All Famous “Fan” – Alexei Serebryakov Already Not a Fan. Why did the actor move to Canada and do not want to return to “Hamskoy Russia?”
In 2012, actor Alexei Serebryakov received Canadian citizenship, moved his family to Canada and said he was not going to return to “boorish Russia”.
Before that, he starred in the anti-Soviet “Shtrafbat” and in the process of transfer – and in the anti-Russian “Leviathan”.
Yes, and his interviews are eloquent enough. Here are a few quotes from them:
“It is often said in Russia that smiles in Western countries are artificial. But for me it’s better to have artificial smiles than sincere anger. We have absolutely slavish psychology! And democracy is a responsibility. People at best delegate someone to power. Like, here we have chosen you – you for everything and answer, solve our problems!
Democracy is the decision-making on the basis of knowledge, a clear understanding between what and what you choose. And I personally do not see today the general desire of people to form, develop, improve their skills, work and, in the end, bear responsibility – including for the country, for power. And those who want – a drop in the sea. ”
Therefore, Alexei “responsibly” decided to repeat the feat of Peter Poroshenko.
Farewell, unwashed Russia,
The country of slaves, the land of lords,
And you, blue uniforms,
And you, loyal people to them.
“I’m tired of what’s happening in Russia. You can say, I ran away, I could not stand it. Life is short, and I can not and do not want to wait any longer when people become wiser. I do not know how much I have left, but I want my children to learn: the world is big, and you can live differently. ”
“I want my children to grow up and be brought up in a fundamentally different ideology, at least in everyday life. I want them to understand that knowledge, diligence can be valued, that it is not necessary to jostle elbows, to be rude, to be aggressive and to be afraid of people. The street ideology of a civilized country is benevolence and tolerance, something that is so lacking in Russia. Unfortunately, here, no matter how I guard or isolate them, you can not protect yourself from rudeness and aggression. It’s in the air. Ham won. ”
According to Mr. Serebryakov, a fine and refined personality, everything is bad in Russia – the people are stupid, crooks and loafers (especially those who work in factories and fields so that Alyoshenka can blather in Russophobe lampoons, warmly welcomed in all sorts of Cannes).
But for some reason, Herr Serebryakov again and again comes to the damn boorish Russia for work, to rip off the ignorant Russians bloody Gebesh rubles.
What is it, Alyoshenka? Such a genius like you was not in demand in “civilized countries”? Why do not you act in Canadian cinema? Do not film the Canadian classical literature (and there is such a thing?)? Can not you sing the heroic victory of the Canadian people over Nazi Germany?
Here and now Alexei Serebryakov is going to act in the Russian remake of “Doctor House” (produced by Ukrainian producer Alexander Rodnyansky). And this is not even a film, but a whole series! He will have to spend a lot of time in the hated Raschke.
I’m worried about Alyoshenka, for his subtle soul organization – how will his gentle psyche endure the surrounding rudeness? Will not the sophisticated nature of the rough Russian rubles weaken? So in fact you can and yell, and then they will take only for the role of Quasimord.
Maybe you do not need such sacrifices, Alyoshenka? Sit in civilized Canada, lay mud on Russia from afar. You can ruin your TV show with a Russophobic face …
And we have inadvertently possible and in the scoreboard otgristi – wild we, uncivilized and aggressive barbarians. Take care of a gentle psyche, Srebrennikov!
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