Australia. A guide to Australia.
Australia is a country with a high standard of living and social guarantees for immigrants.
A very attractive country for those wishing to migrate is Australia. To date, the country has a high standard of living, and even world leaders like the United States and Canada are inferior to Australia. All this and much more makes this country tempting for immigrants. Wages in the country at a high level, housing at affordable prices, and social conditions are favorable for society. But it is worth noting that the government of the country thanks to the target policy ensures migration of only the right people.
In Australia, the reception of immigrants occurs with the help of an independent or professional immigration program, which makes it possible to immigrate only to those who are interested in the country as a professional. If there is a higher or secondary special education, and if the specialty of interest to an immigrant is on the list of those in demand, then it is possible to obtain the status of a permanent inhabitant of the country. There is a special point system for determining the level of qualification, which takes into account the data on work experience, age, knowledge of English and many others. The cumulative score must be at least sixty. Read more about the scoring system here.
In order to obtain an immigrant visa to Australia, it is necessary to fulfill all the requirements to the applicants, regardless of the number of points scored in the system, and if any of the specified points are not met, it is impossible to obtain a visa. The immigration department has such basic requirements: the age of immigrants is not more than fifty years, the language is sufficient to pass the IELTS or TOEFL exams, and the specialty that is on the list of required professions in Australia. In addition to the above requirements, the immigrant will need to undergo a special medical commission in certain institutions of the immigration center, since the health requirements are quite high. Also, it is necessary to have a certificate from the police about non-conviction.
One of the varieties of professional immigration is immigration through study. This option is most suitable for active and life-loving youth. First of all, the student is trained in Australia on the basis of specialties that are suitable for immigration. After completing their studies, the graduate is provided with a short-term work visa for a period of one and a half to three years, and afterwards – a permanent one. A very important step is to choose a specialty, because you need to identify exactly the profession that does not require work experience to confirm the acquired skills. In this regard, fit architects, teachers, accountants, engineers and several medical specialties.