Agency emigration australia
The magic distant country OZ, where everything is different from ours: other stars shine in the sky, the Coriolis force forces water to spin in the opposite direction, other animals, other plants decorate its slopes and coastal areas. Australia is famous for its extensive beaches and temperate climate.
A continent of relics, ancient natural objects and a unique animal world. As the Australians themselves say, Australia is the country “Down-and-Under” (Duan Andre).
In the country’s relief, landscapes that have not changed since the Tertiary period have been preserved. Thanks to the fact that Australia is completely separated from other continents by vast oceanic spaces, the nature of this ancient mother Pantheus and the smallest continent, or the largest island, has also remained almost unchanged. This was facilitated by the conditions of prolonged isolation and lack of competition from new species of plants and animals.
In Australia, modern Europeans live side by side with the aborigines, and desert landscapes abruptly move to the tropical coast or abut the slopes of the Blue and Snowy Mountains that make up the mountain system of the Great Dividing Ridge.
Australia’s greatest miracle is the Great Coral Reef, which is over 2,000 kilometers long and stretches along the entire east coast of the continent.
Picturesque oceanic coasts became the main territory of residence of Australians, all the remaining 70% of the continent was conquered by the desert.
The only city in central Australia – Elias Springs is inhabited by Aborigines.
The aborigines of Australia are the oldest of the civilizations living on Earth, and one of the least studied. They have developed and multifaceted culture, which forms their dynamic and at the same time delicate way of life.
The Australian economy works on agriculture, extractive industries and energy exports, which allows the rapidly growing industry to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the growing population.
A rich Australian land gives the world one of the best wines. In terms of wine production, Australia ranks second in the world, behind only the United States. The most popular these quality, sun-filled, bright wines are enjoyed by the Japanese – great admirers of all the best.
It is hard to imagine that the history of the country began at the end of the 18th century from the colony for the expulsion of English criminals. But since then, Australia has developed into a highly developed country with one of the highest living standards.
The Australian economy managed to withstand the global financial crisis better than any other western country. According to UNESCO, at the end of 2002, Australia was ranked 5th in the world for quality of life, and one of the cities – Melbourne – was recognized by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the “Best City in the World for Living”, and the cost of living in Sydney and Melbourne is lower than in many other great cities of the world.
Modern Australia is developing because of the large influx of emigrants from around the world. This feature introduces its unique color in the face of the country. Interweaving of many cultures, peoples, customs and traditions harmoniously blends into the vivid image of the country.
Travelers will find here a rich heritage of great culture and a wide variety of delicious multinational and purely Australian food.