And maybe to Austria? How to find a job as a doctor.
Pro & # 171; outflow of brains & # 187; abroad they say a long time and a lot. Since Soviet times. How is & # 8212; the best specialists, the most intelligent, conscientious, industrious and responsible leave their native penates and go to unknown endeavors in search of a sweet carrot!
But against the background of these conversations, NOTHING was done to stop this outflow.
Our man is looking for needs and cares. In the global sense: professional demand and social care. If you risk taking home to find a better life, why not decide on a country where it would be comfortable and, as they say, the picture pleased the eye?
Do not believe me, at a time when we are like squirrels in a wheel, we gain work experience, then we also … live! For each of us, our landscape is pleasant and the climate is comfortable, and the language that is most often learned from zero should be somehow embedded in the head. Perhaps one of us once thought: “How to leave to work as a doctor in Austria?”. This material is for such people.
Let’s go step by step so as not to miss anything.
Confirmation / recognition of your diploma.
Having graduated from the Ukrainian university (any university outside the borders of the European Union), and / or having no experience of working in the EU countries for more than three years, it will be necessary to confirm your diploma. To do this, it is necessary to collect all available documents concerning education, and this package must be submitted for recognition, or nostrification of the diploma.
In the course of this very nostrification, a detailed examination of the documents is carried out. Its results lead the commission to a conclusion, on how many the program on which the doctor trained, corresponds to standards of training in Austria. On this depends the further sequence of tasks that will need to be performed.
The educational program of Austrian universities provides its standards, from which the commission conducting the examination is repelled. It is taken into account both the contents (which subjects were listened to) and the amount (number of hours) of the passed training program. The application is submitted to one of the local universities (search can be done independently.
The pleasure is not cheap – the cost of such a procedure: 150 euros.
An obligatory condition is the passage of the assessment test, which includes two hundred and fifty questions in different disciplines:
It is impossible to consider this test as one of the global stages of employment. He is just one of the stages of the diploma nostrification. But, at the same time, it affects how many exams will have to pass in the coming stages. It is the evaluation test that helps determine the number and types of examinations that will be assigned to the individual examiner!
When the first stage is completed, the commission will announce the list of subjects / examinations that will need to be overcome and enlist the newly arrived doctor to one of the Austrian universities as a freelance student. Here the beginning of another thorny path to obtaining a license to work as a doctor in Austria.
Necessary documents for obtaining a certificate of nostrification:
International passport; Resume (native, English and German); Documents confirming the change of the surname, if any (certificate of marriage, it is better to take a birth certificate); School certificate; Diploma (university) + the appendix to the diploma (the record book, an extract on subjects, passed hours and estimations); Diploma thesis, thesis (if any, in abbreviated form); The list of examinations received at the previous stage, which must be submitted to confirm the equivalence of the diploma.
If the stage of nostrification is successfully overcome – you can get a license for medical practice in Austria, for three years (from receipt).
The work will have to be searched for independently, by means of websites for employment. To do this, it is necessary to correctly prepare a resume (with translation into English, German), and responsibly approach the drafting of a contract / agreement for employment in the clinic, with a future employer.
When an employer has responded to an posted vacancy, ready to take to his clinic (all necessary documents are sent, or delivered independently to a medical institution), the next step is registration – registration in the Austrian Medical Chamber.
With the package of documents on the nostrification of the diploma, application for employment and a package of “accompanying” documents, it is necessary to go to the clinic of the employer, from where the documents will go to the Austrian Medical Chamber, which registers and issues a work permit.
Required documents for employment:
Summary; Passport, a document that confirms citizenship; Documents confirming the existing education; The document on the confirmed nostrification; Certificate of a specialist doctor; A document confirming registration in the Ukrainian Medical Council.
Documents must be provided in the form of notarized copies, translated into English and German by a sworn translator (you can contact the UMS for help). You must have original documents with you!
Examination of postgraduate education.
The next stage is the examination of postgraduate education. The Austrian Medical Chamber is usually parallel to the nostrification of the diploma, checks documents on postgraduate education (therefore it is better to file all documents simultaneously).
Passport (confirmation of citizenship / temporary stay in the country); Document on the confirmation of nostrification; Written statement.
In the document on postgraduate education, there must be:
Temporary terms of training; The post held by the plaintiff; Data on the educational institution; Document on registration in the Ukrainian Medical Council; The registration book, which is issued by the Ukrainian Medical Council, which contains detailed information on postgraduate education (hours, programs, the number of important manipulations performed or other achievements / skills).
A document detailing the postgraduate education: medical institutions, experience gained, and so on. The data is confirmed by the main doctors of the same medical institutions (they are assured!). Available in English and German.
Worthy command of the German language is a must. Ahead of the German language test: Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch, which costs 83 euros; Exam at the Ukrainian Medical Council.
Another couple of mandatory documents: a certificate of professional suitability and a certificate of non-conviction, which should not exceed the time limit of 3 months from the date of passage.
At the final stage, the doctor must obtain a license for the right to practice for three years. This pleasure costs two hundred and sixty-five euros. As soon as the license on hands – it is necessary to be registered in the medical register of the federal earth (a place where you plan to work). Details on the requirements and specifics of registration can be found on the official website of each of the federal states.
List of federal states:
Required documents for the specified procedure:
Birth certificate + copy and translation into German; Passport + copy and translation into German; Temporary residence permit; Work permit; Document on the nostrification of the diploma; Marriage certificate; Diploma of a doctor; Registration document in the Ukrainian Medical Council; Proficiency certificate; Certificate of good conduct; Employer’s agreement on employment (contract confirming the availability of a place of work in the country); �ertificate of good standing; Photographs as on the passport (2 pieces); An identification number; Social Security number; Registration (term not more than three months).
Certified translation is mandatory (you can contact the Ukrainian Medical Council for help).
Obviously, the process of employment in Austria is laborious, and quite expensive. But, going for a long time, and even more so, planning to stay there forever, we get a guarantee of relevance and concern … That, unfortunately, our man can not get on his beloved, but unjust homeland.
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