Advise where you can go from Prague outside the Czech Republic.
And somewhere, at one time, here on the forum a link to the website of the Railway of the Chechen Republic was jumping where it was possible to see the train schedule in different directions.
Prompt good people!
it’s not at all in the schedule, but in WHERE the planes land.
And as for the buses, since it came about Paris, then definitely – the buses are Eurolines.
to Berlin – approx. 5 hours (the bus goes longer, about 7 hours)
to Munich – by train for about 6 hours.
to Nuremberg – approx. 5 hours (by bus 3-45)
to Bratislava – by train 3-30 (by bus 2-15)
To Venice by train approx. 13 hours with transfers.
On the site that pointed DA! you can see options for the train and bus
In Nuremberg were last year (though not themselves, but with an excursion) – I would like something new.
The plane disappears, because the wife is insanely afraid to fly (And how did I persuade her for the third time to fly to Prague? Apparently, the city really liked it!).
I would like to leave early in the morning and come back late at night. I understand that during these 5-8 hours another city will not be examined, but at least a general idea can be drawn up. Since we are going to Prague for a week (before there were two times for 12 days), we can afford to spend one day on something else, not on the beloved city.
Thanks for the link to the timetable – thanks to him already picked up trains just in Vienna and Dresden.
On the bill of buses. Given that Europe is now completely covered with snow, will it be logical to have a 3-5 hour bus ride? And if we get stuck in the snow? Or is it unlikely? Who thinks what?
2 grace: Somehow it is obtained quickly by train to Bratislava. About the bus, I generally keep quiet. And this despite the fact that to Bratislava 320 km, and to Vienna – 310. At the same time to Vienna by train – 4 hours.
I looked before Karlovy Vary, so I made a mistake. Once again, I’m sorry that I misled you.
to Bratislava 4 hours or slightly more.
This trip is not interesting. 🙂
A tourist can always take a fancy. People find something in Karlovy Vary, where there is one beautiful street (it’s the embankment).