Are girls interested in foreigners without knowledge of a foreign language?
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Many girls on the way to getting acquainted with foreign men are stopped by ignorance of a foreign language. But as our experience of communicating with foreigners shows, in most cases, men agree to communicate with a girl at first with the help of an interpreter.
They are ready to put up with these inconveniences for the sake of all those virtues with which Russian, Ukrainian, Slavic girls are endowed.
When a man has serious intentions about a chosen one, there have been cases when they themselves offered to pay for foreign language courses.
Even if a man plans to meet with a girl a couple of times without any special obligations, they will have to communicate. Absolutely all foreigners negatively regard the presence on the interpreter’s dates. Not only does he ruin the romance, so also the man has to treat him and entertain him on a par with the chosen one.
If the girl hopes for her own strength, then she should be completely ready for the fact that instead of a pleasant relaxing evening she will spend time in constant tension. She awaits a lot of awkward situations and misunderstandings. Those who say they have a great time with foreigners without communication tend to lie. Men are important not only to be listened to, but also to participate in the dialogue, and most importantly, understand them.
It is especially important for a foreigner to know his language if he plans to create a family with a girl he likes. Seeing that the girl has at least a basic knowledge of the language, the man will have a huge incentive to begin to learn Russian. And everyone will improve their communication skills for the sake of love.
Knowledge of a foreign language is not only a great chance that a man will not be bored with his chosen one. And this is primarily a sign of intelligence. Let the stereotype that guys like silly girls do not lead you astray. The mind, the desire to develop and improve, the talent for comprehending the linguistic sciences will tell a lot about the foreigner.
Therefore, if a girl is interested in having a chosen one with her comfortably, she should not only learn how to translate her letters with a dictionary, but also pull up the skills of a spoken foreign language.
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