Australia immigration process duration
At the moment, Australia ranks 3 rd among all the countries of the world in terms of living standards (by comparison, Canada ranks 5th, the United States – 10). The high level of salaries, relatively inexpensive housing, social conditions – all this makes the country attractive for immigration. However, Australia in this respect pursues a fairly clear policy – a specially developed immigration program ensures the influx of really necessary people to the country.
Independent or professional immigration category allows immigrating to those people who are of interest to Australia as professionals in their field. This immigration program differs favorably from others in that you are not required to have relatives in Australia or to sign a work contract with an Australian employer. If you have a higher or specialized secondary education, and your specialty is listed in the list of professions in demand, you and your family can apply for permanent resident status in Australia. The family includes a husband / wife and unmarried children under the age of 18.
A point system was developed according to which an immigrant, gaining the appropriate scores for his qualification, work experience, age, knowledge of English, etc., should in sum get at least the current passing score. For the main applicant, you need to score 120 points. A good opportunity for those who do not gain a passing score! From July 1, 2004 the Australian government introduced a new immigration program. For more information, see Category SIR.
In some ways, the program of independent immigration to Australia is similar to the Canadian program, but in comparison there are a number of significant advantages. First, the requirements for applicants are softer. Secondly, you do not need to transfer money to the account to prove financial solvency, which makes the program available in the absence of significant funds. And, thirdly, to obtain citizenship in Australia you need to live only 2 years (in Canada – 3 years). The passport of an Australian citizen allows for visa-free travel almost all over the world.
Basic requirements for immigration.
The Immigration Department of Australia sets the following basic requirements for all applicants for immigration:
Be younger than 45 years. Have the knowledge of English enough to pass the IELTS exam at least 5 points in four indicators (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Have a specialty that is included in SOL (The Skilled Occupations List) – a list of sought-after Australian professions. Have at least 12 months of experience in the last 18 months, if you received 60 points for a profession, or 2 years of work experience for the last 3 years, if you received 50 or 40 points for a specialty.
All candidates must meet these requirements regardless of the number of points they gain. In the event that any of these points are missing, you will not be able to obtain an immigrant visa.
In addition to the above, immigrants are subject to certain health requirements. At the final stage of consideration of your case in the immigration center you will receive forms for passage of medical commission in the medical institutions established by the immigration center. The reason for refusing to issue a visa on the basis of unsatisfactory health can be the presence of dangerous infectious diseases, as well as diseases that require expensive treatment. In the “black” list of diseases are tuberculosis, cancer, AIDS and some others. In addition, you should not have a criminal record. To prove this, you will need to provide a police certificate of non-conviction.
The official scoring system is given in the Chances Assessment section.
Important! You can use the help of our consultant to assess your family’s chances of immigration. Chances are assessed for free!
The cost of immigration to Australia.
The cost of a full range of support services during the entire immigration process is $ 1000. This: assistance in confirming your qualification in the Australian confirming organization; providing materials for the preparation for the IELTS language exam (this is a detailed description of the exam, recommendations for preparation for each part of the exam, impressions of the people who passed the exam, 18 training textbooks, audio tracks, etc. – more than 500Mb of information on the CD); providing our collection of materials on life in Australia (useful information about employment, renting and purchasing housing, living practices in Australia, etc.); preparation of documents for submission to emigration; filling in the immigration questionnaire 47SK and Form 80; provision of materials on the passage of medical examination; consultations on the procedure for obtaining an immigration visa and processing exit documents; providing materials about moving, adapting, etc.
Payment is made in stages: $ 150 registration fee $ 510 at the conclusion of the contract, the remaining $ 340 – after the successful evaluation of your qualifications in Australia.
Additional expenses:
The state fee is 1935 AUD (about $ 1490). The fee for qualification confirmation is from $ 270. Payment for 3 shipments of documents by express mail is about $ 170. Payment for interpreter and notary services – about $ 200. The cost of the IELTS exam is approximately $ 190 per person, depending on the center in which the exam is conducted. If any member of the applicants’ family for a visa over the age of 18 included in the application is unable to pass the IELTS test to a minimum of 4.5 (on average), the amount of 2690 AUD (about $ 2,070) per family member must be paid before receiving a visa . This amount will be used for their language training in Australia at special courses. A medical test costs about $ 100 for each family member included in the application. Also for sending the results of medical commission honey. the center will need to pay from $ 70 (depending on the number of people). Total, all costs for one person will be about $ 3,450, for a family of 3 people – about $ 3,850.
Duration of the process.
The duration of the immigration process from the time of signing the contract to obtaining a visa is from 8 months. up to 2 years.