Advertising tour to Japan – 13 days.
Schedule of trips and availability of seats.
Advertising tour to Japan – 13 days.
Tour program.
13 days / 12 nights.
Dates of the races: May 30 – June 11, 2018.
May 30 departure from Moscow by flight JAL 422 at 17:00.
08:35 Arrival in Tokyo by flight JAL 422. 09:00 Meeting at the airport with a guide.
Transfer to Hakone, a sightseeing tour with a Russian-speaking guide Hakone, located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, was once an important checkpoint on the historic Tokaido road linking the Shogun Edo with the Imperial Kyoto. Today Hakone has turned into a mountain-climatic resort with panoramic views of Mount Fuji in clear weather. The Japanese consider Fuji to be their shrine, a lot of pilgrims make an ascent to its summit. You will ride on a cable car, which is called a “double-headed viewpoint”, cruise on a ship along Lake Asi, visit the museum of the outpost and the temple of Hakone. Moving and settling in the hotel on hot springs. Dinner.
Extract. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.
Excursion to Mount Fuji with Russian speaking guide.
In the morning, while the sun is high above the mountains, you will visit the waterfalls that flow from the clearest springs passing through Mount Fuji (in case of bad weather can be replaced by visiting caves on the slopes of Mount Fuji). Then you will visit the ethnic village, where time seemed to be frozen and preserved the charm of antiquity – wooden houses, thatched roofs, traditional handicrafts. It is here that sell delicious fruits from the gardens on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, honey and much more, always fresh, always just seasonal. From the village you will go to Lake Kawaguchiko – the largest of the five lakes where, in good weather, you can admire the beauty of Fuji from the very shore or (if desired) from the side of the boat – a water surface, springtime blossoming nature, high mountains and towering above all the landscapes of Fuji an unforgettable sight. Transfer to Tokyo, accommodation, rest.
Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.
Sightseeing tour of Tokyo with Russian speaking guide.
The tour starts from the Shinjuku skyscrapers area, where the Shinjuku-gyoen park is located. Large in area (almost 60 hectares), it combines European – French and English – styles with traditional Japanese. The locals have one of the most favorite parks for cherry blossoms, because only one of them has 65 different species, and the total number of different types of park trees reaches a thousand. Then you will visit the ancient quarter of Asakusa, where the oldest temple of Tokyo is located – Sensoji. In the Middle Ages, Asakusa was a kind of entertainment center for the residents of Edo (the ancient name of Tokyo): nearby was the famous Yoshiwara – red light district, which functioned until the middle of the last century, here was built the first skyscraper (alas, not survived the great earthquake of 1923) and the first cinema appeared. We will walk along the narrow streets of Asakusa, where the atmosphere of the entertainment district of past centuries is still alive and where there are preserved small shops that for centuries have been trading their uncomplicated goods. Ueno Park is located not far from Asakusa. Here you will stroll along the alleys with blossoming cherry blossoms, visit the Tokyo National Museum and the Tokugu temple of the Tokugawa clan.
The tour ends with a visit to the Ginza area – once an entertaining island, and now a fashionable area, where you can go shopping, visit gourmet restaurants, and relax your soul and body. On the wide central street there are buildings of many world and Japanese brands, and on the narrow streets running parallel to them there are many interesting details that have preserved the history of this region. Return to the hotel, rest.
Extract. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.
Excursion to Yokohama with a Russian-speaking guide. Drive to the modern city of Yokohama – the main seaport and the second largest city in Japan. You will climb to the Landmark Tower observation deck (297 m), you will see the “port of the future” located here – the area of Minato Mirai, and get acquainted with the history of the Yokohama port in the museum of the Nippon-Maru sailboat. Moving on the high-speed train shinkansen in Kyoto. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, rest.
Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.
Sightseeing tour of Kyoto with Russian speaking guide.
Kyoto, which for more than a thousand years was the imperial capital of Japan, is still considered the main center of the country’s traditional culture. The bombing of the Second World War did not affect Kyoto, so it was here that the richest cultural and historical heritage, many objects of which are listed in the UNESCO List, was preserved. You will walk along the castle of the actual ruler of Japan – the shogun. The castle is famous for its singing floors and paintings on the walls. Then you will see one of the main sights of Kyoto – the world famous Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji). Visiting the famous philosophical garden of 15 stones at the Zen Buddhist temple of Ryongji. Then you stroll through the ancient streets of Kyoto, go to the geisha quarter – Gion, where you will wait for the tea ceremony. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, rest.
Free time. Optional excursion to Wakayama and Nara ($ 145):
Excursion to Wakayama and Nara with a Russian-speaking guide by registered transport. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby, departure for an excursion.
The excursion will begin with a visit to the Wakayama fish market, where you can see the tuna cutting and, if desired, try fresh fish, both fresh and cooked on the coals.
Moving to the city of Nara – one of the cities, to this day preserved the spirit of the old, traditional Japan. In the period from 710 to 784, Nara was the capital of the Japanese state. There is a huge number of monuments of history, architecture and culture, many of them are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will visit the ancient temple complex of Todaidzi, inside of which on the petals of the sacred lotus sits a majestic 15-meter statue of Buddha. Then you walk through the park, in which there are more than a thousand hand deer, and visit the Kasuga Taisha temple – one of the main Shinto shrines in Japan.
Extract. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.
Flight of Osaka-Fukuoka. Excursion around Fukuoka with Russian speaking guide.
The next stop is the sanctuary of Dazaifu Tammangu, which is dedicated to the deity-patron of science Sugawara Mitizane (845-903). During the entrance exams, young people come here from all over the country, who are preparing for admission, and their parents. The tour ends with a walk along the embankment of the city along Hakata Bay. This is a huge entertainment quarter with non-conventional buildings, divided into several zones. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, rest.
Free time. Optional excursion to Arita and Imari ($ 150):
Excursion to Arita and Imari with Russian speaking guide.
In the north-west of the island of Kyushu, surrounded by tall green mountains, hid a small village with a wonderful atmosphere of antiquity and high brick pipes. She took shelter not by chance – here, far from prying eyes, by the decree of the shogunate in the beginning of the XVII century the village of ceramics masters was founded, where they made dishes for princes daimyo and the shogun, the military ruler of the country. The secrets of producing such porcelain were kept strictly. Because in addition to the official name of the village – Okavati-yama – there was another: Secret village of ovens. To sell goods to commoners was forbidden, followed by the attached capital’s grandee. Exclusiveness, as they would say now, made Nabeshima porcelain (this is the name of this style in Japan) even more desirable and prestigious.
The village is famous not only for china, breathtaking views of mountains, cozy rivulet among houses, walls of burnt clay, porcelain tiles, decorating the bridge. Near the Imari is located the castle of the city of Karatsu. The castle stands on the beach, and from the promenade you can see the seaside landscape.
Free time. Optional excursion to Nagasaki ($ 170):
Excursion to Nagasaki with Russian speaking guide.
We invite you to get acquainted with the most international city of Japan – Nagasaki. Foreigners lived here even during the period of isolation of Japan from the rest of the world. It was from visiting the island of Dejima, where visits to European merchants were located in the Middle Ages, and an escort will begin. Here you will learn about the history of trade relations between Japan and Europe, look at the medieval traders, acquaintance with what goods were in demand at that time.
The next stop also tells the story of Japan’s relationship with the outside world – a European area centered on Glover’s house, whose story formed the basis of the famous opera Cio-Cio-san.
Then visit the World Park and the Museum of Atomic Bombing. The tour ends with a visit to the observation deck overlooking the night city. Return to the hotel. Recreation.
Day 10. 09 June.
Excursion to Kitakyushu with a Russian speaking guide.
The city of Kitakyushu, the largest industrial city of the island of Kyushu, is located in the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. The Canton strait separates it from the westernmost city of Honshu, the city of Simonoseki.
You will see the port of Moji, the settlement at the Kokura Castle, from which the Nagasaki-kaido road began, and the Yahata-Higashida district, where the “Space World” entertainment park and the Kitakyushu Museum of Nature and Human History are located. Every year more than 10 million tourists come to the city. At the beginning of the 20th century, the port of Modi was considered the main gateway to trade with continental countries. In one area, restored Western-style buildings were built, which tell of the former prosperity of the port. This area is called Modziko Retro.
Then you will visit a very unusual museum that belongs to the company TOTO. The museum demonstrates the fascinating path that Japanese plumbing has gone through in the last 100 years, including the latest developments. A plumbing TOTO is one of the best in the world. Transfer to the airport of Fukuoka, check-in. Flight of Fukuoka-Haneda by flight.
Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, rest.
Day 11. 10th of June.
Free time in Tokyo. It is possible to book excursions for an additional fee.
Day 12. 11th of June.
Departure from the hotel. Transfer to Narita airport. Check-in for a flight, departure.
Table of values.
Full cost of the tour for 1 person with a group of 15 people.
with double accommodation in a 3 * hotel on the basis of breakfast: with airfare (Moscow-Tokyo-Kyushu-Tokyo-Moscow) ticket – � 2670.
The tour price is included.
transfers airport – hotel – airport hotel accommodation excursions with a Russian speaking guide (including entrance tickets) JR Pass travel for 7 days breakfast, 1 dinner international flight (JAL) Visa support.
Additionally paid.
health insurance food, not specified explicitly in the program of the tour, additional excursions and personal expenses.
Route of the tour Advertising tour to Japan – 13 days.
Hakone (1 night) – Tokyo (2 nights) – Kyoto / Osaka (3 nights) – Fukuoka (3 nights) – Tokyo (3 nights)
Photos of the tour.
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For a trip around the tour Advertising tour to Japan – 13 days, you will need a visa:
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Tours to Japan with Bon Tour.
Japan is a country for tourists! It is here that every traveler is able to really get to know the sights and get a lot of impressions from the rest, using different possibilities and ways for this. In Japan, you are expected to travel to interesting islands, ancient mysterious capitals, thermal, sea resorts, as well as ski resorts on which you will find trails of varying complexity. The truth is that every person should visit this country.
During each season, tourists are amazed at Japanese unusualness and beauty:
even travelers who travel a lot, always want to return to Japan in the spring. During this period, Sakura blossoms incredibly beautifully, its tender pink petals pleasing the eyes of others and after a few days fall off; In summer this country is also impressive. People come here for fireworks “Hanabi” and festivals of painting “Matsuri”, which have already become a tradition; Japanese islands are incredible in the autumn period of time, when around the ancient palaces, temples, the “Momiji” is growing. These are the leaves of red maple trees, which, as it were, make edging for architectural buildings.
Tour operator “Bon Tour” will help to choose a route for each tourist, given the seasonality. Also we will offer different options and tell you where it is better and at what time period to go. In our agency you can choose:
tour from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the provincial towns of Japan or to the very capital of this inimitable country. We prepare each tour individually; combined tour – visit not only the “home of the Sun”, but also neighboring countries.
Travelers who travel separately have more options for accommodation.
We are ready to offer, and you just have to choose the resorts located on the tropical island of Okinawa, hotels, rekans or luxury hotels. At the cost of such an individual trip will cost more. Because of this, we offer a way to visit Japan, which will cost you less. These are tours to the country of the Rising Sun along with Russian-speaking groups. Sometimes there are burning offers of this type. Our specialists are ready to provide different variants of tours and find the most suitable for you, taking into account your interests and tastes.
Hot springs – do not regret time and visit.
We recommend travelers to visit the hot springs. The Japanese really love these places, because the water from the springs has miraculous properties. Thanks to her, strength and body tone are restored.
But it is important to follow certain rules:
During bathing, you should be completely naked. If you are shy, then for you there are private baths. The main goal is to completely calm down and clean, so there is no fun in the sources and no loud laughter. Do not swim more than 3 times a day. You spend as much energy as you would run 1 km at maximum speed. Doctors recommend a rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Managers working in “Bon Tour”, not just heard about Japan, they studied it. We will gladly share our experience, impressions and choose a tour to Japan for you.
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