Alaskan hectare: how in the USA populate remote areas (6 photos)
12 February 2017 16:28.
Prove your right.
“In order for the Alaskan government to recognize a newcomer as a permanent resident of the state, a person needs to complete several procedures. First, rent a house and get a written confirmation from the owner, issue your mailing address. Then you need to get an ID card in the DMV (Department of Transportation .– Author’s Note) and get a state driver’s license there. If you have a valid driver’s license of another state, they must be handed over. The authorities of our state are extremely jealous of the relations of immigrants to continental America, “- told RIA Novosti Daniel Bott.
The northern surcharge is distributed fraternally.
“A lawsuit was brought against the fund by a family couple of lawyers Ron and Patricia Zobel. They moved to Alaska in 1980 and lived here for about two years. The lawyers demanded a revision of the payment standards, so that everyone received equally. The state court rejected the claim, however, the US Supreme Court upheld the lawsuit of Zabels against Alaska. Henceforth, each resident of the state receives an equal payment, “- said attorney Daniel Bott.
The Zeyger manor has a very advantageous location – the family managed to grab 10 acres on the shore of the “Muddy Bay”, the most beautiful fjord in Alaska. But for all it is necessary to pay for everything – the Zeiger almost every year the state authorities check: do landowners use the plot, is the land in good condition, even how much the buildings built in the estate are habitable.