Are there experienced who got a visa to the United States from the second time? !! What chance will they give and the opinion will not be biased? Or is there no point?
Every foreigner …. must be treated as an alleged immigrant until he can present satisfactory evidence to the consular officer during the visa application that he is eligible for a nonimmigrant visa in the United States.
The refusal to grant a visa on the basis of Section 214 (b) is not final. However, you should not reapply until your social or economic circumstances change seriously, or you have convincing evidence of your links to the country that you could not provide at the previous interview.
If the applicant was denied a visa, the “Application Received – U.S. Embassy” stamp and the date of the refusal will be stamped on the last page of the applicant’s passport.
Section 221 (g) of the US Immigration and Naturalization Act states that:
The visa … will not be issued to the applicant if, after having examined the application form or other documents provided by the applicant, the consular officer will find out that the applicant is not qualified to obtain a visa in accordance with article 212 (section on granting exceptions) or any other article of the law.
Denial of a visa under section 221 (g) is administrative and means that the application does not have enough information to make a decision. The submission of applications for a visa through the delivery company or through a group window, in fact, is a request for consideration of the case without an interview. If, after reviewing the application, the consul finds out that additional information is needed, the visa application will be refused under article 221 (g) and the applicant will be invited for an interview.
In other words, the consul is not ready to issue a visa on the basis of only the written information provided by the applicant in the questionnaire, and rejects the request for a visa without an interview. During the interview, the applicant will be asked questions about the reason for his trip to the United States or proof of relations with the country of permanent residence.
In this case, the applicant will not be able to obtain a visa until he / she passes a personal interview with the consul. This rule is the same for all applicants, regardless of their social or financial situation. In case of refusal under Article 221 (g), the stamp “Application Received – U.S. Embassy” will be stamped on the last page of the passport.
The applicant can not apply to the embassy for a new visa request until he / she passes a personal interview and the final decision on issuing a visa will not be accepted by the consul. If, at the end of the interview, the visa is denied, the applicant will need to file a new request for visa only personally.
If from then on you had a husband, a child, real estate, dependent parents – in general everything that would be a valid reason to return from the trip home, it is quite possible that the visa will be given.
Another thing, if nothing has changed in your data. Then they will give up exactly the same way as the first time.