Advice to volunteers who decided to go to the Donbass.
As to how to get to the front, then again:
2. The Donetsk Regional State Administration and the regional military registration and enlistment office of Donetsk (there was just a fight last night).
3. Near the ROVD building in Slavyansk.
Interesting material on the topic of practical advice for those who do not have the necessary skills to go to fight in the Donbass.
The following advice was received from a former GRU officer hiding under the Raccoon nickname. Unfortunately, all contacts with him have been lost. Scenario similar & ndash; civil war or war.
Once again: you can not fight alone! Even Vasya Zaitseva was fed and supplied with ammunition, so that without tricks, commandos. Agree, volunteer, on any of the most dirty work, but in the composition of the Armed Forces. Even if you are made a ‘shrew’ & raquo; – it is also good.
Immediately I say, any thoughts, aspirations and hopes that everything will be simple and understandable & ndash; discard immediately.
& ndash; Nobody really understands anything in the troops. Most officers & ndash; samoduri, but the number of moral monsters who are eager to fight, will go off scale. And this is normal (more precisely not normal, but the norm). Remember, no matter how smart you are & ndash; you put your brains in as deep as you can, and you do everything exactly as they tell you. Even if it’s some kind of dumb evidence & ndash; you DO NOT IMPROVE. All in accordance with the charter and orders. Who starts to “be clever & raquo ;, no matter how logical and reasonable it did not seem, it always gets in a flight.
& ndash; Remember, if & laquo; your & raquo; you are shouting at & ndash; it’s not bad. Do not snap. It’s bad when they shoot at you. And it happens and this, because to understand where their own, and where others are difficult. The fights go maneuverable and the positions change constantly. You can confidently lead a few hours of fighting, until the headquarters will not agree, by radio, that you are shooting at each other. So it happens and such. And it is not necessary then to present & laquo; opponents & raquo; claims, they also did not like.
& ndash; Remember the weapon is always on the fuse. You shoot with it only if you start shooting or go in the & laquo; head patrol & raquo; (but YOU will not be there, the commanders will not risk). If next to you, on the march, goes oboltus with the fuse removed & ndash; correct it. DO NOT WEAR HANDS TO WEAPON. Correct words, tell him about the fuse. If he refuses, then make a decision: you can tell the sergeant or the officer, you can score as you want. But remember that a lot of guys packed in 200 because of the idiots inaccurate handling of weapons. On the other hand, the fighter that you put in front of the commander, maybe after you and shoot. Solve yourself. Better stand on your own and press it yourself, if the character allows.
& ndash; NEVER send weapons to their own. Even in the “joke”, even delivered to the fuse, even with the unbuttoned magazine. For such a focus, you & will be punished & raquo ;.
& ndash; The fuse has three positions on the AC. Actually, the lock, automatic fire and single. If you sharply take off in a panic from the fuse, then surely lower it to the stop and put, thus, into the single fire mode. This is done, what would a distraught fighter, did not sink the store in a second and did not remain without cartridges. Remember this.
& ndash; The fuse on the AK clangs enough. If you need to remove it silently, then pull it back and smoothly switch to the desired fire mode (this is, almost always, a single fire).
& ndash; Before the exit, jump in place. Check that nothing clangs or strikes you. Ankabki for weapons is better to rewind in advance with tape or bandage. The cartridge is in the chamber, and the fuse.
& ndash; Examine the shooting tables for your weapons. The bullet does not fly straight. She has a ballistic trajectory with excesses and depressions.
Therefore, a competent definition of the distance to the target and knowledge of the shooting table & ndash; this is a good opportunity to hit quickly, and therefore reduce the time until they shoot at you.
& ndash; The wind affects the trajectory of the bullet. Learn the effect of wind on your weapons in advance, and not a hike and an eye.
& ndash; If you had the opportunity to choose weapons & ndash; take the same (the same caliber) as most of your comrades. I do not carry many cartridges on myself, but they end quickly, especially in the city, so that if they can share with you & ndash; this is a big plus. If your friend is killed, do not hesitate to make up your ammunition (having previously obtained permission from the commander).
& ndash; If you go to & laquo; autonomy & raquo ;, then you take on yourself 360 cartridges (this is 12 stores) and the same number, but in packs just throw in the backpack. Strongly save weight.
& ndash; Remember that the stores located on the chest and abdomen & ndash; this is an additional armor protection.
& ndash; Most of the deaths and injuries occur from debris. An ordinary quilted jacket is quite capable of protecting you from small splinters. Hanging over the top and unloading with stores & ndash; you can consider yourself relatively protected. Do not forget to lift the gate.
& ndash; Body armor & ndash; it is very good. Any. Even the most baushny.
& ndash; If you get a bullet in the armor & ndash; it does not mean that he saved you. Since the energy of the bullet, stopped by the element of armor, can cause you a monstrous zabornevuyu trauma. Ribs break almost always. And a rupture of organs is possible. So if you do not have a hole & ndash; this is not a reason to rejoice. It happens that the hole would be & better; & raquo ;.
& ndash; Do not touch the grenade launchers. It’s difficult to shoot from them. Leave it to more experienced comrades.
& ndash; After spending a few days in the open air, a smoker can be detected within 70 – 100 meters. Quit smoking.
& ndash; If you hear something & ndash; stop the group and & amp; give silence & raquo ;. Listen carefully. Even if you slow down the group every five minutes, only rare idiots will swear at you.
& ndash; You never stop, do not continue to stand. You have to stand on your knee or lie down. It’s very exhausting, but it’s a matter of survival for the whole group. If someone lazy to sit down & ndash; make him.
& ndash; Finger on the trigger should not be, even if the weapon is on the fuse.
& ndash; On the marches, put the machine in your hands and fold them on your chest with a cross. So it’s easier to carry. In this case, the thumb of your new hand is always ready to be removed from the fuse, and throw up the weapon quickly enough.
& ndash; The belt (automatic) is always on the neck. Otherwise, if you fall into an ambush, the mine will explode and you will fly to one side, and your weapon to another, and you turn from an easy 300 to 200.
& ndash; At the post do not sleep. If you fall asleep, not only enemies will want to shoot you. In the Second World War for this, as well as for the loss of weapons, they shot officially. Now they shoot unofficially.
& ndash; You can pee on your knees, without turning into a standing growth target.
& ndash; In the toilet walk ONLY the rootstock. One shit & ndash; the second one covers. If no one wants to go in you & ndash; bear with it.
& ndash; Who runs slowly & ndash; quickly dies.
& ndash; The effectiveness of grenades is overrated. There were cases when grenades exploded in a small room, and inside there were only light concussions.
& ndash; Checks can not be pulled out by teeth. Only with your fingers.
& ndash; If you spend the sweep (the last hours of your life), then as in an anecdote: go into the room together, first a grenade, then you.
& ndash; Standing in front of the door and waiting for your comrades intending to storm, hold the door so that it can not be opened. Otherwise, in the corridor you will see either a grenade or a trunk.
& ndash; Grenade roll on the floor. Do not throw.
& ndash; They rolled a grenade, an explosion, rolled one more, but not brought. Let them climb again.
& ndash; Do not run before the trunk of a friend. You block him the ability to shoot.
& ndash; Any closed door is UNEXPECTABLE, since it can be mined.
& ndash; Do not open the boxes, do not switch on the electronics. Do not touch anything. Everything can be mined. It is important. Up to the point that you can not open the refrigerator, even if you really want to eat, and lift the lid of the toilet.
& ndash; In the walls there may be breaks hanging with rags or carpets. So the enemy can quickly run from the front to the front door. Remember this.
& ndash; On the windows you can hang a grid of old Soviet beds. They stop VOGs well.
& ndash; You can hear meowing, for example, from the door of the wall cupboard. I’m sorry, but the animal is doomed. Most likely, he was locked up there with a grenade. You can not open it. This is a very difficult moment, always, in such difficult situations you want to remain human, but & hellip;
& ndash; If you need to shoot from the room to the street, then do not crawl to the windowsill or stand to the side of the window. Go deep into the room, stand on a stool, close it with a wall or the like. And do not turn on the light, you can not, do not light yourself (I’m not talking about VU anymore).
& ndash; Fragments of brick or concrete, knocked out by fire, have the properties to fly at you. In the case of eye contact & hellip; Well, you understand.
& ndash; From a grenade launcher to shoot at people is useless. Although now, like, they began to make high explosive shells, but, IMHO, this is heresy.
& ndash; Long shoot without changing the position & ndash; bad idea.
& ndash; Do not “snipers” & raquo ;. Not your work, and you do not have enough knowledge. Fight on, “not reversing & raquo; attention.
& ndash; Be ready, morally, & laquo; work & raquo; civilians that have lit up you. Including women and children. If the prospect does not please, then move carefully.
& ndash; On AK & ndash; 74 (a copy with a good accuracy of combat), you can screw the sight of PSO from the SVD. At distances of 500-600 meters in the AK & 74; and SVD trajectories are very closely coupled, the sight will rise perfectly. You will shoot and carry fire, because of the caliber, much faster than with the SVD. And those who decide to look for a sniper, you will be uninteresting.
& ndash; From the grenade shoot in the room is not possible. He has the time of the platoon. He needs to fly 15 – 25 meters before the grenade is cocked. Accordingly, in the room, it just does not work.
& ndash; Modern grenades RGO and RGN explode in the FIRST of the impact. They have a shock fuse. and an explosion through the gap & ndash; this is triggered by the self-liquidator (in case the pomegranate fell into loose snow)
& ndash; No one, even sappers, is involved in the removal of mines and explosives. They bluntly tear them with the TNT. Do not get smart and start taking pictures.
& ndash; On the streamers, normal warriors, put secrets, so it was not removed in a simple way. So “cut” the thread & raquo; & ndash; bad idea. Just walk past. This is not your business, for this there are older comrades. I will not teach you how to do it and I will not stretch it. I think you understand that this is an article at once. Learn the first medical aid.
& ndash; At wounds there are venous and arterial bleedings. & laquo; Treat & raquo; they are different. But here another thing is important. In the fever of battle there is no time. With venous bleeding, a comrade will die for several hours, and with the arterial literally 10-20 seconds, and then loss of consciousness and hypoxia begins. So, what would not be bathed, quickly impose an arterial gut over the wound (now the interns will start to resent, but this is life, this is not a citizen, you have to break) and return to battle. Your friend will have half an hour-hour to sort out for himself, well, or you will do it when you are free.
& ndash; The harness is always at hand! Neither in a bag nor in a backpack & ndash; or wound on the butt, or at the unloading at hand.
& ndash; With you, there are always two bundles! One you can give the wounded friend and in a minute get a bullet in the femoral artery.
& ndash; There is such a thing as & laquo; suppression by fire & raquo ;. Actively watering the enemy, often, you can shackle his actions, even without falling and not causing damage to manpower. Especially you will help tracer.
& ndash; Remember the tracer, in addition to the fact that the trunk is very heavily sliced, they also give out your position. So do not abuse them. And it is difficult to conduct an accurate fire by them.
& ndash; The weapon must be cleaned every day. Especially gentle in the area of the muzzle brake. If there is a groove or hole, then the accuracy of the battle will fall dramatically.
& ndash; The last three cartridges in the store, it is better to score tracers. To an empty store did not become a surprise for you. Moreover, if you leave one cartridge in the barrel, then you will only need to spur a new store, that is, the speed of recharging will increase.
& ndash; Watch your feet, do not be lazy to wash them. In & ndash; & ndash; and you are no longer a warrior. & ndash; If you see that you can shoot someone, it’s not a reason to shoot. If you are not noticed, ask the commander if you can get involved in the fight.
& ndash; If you have noticed someone, but you have not yet seen, do not jump sharply aside. Peripheral vision will give you instantly. Gently and smoothly, without hurrying, sit down and calmly take a position. It will be much less noticeable.
& ndash; Remember, the dispensing cartridge cartridge chamber must be released sharply, so that it clicks. Otherwise & quot; & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; & lt; / RTI & gt;
1. Bertsi. Conditions when choosing two: to not pass water, and weight. Choose the easiest.
2. MINIMUM five pairs of socks (including winter socks).
3. Thick pants.
5. Several T-shirts, only cotton.
6. Dense field jacket.
8. Muskhalat (both summer and winter)
9. Fleece jacket (instead of a sweater, it is lighter, weight is very important)
10. Winter jacket and winter pants.
11. Winter boots (I advise “Husky with .80” & “cheap and angry)
12. Winter hat (knitted, do not need to carry a fur cap, it’s heavy)
13. Cap or Panama, for the summer. Better panama from the canvas, that would at least slightly hold the moisture. In Splav this is, inexpensive.
16. Gloves or mittens for the winter.
Equipment and outfitting:
1. Backpack raid on 60 liters.
2. Assault backpack for 25 liters *
4. Sleeping bag.
6. A canvas cloak-tent.
7. Foldable mat.
11. Active headphones *
12. Ballistic Eyewear *
13. Broneless, or, in the worst case, helmet.
14. Flask or hydrator.
15. Small infantry scapula.
16. Airborne rope 50m *
17. Bowler with podkotelnikom.
18. Gas burner.
21. The parachord is 20 meters high.
25. A set of threads and needles.
27. A set for cleaning weapons.
28. The Armory Oil.
30. Rifle gloves.
32. Heat sources.
34. Tactical Weapon Belt *
36. Clock with arrows.
39. Army walkie-talkie *
41. Remedy for insects (not smelly)
Take what you need personally, to your personal sores. Plus: 3 arterial tourniquets, 2 n 3 PPIs, many bandages, scissors, suture material, pain medication (tablets, if for example, teeth, for example), a disinfectant. You also need promidol and some HARD antibiotics (but you hardly buy them in a pharmacy without a prescription).
Superfluous will not be activated charcoal, and then under stress the stomach, it happens, becomes nonsense. Still I advise to collect a set in ampoules from ketanov, dexamethasone and kordiamin. Well, and a syringe to them, of course. This is anti-shock kit. Do not let your heart stand up because the brain has overwhelmed you with pressure from pain or blood loss (and usually they are walking nearby).
2. The Donetsk Regional State Administration and the regional military registration and enlistment office of Donetsk (there was just a fight last night).