Australia: for travel you need a national visa, perhaps electronic registration.
In 2017, Russians need a visa to visit Australia, a procedure for obtaining which is not easy to call. In addition to providing an impressive list of documents, the applicant must fill out a very extensive questionnaire and several additional forms, pay a large visa fee, translate all papers into English and notarize them, and in some cases undergo medical examination. After a thorough and unhurried (up to several weeks) study of the received documentation, the embassy makes its verdict, which is often negative. But in October 2015, the government decided to ease visa regulations and allowed to apply for a visa to Australia via the Internet, this made it a little easier to open an entry document.
Tourists from Russia, going on vacation in Australia, often open one of the following visas:
Guest. There are tourist and business. The first are intended for a visit to the country for the purpose of rest, visiting friends, can be given for a short (up to 3 months) training. Businesses are opened for visiting conferences, solving business issues, negotiating. Not used for employment and business. Transit. Issued to foreigners for transit crossing the country. They give the right to stop in Australia for 72 hours. Russians are required to obtain a transit visa regardless of whether they intend to leave the transit zone or not.
In addition, Australia reveals:
Student visas. They are issued for education. They can be opened for several months, as well as for several years. Visas of the bride. Are intended for arrival in the country with the purpose of marriage registration. Working visas. It is issued to several categories of applicants: Businessmen planning to open their own business in the country; Russian specialists invited by Australian companies; Persons wishing to work in the country on general grounds.
For a visit to Australia, a single entry for one single trip can be issued, and a multiple entry visa permitting several entries.
Getting a visa online.
Since October 2015, Russians can issue tourist visas through the Internet. To do this, prepare and scan the documentation:
The first sheet of the applicant’s passport with personal information and photo. The foreign passport must have a “stock” of 6 months at the time of application. One photograph is 3.5�4.5 cm. Documents showing financial security (certificate from a credit institution, copies of papers on possession of real estate, a car). Or a sponsorship letter is provided, where the sponsor guarantees to take over all travel expenses. Medstrakhovka, acting throughout the visit to the state.
All papers are translated into English. Copies of documents are certified by a notary and translated by an accredited translator. Exceptions to this are certificates from work, studies, documents on the ownership of real estate.
For a tourist trip:
Detailed description of the route, compiled in English; Hotel reservation (fax print or copy of the letter received by e-mail); Documents proving that the purpose of the trip is tourism (touraway, booked excursions, car booking).
For a private visit, in addition to the basic documentation package, you will need:
An invitation from the resident of Australia; Copy ID / passport / residence permit / driving license of the inviting party; Documents on the material well-being of the inviter (bank statement, letter from the employer indicating the amount of salary, certificate of payment of taxes).
The invitation should contain information that the inviter is willing to incur expenses related to the residence of an alien and will be able to provide him with the necessary financial support.
Documents showing that the applicant is employed on an ongoing basis. This can be a certificate made on the company’s letterhead, which indicates the position, salary, length of service of the applicant. The time of the next vacation is prescribed, which ideally should coincide with the time of the trip.
Copy of registration and registration documents; Copies of income declarations.
Certificate of study with the contact details of the school. If the journey takes place during school hours, the certificate should contain information that the applicant is allowed to absent from the class.
Simultaneously with the completed application form:
Copy of the birth certificate with translation into English and notarization; Consent from parents who do not take part in the journey. The document must be notarized and translated. The same consent is needed if the child travels with relatives; A copy of the passport of the parent remaining in the Russian Federation; If consent from the second parent can not be obtained for some reason, then this fact is confirmed (a single mother’s certificate, a death certificate, a court decision on the deprivation of parental rights); Declaration of the undertaken obligations (it is necessary if the child goes on a trip with a third person who is not his relative); If the child travels alone, the parents must print out and sign the consent for issuing the visa; If the child is going to study at an Australian school, it is recommended to prepare a certificate of vaccination, it will be required for enrollment.
Health insurance.
Medical insurance is, rather, recommended, and not mandatory for the opening of a visa document. But its availability is highly desirable, especially given the very expensive treatment and medical care in the country. Obligatory insurance policy must have all applicants older than 75 years.
Medical examination.
If the applicant’s health does not meet the established requirements by the standards of the Australian Mission, then the embassy can send a medical examination and roentgenoscopy to open a visa.
To be examined at the doctor also it is necessary:
If the plans include long-term residence or study in Australia (longer than 3 months); If during a trip to the country it is planned to visit medical institutions, including old people’s homes; When a student visa is required; If the applicant’s age is over 70 years. It is necessary to make sure that the foreigner can physically transfer a long flight (a general examination is carried out).
Apply online.
After collecting and preparing all the documents, you must apply for a visa.
It is necessary to register on the official website of the Ministry of Immigration by creating a personal account under the link: Fill in all the boxes of the questionnaire. Information is entered in English. Attach a complete package of documents (scans) to the application. Pay the consular fee on the day of registration of the application (with the help of a bank card). Send an application for review.
At each of the stages of filling out an electronic questionnaire, it is possible to save it. This will allow you to return to the filling at a convenient time. Documents should be uploaded strictly on the day of sending the application. Payment of the visa fee should also be made on the day of sending the application (in extreme cases on the next business day).
After sending, the applicant can check the status of the application in his account.
If a positive decision is made, a visa confirmation will be sent to the e-mail indicated during registration. This document should be printed. It will be needed when boarding a plane.
Video: personal experience of obtaining a visa to Australia online.
To issue a transit visa, you will need:
photo requirements.
Application for the opening of a transit visa. It should be fully completed in English and signed. A copy of the passport (sheets with personal data and visas). Visas in the passport are not a prerequisite, but their availability increases the chances of issuing an entry document. One color photograph measuring 3.5×4.5 cm. Documents showing that the time on the mainland does not exceed 72 hours. These can be air tickets, their reservations, visas to the state of travel. All documents must have a certified translation. The period of stay for a transit visa is not extended. The consular fee is not paid. Documentation for the issuance of a visa should be submitted 2 weeks before the proposed trip. The application is sent to the consulate in person or through a trusted representative.
Applying as usual.
If a foreigner can not apply via the Internet, it is still possible for him to file documents through the embassy. To do this, you will have to prepare the same documents as for an online visa, only in a paper version. In addition, the applicant fills out a visa application form. Information is entered in English, all fields are filled out. You should write your e-mail address: it will receive a visa confirmation if a positive decision is made.
If the questionnaire is completed by a third party or the applicant has delegated authority to fill it to another person, print the form 965.
The Australian Embassy in Moscow (address: Podkolokolny lane, 10A / 2)
Transfer of documents.
The personal presence of the applicant in the transfer of documentation is not required. The application can be sent by mail, hand over through courier service, take the help of intermediary companies or hand over personally.
After completing the documentation, it remains to pay the consular fee and send all by mail, if such a method of transfer is chosen. When documents are sent in the form of a mailing, the originals are not attached, enough certified copies. Confirming papers are put in the envelope, a completed questionnaire without clerical clips, folders and files. The applicant’s decision will be announced by e-mail or regular mail.
Personal submission of documents is possible both in the order of “live” queue, and by appointment. In the last version, you can pay in cash.
Payment of the fee.
The fee is paid using a bank card when submitting an online application and sending documents by mail. If the foreigner leaves the papers in the consular section, then he must also print out and sign the authorization form for withdrawing the consular fee from the card. Without this application, the visa will be refused. Also, the applicant will receive a negative decision on his application, if the consulate staff can not write off the required amount of the visa fee from the bank card (for example, if there is not enough money on the card).
Tariffs for fees depend on the type of the entry document and are indicated on the website of the Australian offices: For example, the cost of a tourist visa is 135 AUD. Write-off of funds from the card is made only in Australian dollars (1 AUD.
0.7 USD). In addition, a commission of 1.08% of the payment amount is charged.
Terms of issue and validity of visas.
Tourist visa is opened long enough: it takes up to 30 days for it to be issued. Transit can be obtained faster: from 1 to 14 days. On pre-holiday days, especially on the eve of New Year and Christmas, the embassy recommends applying for an entry document for 1.5 months.
The period for which a visa is issued is determined individually by a consular officer. Most often an entry document for a tour is opened for a period of 1 to 6 months. Transit allows you to stop at the international airport in Australia for 72 hours. All types of visas are opened with a “corridor” at 12 months. That is, the applicant has exactly one year to enter the country.
Refusal to issue a visa.
Australia refers to countries, open a visa in which it is quite difficult and expensive. To avoid failure, it is important to treat documentation as carefully as possible. On the basis of the papers provided, the consular officer must clearly see the confirmation of the purpose of the trip. If it comes to tourism, then there must be a travel itinerary, and booking hotels, and ordering any excursions. Australia is a country of immigrants and the government carries out a strict immigration policy. The applicant’s task is to convince the consulate in the absence of immigration intentions.
Refusal to open a visa is quite a frequent phenomenon, its main reasons are:
Incorrect registration of documents or their insufficient number; Provision of false information and forged securities; There are visible health problems; Suspicion of the applicant for immigration purposes; Finding in the “black list” for violation of the visa regime.
If you receive a negative decision on the application, you can try to file the documents a second time, correcting mistakes, adding a package of papers or providing missing data.