Australia and Oceania.
One of the most cardinal ways to change your life can be emigration to Australia or New Zealand. The Green Continent creates special programs to attract foreigners, the standard of living here is high, and visitors are more than loyal. There are only a few ways to move: it’s training, finding a job or creating your own business.
How to emigrate to Australia.
If you are young, then the best option is to get an education. Australian and New Zealand diplomas are valued all over the world, and graduates will not have problems with employment. The education system has come to this corner of the planet from the distant British Isles. There are both private and public educational institutions, and the cost of training is significantly lower than in Europe or America.
It is most likely to move to Australia for Russians and Ukrainians, you can get a job on a demanded specialty. At the same time, the age qualification must be observed, there should be no problems with health and law. It is necessary to confirm the knowledge of the English language, and this applies not only to highly qualified specialists, but also representatives of working professions.
For those who are ready to use the program of business immigration to Australia, there are also a number of conditions – the availability of capital earned in a legal way, business experience, language skills and good health. You can both buy a ready-made enterprise, and create your own from scratch. The main advantage – a permanent residence permit can be obtained in just two years of successful business management.
Another way to move to Australia is to become a refugee, but you must have good reasons for obtaining status, supported by evidence. Refugees are practically equalized in rights with citizens, and within two years they can apply for Australian citizenship.
Moving to New Zealand.
No less attractive is the prospect of being a citizen of New Zealand. The main features of this country are good ecology and low crime rate. Absence of corruption and a stable economy make it attractive for both living and business. However, here, as in Australia, immigrants require excellent health and knowledge of English.
And for those who do not have experience in entrepreneurship, there is an opportunity to enter a New Zealand university or find a job.
Buying immovables for immigrants does not give them special rights in terms of legalization, but it is a good investment, and also confirms the seriousness of their intentions. Most of the local residents live in their own homes, there are no special restrictions on making deals and for foreigners. Perhaps New Zealand is the country where your dreams of a quiet life in your own home can come true.
It’s no secret that business migrants and investors are attracted by countries with a stable economy, loyal laws and comfortable business conditions. Business in New Zealand is chosen by those who intend to live in a developed civilized state far away from all Russian and European problems. In addition, this country is famous for its socio-economic model of society of the British type, the main values of which are people and [& hellip;]
Very many aspects of New Zealand life were adopted in the UK. Not even an exception was a flag, which is one of the varieties of the British symbol of statehood, and the architecture of buildings in the style of the Victorian era. The same can be said about education in New Zealand, which is built in the image and likeness of the British system. The advantages of learning England of the South Seas & # 8211; is the name of [& hellip;]
Most New Zealanders live in their own homes, which is an indicator of stability and settled life. Migrants prefer housing to a rented one, while not abandoning the idea of becoming the owner of their own real estate. Moreover, the country has a rather developed system of lending by banks to purchase housing, and the monthly rate on the loan is sometimes significantly lower than the rent. In any case, property in [& hellip;]
Very often, the place of their new residence migrants choose islands that are located 1,700 kilometers from Australia. Despite the huge distance that divides Russia and this territory, there are many Russians who want to settle. But before embarking on a long migration path, it is necessary to understand well that work in New Zealand should be found first. How much [& hellip;]
One of the components of a high standard of living in the country is quality education. Australian schools have long won recognition worldwide, largely thanks to the untiring state control over the educational process in the country. All schools, universities and colleges undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance with established standards and the implementation of the curriculum. At the same time, education in Australia costs [& hellip;]
The Australian continent is a place that attracts not only targeted migrants, but also those who seek refuge by virtue of some external circumstances. This process takes place on the basis of the Convention on Refugees signed by the Government of the country and in accordance with established quotas. As in any other state, they will be asked to provide evidence that the applicant is not staying in his homeland [& hellip;]
As you know, the governments of different countries are always very loyal to those who intend to bring their country’s capitals and ideas. The Australian authorities that provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and investors ready to start their own enterprise are also no exception, thereby creating additional jobs or supporting the already existing local market. Business immigration to Australia gives a chance to move [& hellip;]
Work in Australia is a cherished dream for many who are going to change their place of residence and chose a green continent for these purposes. But it is not so easy to realize a dream, because the requirements for qualified employees are too high, and for those who are ready to take any position, salaries are not very acceptable. In addition, it will be superfluous to know: local employers [& hellip;]
New Zealand attracts a mild climate, almost complete absence of national and racial contradictions, high quality and availability of drinking water, lack of a problem of excessive urbanization, low levels of crime and the risk of an accident. Therefore it is not surprising that so many Russians are thinking about how to obtain the citizenship of New Zealand. General requirements for potential New Zealanders There are two ways to obtain citizenship of New Zealand: by [& hellip;]
The status of a permanent resident of Australia allows an immigrant to live and work for an indefinite period of time. To become a holder of permanent residence in 2018, you need to open an immigrant visa, the type corresponding to the grounds for moving to Australia. What gives permanent residence Permanent residents of Australia in rights are almost equal to citizens of this country. Exceptions concern only certain moments. Status of permanent residence [& hellip;]
The history of this state did not know of any racial or national conflict. People here appreciate peace, comfort and time. And still adhere to a healthy lifestyle and sense of proportion in everything. Everyone dreams of moving to New Zealand, who happened to visit at least once here, and everyone who just read about it. But before you buy a ticket and [& hellip;]
Australian citizenship makes it possible without a special visa to visit a number of states, including the countries of the European Union, the United States and Canada. Loyal immigration legislation in this country allows you to obtain citizenship without losing the status of a citizen of another country. That is why many Russians are wondering how to become an Australian citizen in 2018. Grounds for obtaining Australian Immigration Law [& hellip;]
In our time, emigration to Australia for Ukrainians is, perhaps, one of the most accessible and attractive. This country is characterized by a high standard of living, social protection, is economically developed. Immigration to Australia from Ukraine can be carried out in several ways, and then consider some of them. Professional emigration to Australia by Australia in recent years has been active in [& hellip;]
Involving immigrants & # 8211; one of the priorities of the government of this state. This is due to the large number of its uninhabited spaces. Every year 100 & # 8211; 140 thousand people. Emigration from Russia to Australia has long been not a pipe dream and an inadmissible luxury. Local features the country occupies the territory of the whole continent and is washed by two oceans at once; population: about 22 million people; [& hellip;]