American visa for gifted people.
Demand for talent.
One of the main features of the character of talented, gifted people is their constant desire for creative development.
Not for a moment to calm down, do not stop there, look for new ways to realize your creative potential, conquer new heights & mdash; only in this way you can achieve real success.
Unfortunately, in some countries, periodically shaken by severe political and economic crises, it is extremely difficult for talented people to realize themselves, primarily because of the meager financing of creative projects.
But professional actors, artists, musicians, athletes and scientists who have reached certain heights in their art, have a unique opportunity that is inaccessible to most mere mortals & mdash; go to work in a rich America, ready to pay generously to talented people.
America spends fantastic money on the development and support of art & mdash; an incredible number of films are being shot, tens of thousands of theaters of all trends and styles are flourishing, a huge variety of art schools, courses and galleries are functioning. In each city there are hundreds of TV channels & mdash; beating with competitors manufacturers of goods and services clog the air with millions of commercials.
The needs of the American art market are so high that the government of the United States even developed a special type of visas for people with outstanding creativity & mdash; These visas are not subject to quantitative quotas for work visas and time limits for filing.
In addition to artists, such visas can be received by talented people of any creative professions & mdash; models, photographers, cameramen, directors, screenwriters, teachers, musicians, composers, singers, dancers, stylists, make-up artists, film and television workers, and so on.
Features of the visa for gifted people.
All American visas are divided into types. For people with outstanding abilities, visas such as O are designed. Unlike a normal tourist visa, as well as a study visa, O-visa is working, that is, it is issued to people who are allowed to work in the United States.
The closest to the O-visa is the usual work visa type H. But the conditions for obtaining an H-visa are much stricter than for a visa type O & mdash; all applicants for N-visa must have a specialized higher education, receiving applications only lasts five days in April, and the number of issued N-visas is strictly limited. (Those who want to get this H-visa are so many that the US government has to arrange a lottery among them).
To obtain an O-visa, you do not need to have a higher education & mdash; you just need to confirm that you really are a talented person whose creative activity is highly appreciated in a professional environment. Gather and prepare all the necessary documents for you a special American lawyer. O-visas are issued throughout the year, and not only in April.
Having received the O-visa, you can take close relatives to America & mdash; wife (or husband) and children, as well as assistants and assistants. There, each of you will get a driver’s license, children can go to public school or college.
Advantages of O-visa.
O-visa is not immigration. That is, it is implied that in the end you will return to your homeland. Therefore, when you receive an O-visa, you will need to prove the existence of close ties with your country (as, for example, when you receive an American tourist visa) & mdash; but if you wish, you can stay in America for as long as you like, even forever.
At the same time, you are not tightly bound by a contract with an American employer and are free to determine your own destiny & mdash; you can, at your own discretion, change your place of work and residence, travel freely to Russia, and if you decide to settle in the US, you will receive a Green Card, and then an American citizenship that will allow you to travel to most countries without visa. Of course, in this case you will retain the citizenship of Russia & mdash; for flights to Russia no visa is also required.
You will be able to open any bank accounts and firms in America without restrictions, to use local cheap loans, to buy cars and real estate, you will be limited to only one & mdash; before you become a citizen you will not be able to participate in elections.
All children born in the United States will automatically receive US citizenship, but will also remain citizens of Russia.
How to get an O-visa.
Visas are issued by US consulates & mdash; in their activities they are guided exclusively by American legislation, completely ignoring the laws of Russia. You must consider this if you decide to issue a visa of type O yourself & mdash; All the details on the preparation and submission of the application can be found on the website of the US Department of State.
The most reasonable way & mdash; hire a lawyer who will do everything for you. The best choice will be the conclusion of a visa agreement with an American immigration lawyer who has a license that thoroughly knows all the subtleties of the laws and specializes in helping to obtain exactly O-visas. After acquainting with you, the lawyer will assess the complexity of your case and announce the price for your work (usually it will be about six thousand dollars) & mdash; if you agree, the price will be fixed in the contract and you do not have to pay extra for anything. It is clear that the money paid for issuing the visa will soon return to you a hundredfold & mdash; this step is able to turn your whole life around and bring your creativity to a whole new level of quality.
If you are interested in the opportunity to enter new horizons of development, to get a unique experience in art, to survive one of the most interesting adventures in your life & mdash; write to us at [email protected], we will answer you in detail on any questions about visa and travel to work in the US.
In addition, our Center offers full assistance in organizing life in the US & mdash; from a meeting at the airport of Miami to solving everyday problems.
Official information on the O-visa.
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Evidence of the right to O-visa.
How to prove that a person has the right to receive a US O-visa? What are the rules for confirming the compliance of a person with the criteria for issuing a type O visa? What documents are accepted by the US Immigration Service as evidence for issuing an O-1A visa? What letters and recommendations confirm the outstanding talents of a talented person?
The process of obtaining an O-visa.
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