Australia emigration citizenship status
The coveted desire and natural completion of the process of immigration to Australia for the majority of immigrants is the acquisition of Australian citizenship. The procedure for obtaining Australian citizenship is logical and fairly easy to implement, subject to certain requirements of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.
The most important conditions for obtaining Australian citizenship are a sufficient period of residence in Australia and the availability of a permanent permanent immigration visa (the status of permanent residence in Australia). The applicant must have lived in Australia for at least 4 years before submitting the application to the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship. It is necessary that the applicant does not leave Australia for more than a year in total and more than 90 days in the last year. In addition, it is necessary to hold in Australia for at least the last 12 months as a permanent resident under a permanent immigration visa.
If the applicant meets these primary conditions established by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia, you can proceed to the next stage, described in detail on the official website of the Ministry of Immigration. In the immigration office, the applicant must provide several important documents confirming the identity of the applicant and the absence of his involvement in serious crimes.
Applying for citizenship is made by filling out the necessary form on the website of the immigration office and sending it to the Ministry of Immigration by mail or online. Scanned copies of the applicant’s identification documents must be attached to the application.
The applicant must also pay a state fee of several hundred dollars for each member of the family, with the exception of children under the age of 16 who apply jointly with their parents.
After the completion of this stage, the competitor will be assigned a date for a personal meeting with an immigration officer to conduct an interview or examination for citizenship.
The subject of examination at the exam will be the basic knowledge of English, as well as some basic information on the history, culture and legislation of Australia.
To prepare for testing, the Ministry of Immigration offers an introduction to the official reference book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond that contains all the necessary information for the exam.
During the examination, no auxiliary materials are allowed. The exam takes a total of about 45 minutes. After the completion of the test, the Immigration Department staff will need some time to verify its results, which the applicant will subsequently be immediately familiar with.
If the test was successful, a solemn ceremony will be fixed on which the applicant and his family members, as well as other Australian citizens who receive citizenship, will receive official documents confirming their new civic status.
Acceptance of Australian citizenship is a significant event in the life of every immigrant, which opens up new opportunities, rights and responsibilities for a new citizen of this beautiful country.