Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program & # 8212; program for immigration to Canada.
In 2017, a pilot immigration program was launched in Canada: the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. It is different from the rest by the low level of requirements for candidates and narrow focus. This federal immigration program has a quota of 2,000 people in 2017, but in the following years it will grow.
General information about the program.
AIPP operates in the territories:
New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador New Scotland (Nova Scotia) Prince Edward Island.
Employees of different qualifications and graduates can take part in the program in accordance with three main plans:
Atlantic High Skilled Program Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program Atlantic International Graduate Program.
The first plan was developed for specialists of categories 0, A and B according to the list of professions (NOC), the second for professionals of category C.
Requirements for knowledge of the language for all tests are minimal – you need to know English by 4 by CLB or French by 4 by NCLC. Test scores should be no older than two years.
Requirements of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program to workers.
Workers must have worked in the profession for more than one year (1,560 hours) over the past three years. It includes part-time or part-time work. Volunteer or free work does not count.
Minimum education (one of two points):
The presence of a certificate or diploma of secondary or higher education received in Canada. Diploma, certificate or certificate of education in the field of commerce or apprenticeship. There is also a confirmation from the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) about the conformity of the document with the analogue of the Canadian model. The ECA document must not be older than five years at the time of filing.
Requirements of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program for graduates.
The presence of a diploma, certificate, certificate or certificate of study for at least two years applies only to institutions recognized by Canada in the territory of the Atlantic provinces.
To study on the internal form two and more years and at least last 12 months To live 16 months during last two years in territory of Atlantic provinces To have the visa or the permission necessary for work, study or training.
The program does not take into account:
Courses of English or French, if language training takes more than half of the program. Distance learning, if it takes more than half of the program.
The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is not open to candidates if they receive a scholarship, according to which the candidate must return to his native country.
Job offer.
Program participants must have an invitation to work, a contract or other documents to participate in the AIPP. The employer must be registered in the territory of the Atlantic provinces. The proposal or contract must be approved by the province.
Atlantic provinces of Canada, participating in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
The period of work for highly skilled workers and graduates is at least one year, for the average – on long terms or unlimited.
Financial requirements.
If the candidate does not work in Canada, to participate in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, you must prove the ability to provide for yourself and your family members. The spouse and children are taken into account when calculating the minimum amount. Even if they do not come to Canada with the candidate.
The minimum amount depending on the size of the family (in Canadian dollars) as of 2017:
adaptation in Canada.
There are structures that will help to adapt in Canada. After receiving the invitation to work, each adult member of the family can apply to such an institution. There he will be given advice on housing, tell about the environment in which he will have to live. Also will be informed about places where he can come for help.
See the list of organizations and find the right one at this link:
In conclusion, let’s say that the program for immigration to Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot is only gaining momentum. Given the small quotas and novelty of the mechanism, it will be difficult to take part in it. But if you want to emigrate to Canada, it’s worth taking it for a pencil, and starting to prepare for the departure is already now.
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I will make an advertisement program Co-op program.
It means that 50% of the program you study, 50% work, work is paid, and at the end somewhere 2 weeks you are given the idea that you write a report on practice, that is, wrote how you worked, what you learned, what You made. Once again I recall, from 18 years old, the level of English ideally you should be average. Why, Because if you have an initial level of the language, respectively, the profession and the vacancy for which you will be taken as a result, it will be a waiter, a barista, something that is not related to very professional communication with people. No, thank you, you ordered this. The higher your level, the better will be the work you are applying for, and, accordingly, the earnings will be higher. Not only earnings, You know, when you get a job, for example, even on the same salesman, in some company, sales staff train And generally find cool salesmen is quite difficult, As a result, the employer will be more motivated to leave you for a working visa. Then, if it’s yours target. It is clear that if the initial level, you can also go, Simply, if you have the opportunity, for example, now, 3 months of intensive work before the program, I strongly advise it. Do not waste time, if you decide that you start the program in 4 months, start autumn right now. It will not hurt you at all, but only in plus, you will come and feel comfortable. You must have completed school, 11 classes, or How much in your country, How much do you need to get a certificate of secondary education. This is a prerequisite, you will be asked to see it. It’s not necessary to study at the university. That is, you may not have a university education, just finish your ID school.