Albania is a small picturesque country on the Adriatic coast, which attracts CIS residents with its resorts. In order to develop tourism, the government of the country has allowed visa-free entry for most foreign citizens, so they will need a visa to Albania in rare cases. mainly for long-term living. However, the conditions of the visa regime for residents of different countries differ: in some cases registration [& hellip;]
Every year, Albania attracts more and more foreign tourists, and many of them come from the CIS countries. But this republic is interesting for foreigners not only in terms of recreation, but also as a permanent residence, so it is important for potential immigrants to know about all the features related to living in this country. Life in Albania has its pluses, [& hellip;]
The Republic of Albania is a small, but surprisingly beautiful country. And although the transport infrastructure of the state is in the stage of active formation, car rental in Albania is already popular among tourists. This greatly expands the opportunities for movement and sightseeing. Finding the right car for rent in Albania When deciding on a trip to Albania in a rented car, you can [& hellip;]
In recent years, considering the possibilities for moving to another country, potential immigrants, including from the CIS countries, have increasingly become interested in such an option as Albania. The government of this country is working hard to make the Republic of Albania a member of the European Union. This prospect is an undoubted advantage for the state, so immigration to Albania is gradually gaining momentum. Immigration options [& hellip;]