Assistance in purchasing real estate in Germany.
Buying property abroad has always been one of the most profitable investments in capital. Many residents of the CIS countries currently invest in foreign real estate – apartments, houses, office and shopping centers. Why buying a property in Germany is doubly advantageous?
Germany is one of the leading and actively developing European countries, known for its economic stability, low crime rate and the general high standard of living of the population. Germany is a country convenient both for life and for doing business.
Clear and transparent legislative base, peculiar to the Germans punctuality and compulsion in the conduct of business facilitates the acquisition process, making it easy and enjoyable.
If you choose to purchase real estate in Germany, pay attention to Dusseldorf.
Dusseldorf is one of the seven largest cities in Germany, it is one of the largest industrial, economic and cultural centers of the country. In Dusseldorf, there is a huge number of higher education institutions known all over the world, such as the University. Heinrich Heine and the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts.
Also in the city is a huge number of historical and cultural monuments, museums and theaters. Dusseldorf deservedly is considered the German “fashion capital”.
Accordingly, Dusseldorf is the focus of students and tourists, who are primarily tenants of residential real estate. The influx of students and tourists is constantly growing, thus increasing the demand and prices for rental of residential real estate in the city. Thus investing money in an apartment in Dusseldorf today, in 9-10 years you will not only pay back your purchase, but also start to receive from it a net income!
When buying a property in Germany, you can face such problems as language barriers and difficulties with choosing a particular property, translating laws and documentation. Our firm will help you competently negotiate with owners and realtors, our translators will help you get acquainted with all current documents and contracts, while ensuring the professional translation of all legal nuances and nuances.
Acquisition of real estate in Germany is a profitable investment, but also a laborious process. Our company will go through all the stages from the choice to the conclusion of the transaction together with you. With our help you can choose exactly what you are looking for!