Approximately 75 times cheaper than real estate in Latvia. But, have time to file documents on the old rules before NG! If you appreciate the HIGH LEVEL OF SERVICE, you want to issue a residence permit 100% LEGAL, while maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY, the VIP Ariadne Company! – with us it is simple!
Why do our customers choose Lithuania?
We interviewed our customers and that’s what they call most often:
Security. The crime rate in Lithuania is at a very low level. Stability. Lack of wild inflation, predictability of the economic situation of the European Union. Staying in any of the countries of the European Union on a legal basis without applying for visas. Confidence in the future. Living in the EU allows you to plan for the long years ahead the Russian language. In Lithuania, the Russian language is widely spoken and there are Russian-language schools of European education. Participation in student exchange programs with leading universities in Europe.
Conditions for obtaining residence permit.
From November 1, 2014, new rules for the issuance of the residence permit of Lithuania came into effect.
Charter capital. The cost of the company’s own capital must be at least 28,000 euros. You do not need to contribute. UV is formed by our company. 3 employees with Lithuanian citizenship. At the enterprise should be created not less than three workplaces with full working day Balance for 6 months. The enterprise must carry out the activity specified in the constituent documents in the Republic of Lithuania for at least the last 6 months.
Where can I get all this?
Of course we have! Our company OU “Favorite Baltic”:
Forms a statutory fund for you! Engaged in all legal and accounting matters! Is your official representative in the Department of Migration of the Republic of Lithuania! Transfer the business to Lithuania or open a new one, buy shares of the company for obtaining residence permit – we will help!
How to get a residence permit in 3 steps.
Call help +375 29 353 6036.
Contact us in any convenient way for you: To come to our office in Minsk for registration of documents for obtaining a residence permit card in 2 months, with you to have:
Only the Passport Certificate of conviction at the place of residence (can be ordered through us by proxy) A certificate from the bank for the amount of 4600 euros or the equivalent (you can do with us) Photo as a visa (you can do with us)
If the parents are divorced:
A court decision or a notarial agreement on the place of residence of the child with the mother or father.
Through Business. Shareholder in the current CJSC.
A shareholder is a person. the person to whom not less than 1/3 of the shares of the operating Lithuanian company belong to the right of ownership; Shareholders are not responsible for the company’s activities! Grounds for receipt: Article 45. cl. 1. part 1 and part 2 of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Legal Status of Foreigners”
Residence permit “on a turn-key basis” for 1 adult – 3500 �
Included in cost:
registration of the residence permit “on a turn-key basis” for 1 adult 1/3 share in the operating company of the declaration of residence for 14 months.
The package “Family” (2 + 1) – 6300 �
Package “Family” (2 + 2) – 6900 �
Turnkey residence permit for 1 child – 0 �
Included in cost:
registration of residence permit “on a turn-key basis” for 1 child a residence declaration for 14 months.
Since December 1, 2016, the documents are submitted personally to the Central Department of Migration at L.Sapiegos g.1.
Since January 1, 2017, new rules for obtaining / extending residence permits have been introduced.
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The main thing is not to get, but to extend the residence permit!
Often problems arise precisely with the extension of residence permit. And if they have already moved and nowhere to go back, what to do then.
We guarantee an extension if you follow our recommendations!
An application for the renewal of a residence permit is submitted no later than 2 months before the expiration of the validity of the existing permit.
For a successful extension, it is necessary to collect a package of documents – the financial statements of the company, contracts for cooperation with customers, information on renting an office, etc.
Confused in all these papers? We will help with the extension of those who found themselves “in such a situation.”
Please apply for free consultations to our office at 220013 Minsk, P. Brovka 8A office 25.
Extension of residence permit for 1 adult for 2 years! – 1900 �
Included in cost:
900 � – extension of the residence permit “on a turn-key basis” for 1 adult 1000 � – declaration of residence for 2 years.
Extension of residence permit for 1 child for 2 years! – 1000 �
Included in cost:
0 � – prolongation of the residence permit “on a turn-key basis” for 1 child 1000 � – declaration of place of residence for 2 years.