Agency people tumorow reviews People Tomorrow Kiev.
Agency people tumorow reviews People Tomorrow Kiev.
Company and agency people Tumorow reviews People Tomorrow – actively conducts actions on recruiting Ukrainians to Poland and the Czech Republic, Germany from Kiev.
Recruitment agency for employment in the EU People Tomorrow reviews are located in Ukraine – the city of Kiev street Mishugi 10.
For communication with the company – Agency People Toumorou reviews you can call on the numbers + 38044-338-03-78 Intertekom + 38050-622-00-45 Vodafone + 38098-494-26-54 Kyivstar + 38063-489-28-44 Life .
The electronic address is a box of the agency in Kiev. People Tomoro – [email protected]
Official website of the company reviews.
Director of the company Shendrikova Marina – work experience more than 10 years.
Employees in the organization in 2016 – up to 10.
The license on the site is not specified.
Detailed description of the company:
Our company is one of the most experienced in the sphere of consulting that people from Ukraine to the EU. Mi znajemo, scho usp�h nasho� roboti poleaga� um�nn� chuti � rozum�ti kl�enta. Mi zhzhdi rozroblyamo � proponuemo praktichny, ratsionalnyi zruchny r�shennya, yak� zavzhdi otsinyvalisya vdyachnistyu, povagoyu � loyalnistyu our kl��nt�v. OUR MISSIYA – ���������� ������ ����� ���� ������ � �����!
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stink of foul play: “We know,
that the success of our work lies in the ability to hear and understand.
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yakim nadayutsya tako iggi, fee to pidpisannya act vikonanypuslug (Part 2, Article 38 Law No. 5067). A norms n. 3.6.7 Licentious minds are banned from contracting with kl��nt�v be-yak� vidopoperednnyh payments for the services of the posrednegstva at pratsevlashtuvanni to robot for.
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contract (contract). Pony playfully write “Our mission is to help people find a decent job in Europe”, but in fact people were turned into a hegagenism, they repelled problems, koshti.
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robot – did not repel. Director Shendrikova MA �� ������� “We are working.
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law enforcement organizations. They have the nose of a swindle to fool people, and pravochoronttsi.
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normal Ukrainian agencies in order to make such situations less. I.
personally worked at the Polish meat factory. Absolutely normal conditions, lived vobschizhity, in good enough, with his dignity. knot and small kitchen. By salary.
not fined and paid on time. Yes, dear, it’s hard, but s / n.
justifies works. And I want to say that as a whole I was satisfied, now on.
time has returned to Ukraine and I’m leaving again. I want to advise you on the agency (People tomorrow). Made the documents and led until the moment I did not say that I was building a job. I was satisfied. Also helped are those already in Poland.
guys, when you meet your “fellow countrymen”, whom no one has met on.
station on arrival, or settled in a hut and do not pay s / n becomes scary.
There are a lot of such situations. I advise on personal experience.
got off, but no – I’m not behind.
A week has passed of “breakfasts”, we are losing time, a stock of nerves. They found through their super-partners a vacancy for her husband in Germany, the working conditions of the norms., Everything is right. What’s with me in question. We collect things of the husband, prepare, we are sent the route of the trip, everything seems to be getting better. And then Marina is calling (at that moment she was already talking to me, from stupid managers nothing could be achieved, they chewed the record and infuriated only), and this MOMENTEC is refreshing. It is necessary to pay 300-500 euros for legalization. What, Marina, you are serious. I have a stupor. The husband takes things back. We did not agree on what, she said that we became hostages to the situation, and so on. But since the New Year, you can go to work with the Polish in another country only having the relevant documents. Okay, I’m for legality, but in a contract that was signed by the two sides, there was no talk of such embarrassments.
Voobshchem have started to cooperate with People Tomorrow in October 2016, on February, 2017 were ready to leave. At that time, they took software 400 euros for a vacancy in Germany and a Polish visa. They signed contracts, paid for services, everything is standard. Contracts from the Polish Pan came quickly. They submitted documents for the visa and began to take an active interest in the vacancies that this cantor was supposed to provide. A very important point. There should be 3 vacancies for a FAMILY couple. In principle, during the whole cooperation, I constantly asked for our vacancies (what kind of work, where, when, etc.) and there was never a clear answer, which, as you know, was alarming. But time was, they did not raise panic. And here is the time of obtaining a visa, the visa is open. BUT! People’s Tomorrow & quot; there are no vacancies in Germany in principle. Not that for a couple. On requests to wait a few days until they decide questions with partners, of course, I was unhappy, but there is nowhere to go. As a result, they started offering jobs in Slovakia, something in Poland (which I did not even want to hear about). Can you imagine my shock? We have visas, we paid 400 euros, not counting visa costs and here such a booth. In general, thanks to the media, they find us work in Germany. And then the drum roll. What happiness it would seem, but no, alas, and ah. In short, this agency throws us at the same agency & quot; Pronabel & quot; “We’re looking for suckers.” What is Pronabel can google (immediately for feedback).
Twisting like in a frying pan, of course, Shendrikova MO. did not want to return 200 euros, but I did not retreat. However, she returned 200 euros. We have offered a vacancy for a couple at a meat-packing plant. We are people from the city, did not realize all the tin, after listening again to colorful promises (super accommodation for a couple, 12 zl per hour, meals) – agreed. In fact, it turned out to be on “Pini Polonia” & quot; (you can also google it), the conditions are horrible, the room has mold on the walls and windows. If you work well, maybe even 8. I send photos to this competent director of the agency with claims, which she is not very much answering. After the first day at the combine, and we ended up not on sausages, but on the bowels, my husband and I were young and strong, barely crawling out with this “Pini Colony”.
As you understand, no money to give this scam (as expressed in the commentary above and with which I completely agree), we naturally did not want. This concludes our cooperation with them, fortunately! Thank God there were friends in Poland, helped with the work.
The result: spent 600 euros, almost a month of visa vnikuda, work in Poland and then not for their gratitude and broken psyche!
“People tomorrow” is a collective of deceitful, hypocritical, arrogant creatures led by Shendrikova MO. . I never advise anyone this cantor, do not believe in promises, do not give me money for a false job. The maximum of this & quot; advanced & quot; agencies – this is Poland and this is a fact! Do not be fooled into deception, it is not worth your considerable money, nerves and time. Look at the bitter experience of people who have been careless in trusting these people.
BEWARE “People tomorrow” are the scammers who give themselves out to a legal firm and earn it by deception.