As a pensioner to leave for a residence in Bulgaria, without buying property in Bulgaria.
For a long time to rent an apartment or house and move.
It is not necessary to buy property in Bulgaria to move to Bulgaria.
The availability of real estate in Bulgaria (regular value) does not give any advantages for obtaining a “visa D” and in the future obtaining residence permits (residence permit, DVR).
Quietly and legally rent-lease housing, and there will be a “permanent residence permit” at this address, automatically.
The longest in the process of obtaining a visa type D – is to ensure the originals of documents for the availability of housing and examination of documents in the consulate (duration may be 1-2 months). Unfortunately, the author of the issue did not indicate the state in which he receives a pension and in which country he lives. In some countries, the difficulty is. mail. The work of international mail is told in response to the receipt of a guest Bulgarian visa.
Thus it turns out: in order to come to Bulgaria in November, documents can be started without any haste now – in mid-June.
In occasion of renting an apartment or a house near the sea with an official rental contract for obtaining a visa. From that, “where would I live”, “what I particularly like”. Right next to the sea I know two houses, where you can agree on a long-term lease. The gate of one goes directly to the Kabakum beach (a suburb of Varna on the way to “Golden Sands”) – photos and description, photos of the sea, the beach (fishing there directly from the beach – a donkey with spinning, or a breakwater with a float :); another house – in the town of Obzor (photos) on the street, directly between the embankment + beach and the city street. Houses with an area of 400-500 square meters, you can rent one floor. Another option to rent a house in the Survey – on the street “Maritsa”.
There are also houses in the “Vilni zoni”, these are the capital houses in the former dacha zones – for example, over the resort “St. Constantine and Elena”, etc.
Another option is to rent an apartment (apartment) in an apartment building in the city. In Varna, the most cozy old district – Gretska Mahala (Greek Quarter), is cozy in the old part of the town of Balchik (not at the top near the airfield), in Nessebar (in the old and new parts of the city), in Sozopol (but not in new buildings south of the city!)
I do not really recommend renting a house in a new apartment complex, because such a dwelling is intended for temporary residence in the summer, mostly foreigners. From the standpoint of life, live in a huge empty, often unheated whole house, from the point of view of life – the devil on the cake. At least, it is uncomfortable and expensive due to heating – to warm neighboring vacant apartments). I know one pleasant exception in the Seaside Park (in the park!) In Varna, at the end, behind the shopping center Piccadilly Park.
If to look, we can find even similar offers on delivery.
Naturally, I listed “in a quiet cozy place” in my mind, but how many people – so many opinions. Therefore, in order not to conclude a hiring contract trusting only someone else’s opinion, come choose your place of residence yourself, as a tourist. It is cheaper and calmer to do it in the beginning of autumn, the number since September 15. Something-how-we will help and help. If you need a visa – at your service
Yes, I forgot about nature 🙂
I like most about the sea foothill forest Overview. There is simply no other such place on the Bulgarian coast. Because St. Vlas on the other side of the ridge is a “mass construction site” with windows on the mass resort “Sunny Beach”.
But if you buy real estate in the form of a house, and have a hand-head, then samodom.
My husband and I are citizens of Canada, but I am still a Russian citizen. My husband is retired, and I have not yet, but the age is approaching. We have health problems. They wanted to settle in Bulgaria. We went last year, we looked at real estate. Do we need to buy real estate or can it be rented for 6 months? We in Bulgaria Sales agents said that you must buy. Can I apply for a Visa with my husband or at first he should, since he is retired, and then I? And yet under the new law we will not be given permanent residence now?
It is not necessary to buy property to obtain residence permits in Bulgaria. When applying for a permit for a long (6 or 12 months), long-term and permanent residence in Bulgaria, you must provide a document confirming the availability of a place to stay. It does not matter who owns this property. This can be your own housing (you need to provide a notarial deed for property), or rented (rented out under contract) housing. Or any homeowner (no matter – a member of the family or an acquaintance) can write a declaration that provides you with accommodation for the duration of your stay in Bulgaria. If housing is rented, then the term of the contract is better to have a long one, for 1.5 years, and in the contract a point about the possibility of its premature termination is desirable.
To apply for a visa D first must be the one who has grounds (under the law) to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria, in this case a retired husband. When he will be allowed to live in Bulgaria, then you and your spouse can also apply for a residence permit with the basis of a family member.
First in the consulate you will be issued a visa D, from which you can come to Bulgaria and apply for residence permit.
The residence permit is issued for a period of 6 or 12 months – at your request and relevant documents, then it can be renewed. After 5 (5.5) years of stay in Bulgaria on a legal basis, you can apply for DWR – long-term residence. Long-term residence is issued once and is a permanent status.
Can a foreigner buy an apartment?
If your question is whether a foreigner can buy an apartment in Bulgaria (it does not matter whether he is a pensioner or not), then the answer is yes, of course, he can. We need a valid passport and, of course, payment for legally acquired and legally imported money. Restrictions for foreigners (other than EU citizens) in Bulgaria are only for the purchase of land. Keep in mind that apartments can also be sold with land.
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