in one click. In living conditions in Australia is much better. Products I will not say that very high quality, well, like, quality, but not like in New Zealand. There are the best foods in the world, especially lamb, New Zealand lamb is the best in the world, it does not stink. I never liked mutton, but here in New Zealand I started to eat. I’m never a vegetarian, I’m a meat-eater. Here in Australia meat is worse than quality, because the grass is not so green, there is little rain and the grass is dry. That cattle eat grass is not so juicy. Lamb, when eating juicy grass, and meat is better.
Here, guys, what else I want to say, I hope you liked my previous video on the account of cars, I visited the cheapest parking lot, took it off. Guys who asked me, I will definitely shoot a video about the cars, I’ll take a video about Subaru, I’ll try, and about Toyota Land Cruiser diesel, a completely new Australian version, “Sahara” is called. Land Cruiser Sahara, I will do literally soon.
I apologize. The battery on the camera sat down and it was not possible to write down to the end. In the next video I’ll try to finish the ending of this video and make a video about more expensive cars. Thank you all very much for your views and likes.
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