Australia emigration doctor
Drugs carried through all customs with a certificate from a doctor, certified stamp of the polyclinic and a notary translation. Medicines were carried in annual or slightly more quantity. The declaration made and indicated that for personal use in the declaration and a certificate with the transfer showed customs officers in Australia, they were delighted with the transfer and were very polite and tactful. No problem.
On the border in Russia, questions were not asked at all.
Vaccinations are the same as for other developed countries. The list can be found on official websites.
Alice, it’s you talking about: -O. Dentistry in Australia at a very high level! And if you did not get the price and had to go to Moscow, because it’s cheaper there, so you just say (dt) !!
Your native is checked. Here too most. we search for the checked up doctor, and we take pleasure.
So – it’s not surprising to me to read this.
As they say, NOT EVENING!
Only my free advice to you: save money on a pin – you will see a little later that it is much cheaper than TREATING Your favorite tooth!
Do not tighten, because to install the pin you need a HEALTHY JAIL!
It’s strange for me, too, to endure so that I can only make teeth with my doctor.
Regarding the level of treatment here and there, I think that bad doctors and a bad attitude towards the client are the same everywhere. As well as good,
In connection with the laws – of course the doctor in Australia will not send you a mate, but you can get a conveyor or an envelope with money without ceremony, I would not take the local medicine system to heaven. There are pluses – as well as their minuses.
Julia, this opinion is very controversial, if you were a doctor, we could argue with you on a clinical level about the professional status of “those and these”. I assure you, the cathedral methodologies, according to which the majority of doctors work there & quot; there & quot; – this medicine is not that of the past, even the century before last.
This is just an unusually correct remark. Doctors are the service sector and each of them “fights” for his client with all the resulting stratagems.
I personally do something serious (bridges, implants), too, only to Russia, and you can go to Thailand. Cheaper will be much along with ticket and accommodation (Thailand) than doing in Australia. Here one implant is 5 thou ..
Julia – I just realized that the money in the envelope is like a bribe))): – D 😀 :-D. No, this is not what she meant.
Every patient is a piece of paper with a number of Madi sir and signed by the patient. Each piece of paper lies in a folder or envelope. Some doctors look at the client – as a piece of paper that will add a digital on your personal account.
The Australian doctors who have all the illnesses are treated with antibiotics.
I admit that – just no luck.
After all, a good doctor – as well as a good hairdresser. it is easier to get married))
BUT, why you have to choose. and why is there a strong feeling that the doctor who passed the 7 circles of hell can be an excellent professional, and can look at me as some kind of solvent fiction.
I do not think that such a stable chuvstvo is the fruit of my imagination or my favorite occupation of the average person, to count money in someone else’s pocket.
Alla means you made the right choice, and got to a normal Aesculapius.
I’m hoping for my laziness or not wanting to get a second opinion * I will always remember, looking at my own leg, bent as if I have a spare pair in my pocket. And the feeling of a milk cow is not going to disappear either. Well, what can you do about it.
There are doctors from God, there are artisans who put the patient on the conveyor.
What is useful to the Russian, then the German death, as they say.
And in occasion of antibiotics I partially agree, when they appoint or nominate the first treatment at usual cold. Therefore, also I do not go to the doctor if I sneeze and I am flied myself, in the old manner.
I think that my not very pleasant stories happened because of my own laziness and the desire to analyze, so what really there: -D.
Eugene – an excellent diet)))) I think that you missed – positive thinking. here it is just the guarantee of any health.
And rightly so, Oksana. Do not run to the doctor for every sneeze, except for some situations. In the overwhelming majority of cases, your & quot; sneezes & quot; is a banal ORZ. It is possible to treat, and it is possible and not to treat – the result is one – it will pass in 5-7 days.
Are there doctors from Australia or Tasmania? Or New Zealand?).
I would like to discuss the nuances and subtleties of moving. And in general – with what to begin.