Adv. Ivailo Vlahov.
Buying property in Bulgaria is good, and living here is even better.
Bulgaria is undoubtedly the most popular country among Russian-speaking citizens, not only for the purchase of real estate, but also for the subsequent relocation. There are many reasons for this – a convenient, inexpensive, easy and well-established procedure for obtaining a residence permit. And on the other hand, cultural, language and emotional comfort is not unimportant – in Bulgaria the Russians and the citizens of the CIS countries are well treated. A lot of clients (mainly from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) in search of a country where to start a new life, choose Bulgaria. The country offers low taxes, comfortable living conditions. And besides, natural food, beautiful nature and 4 seasons. The most common options chosen by our clients are obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a pension and obtaining a residence permit based on the opening of a sales office. Nevertheless, many foreign citizens who acquire Bulgarian real estate and are successfully developing in the country. They get a job here or successfully develop their business, on the basis of which they get a residence permit.
Benefits and a radical simplification of the procedure for issuing visas.
Positive news about visas coming from the Foreign Ministry, contribute to positive signals for the real estate market in the midst of winter and on the eve of the popular summer season in Bulgaria. According to the agreements reached, Bulgaria will issue short-term double or multiple-entry visas with tourist purposes for a period of one year to citizens who received Bulgarian visas last year. These conditions can be used by property owners. Citizens who first meet in Bulgaria will be issued short-term double or multiple-entry visas for the purpose of a private visit for a period of one year, and already received earlier Bulgarian visas for a period of three years.
The speed of obtaining and maintaining a residence permit.
You can get a residence permit in about 6 months. The procedure of residence permits on any of the grounds (whether on the basis of a pension or, for example, the opening of a trade mission) is preceded by entry to Bulgaria with a “D” visa on an appropriate basis. The “D” visa is a multiple entry visa, after the visa has been added to the national identity document, within the permitted period of stay, foreigners must apply to the “Migration” department or to its metropolitan or regional departments, an application for a permit for residence permits 2-3 weeks before the expiry of the visa). In order to obtain a visa, it is required to have an account with a cash amount. For employees this amount must be at least an annual minimum wage – about 2,100 euros at the moment. A certificate from the bank shows the presence of an account and the amount on it. It is desirable that this money is available in the account at the time of the examination of the application for a visa. The available means are at the disposal of the person all the time.
� The annual fee of the residence permit is 500 BGN (250 EUR)
Initially, it is necessary to pay for translation services and legalization of the initial package of documents (at the first submission of documents it is necessary to translate and legalize the pension decision and the certificate of criminal record).
� annual fee for residence permit – 500 BGN (250 EUR)
� bank certificate of availability of funds.
� Certificate from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
How realistic it is to get a working permit and find a job in the country.
Some clients have time to get a working permit, finding work in Bulgaria. They are people of more rare occupations, close specialists in positions for which it is not possible to find Bulgarian similar workers. Therefore, most of our customers prefer to open Trade Representations and develop their own business in the country, receiving income from this. They can work as TP managers without problems, conclude any contracts with other companies, avoiding the need to obtain a work permit on a general basis.
Based on TA.
Bulgaria provides the status of residence permit in Bulgaria to foreign individuals who are representatives of a foreign legal entity – a commercial (trading company), for example LLC. Trade representation must be registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, with indication of each representative and his authority. Several representatives can be registered with the Trade Representative Office of a foreign company.
Without loopholes in legislation and cunning schemes.
The difference is in the positive aspect of Bulgaria from other EU countries – no special schemes or loopholes are needed in the framework of the Bulgarian law to begin the procedure for obtaining residence permit. It is only necessary to confirm the availability of housing for the period of stay in the country – the address. This may be a lease or a notarial deed of own housing. Thus, the value of the property purchased or the amount of the rental rate is not limited.
Real estate in the most sought-after areas for residence permit.
According to our statistics, large resort towns on the North and South Black Sea coasts, the capital, the largest cities in the central part of the country, and the most famous winter resort of Bulgaria are popular for purchasing real estate suitable for permanent residence. Look at the properties for sale in the most popular cities:
for sale and for rent (4)
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Polina Stoykova MRICS, Executive Director of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES.
2017 set a new benchmark for the real estate of the country’s mountain resorts. Increased activity, including in the summer months, an increase in sales, stabilization of prices and the predominance of Bulgarian buyers – these are the main trends of the outgoing year.
The Balkan Rose Capital – Kazanlak, located in the geographical center of Bulgaria and the bearer of the thousand-year history of the Valley of Thracian kings, is one of the contenders for the award of the third edition of the Balkan awards for the tourism industry for 2017.
Do you know that Bulgaria is the second largest in Europe by the presence of thermal waters after Iceland? Thermal springs in our country have a diverse chemical and physical composition, they are suitable not only for rest and stress relief, but also for the prevention and rehabilitation of a number of diseases. Despite read more.
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