Apartment moving in Kharkov.
Moving to a new home is a huge holiday for the whole family. But before you start organizing celebrations on the occasion of housewarming and engage in the territory’s living, you will have to transport all things to a new place. Naturally, in such a situation it is better to entrust all cares to professionals who provide trucking services to Kharkov quickly, competently and inexpensively.
Our company has been working in Kharkov for a long time, so we can confidently say that we encountered all possible difficulties and difficulties while providing transportation services for things during apartment moves, but even in the most difficult situations, we found the right solution. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the staff, the whole process of moving is planned to trifles.
It’s not a secret that the price of a complex of services provided by one company is always lower in comparison with the order of individual services from various organizations. Our company is ready to provide you with a unique service called “turnkey”, which includes a complete list of all necessary works. At your disposal will be the necessary vehicles, expert advice and even a variety of packaging materials, allowing you to protect even the most fragile things of your life from spoilage during transportation.
In most cases, the apartment move causes fear and horror in people, but for the sake of economy, many plan to do all the preparatory work independently, and for an additional fee only hired trucks. Most often this is a big mistake! The fact is that even in a one-room apartment for a few years of life can accumulate so many things that only one of their packaging will take a week, not to mention the need to transfer things first to the truck, for example, to the Gazelle, and then from it . Only realizing the scale of the event, many are resolved to attract movers. That is why it is only at the planning stage of the moving date to think about the range of services that may be needed in the process. Believe me, no matter how much money you spend on it, you will still save more – your time, your nerves and your strength. You still have to unpack all things and deal with the arrangement of new housing, why bother yourself with problems of loading and unloading! Yes, many people organize their first move independently, but to implement all subsequent attract professional company, because they do not want to repeat past mistakes in the form of wasting time to nowhere and complete exhaustion after carrying numerous boxes.
In our company, furniture transportation is one of the most frequently ordered services. Our experts will promptly make up the optimal transportation route, and you can be calm that you will not get into the traffic jam, pick up the suitable packing material in accordance with the cargo, and also quickly carry out loading and unloading.
If you decide to move, choose our freight service. You can be sure that you pay for high quality and speed of execution. You can rest assured that you will not remember the move as a most terrible event, exhausted to all your nerves, but as one of many wonderful days when a new stage in your new place begins in your life.
Entrust us with your “unbearable” problems, and for a reasonable fee we will take care of all your apartment moves – high quality is guaranteed! Turn the resettlement into a new apartment or house into a real holiday of life, devoid of worry and anxiety over trifles. We are waiting for your calls, ready to respond and take the order at any time!
The cost of an apartment move in Kharkov.
1-2 room apartment – from 560 UAH; 3 room apartment (with porters) from 800 ���.
The price may vary depending on the route, volume, weight and other conditions, to clarify the cost, please call: (066) 27-77-866, (063) 87-88-830.
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