As a nurse from Canada moved to New Zealand.
Less than 6 months, it took Sharon the Commandant to find a job, settle all issues with the accreditation of her medical certificate in New Zealand, get a visa and come to Wellington.
“The easiest part of the process was the job search,” says Sharon, “thanks to the AccentHealthRecruitment recruiting agency, whose staff explained to me what and what employers are looking for in New Zealand – and of course found me several offers. In other words, I got a job on the phone. ”
It was more difficult to process all the documents and obtain a registered nurse certificate in New Zealand. “I did not understand everything, I did not have a notary stamp, and it delayed my registration for two weeks.”
Born in Ottawa, Canada, Sharon and her husband traveled to New Zealand in 2009 on a “WorkingHoliday” visa and fell in love with this country. “Thrust in New Zealand began with that,” says Sharon, “that we saw how beautiful this country is. And we also watched the movie “The Lord of the Rings” – Sharon’s husband actor, who now plays the role in the Hobbits – and began to look for information about her. We registered on the NewZealandNow website, the official website, which is sponsored by the Emigration Program in New Zealand, and there they learned about the “WorkingHoliday” visa. We submitted documents to her, and received this visa in a few weeks. There’s a great choice of possibilities. ”
“My first impression of New Zealand is a beautiful, lush, hilly country. Each local resident is proud of this country and will gladly tell you about it. ”
“After we lived in New Zealand for about 8 months, traveling a bit, we went to Australia. But we realized that we still want to live in New Zealand, so I contacted the AccentHealthRecruitment agency to find out if they can help. ”
Today, Sharon works as a certified nurse at Wellington Hospital and enjoys a laidback lifestyle here. “All my colleagues like to laugh and joke with each other. I always wanted to work in a team where you feel the support of colleagues, and I found it in Wellington. It’s nice to see that everyone goes to dinner after work, and so on. ”
As for advice to other emigrants, Sharon advises to carefully study the local opportunities. “You have to study well the country where you are going to live, because every city and region has its own opportunities to settle well.”
“I am very happy to live in Wellington. It’s a big city that seems small and cozy. ”
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