Adelaide, Australia.
Adelaide is located in the south-eastern part of South Australia. The city is located on the eastern shore of St. Vincent Bay. It is the fifth largest city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Its population is 1 180 000 people. As it is one of the cities outside of Europe with a strong Mediterranean influence, it is very popular as a tourist destination.
The atmosphere that is floating here can imperceptibly draw you to countries such as Greece, Spain or Italy.
Here, unlike other cities in Australia, there is no realm of skyscrapers. Such administrative buildings are naturally there, but they are not as high and large as in Sydney and Melbourne.
There are many more open spaces flooded with sunlight than in most major cities in Australia.
The economy of Adelaide is the most developed of South Australia.
The city relies heavily on such rapidly growing industries as tourism and the production of high quality wines, which are very well received all over the world and increasingly compete with even famous Mediterranean brands.
Quality grape varieties are grown mainly in the Barossa Valley, which is located twenty kilometers north-east of Adelaide.
It will not be an exaggeration if we call Baross & # 8212; Australian Andalusia. Barossa owes its name to the homonymous area in the Spanish province of Andalusia.
Indeed, the similarities between the fiery landscapes of southern Spain and South Australia are striking.
Here, among the sunny and fertile lands, you will find many small but luxurious hotels that offer peace and tranquility and provide an opportunity to escape from the busy everyday life.
This is one of the leading places in the world where wine tourism is practiced. For tourists there are opportunities to not only watch, but also to participate in all stages of the process of wine production.
Also, here is an ideal place for people looking for a wedding ceremony or honeymoon an interesting, unusual and romantic place.
In general, Adelaide occupies a very strong position in the food industry. Local farms are very productive. This is mainly due to favorable climatic conditions.
The climate of Adelaide & # 8212; Mediterranean subtropical. Summer is long, hot and relatively dry, and the winter is short, mild and wet.
Throughout the months of the year, daytime temperatures are above 18 degrees. The warmest months are July and August, when the average daily temperature is about +27 & # 8212; 28 degrees, and sometimes more than 40!
The beach season is usually from November to April, but often the days are suitable for the beach in May and in October. The winter period lasts for June, July, August and September.
In July, the absolute minimum of the temperature & # 8212; about 15 � C during the day and about 5-6 � C at night. In general, these lands do not know the cold.
Despite the brevity, the winter period is important for vegetation in the city and the region, since at that time most of the precipitation falls.
The winter season underlies the rich harvest of crops grown in the vicinity of Adelaide.
Attractions of Adelaide are very numerous. The Barossa Valley has already been mentioned, which is undoubtedly the largest attraction not only of the city, but of the entire state.
Approximately 60 kilometers east of the city is a large and deep river of the continent of Australia. It’s not just worth looking at, but you have to see it!
It’s time for advice to all travelers to Adelaide, rent a car, as many attractions are located on the outskirts of the city, and sometimes you need to go tens of kilometers from one place to another.
Under such conditions, a car is the best way to explore beautiful surroundings without having to worry about transport.
But do not forget – in Australia, left-hand traffic! Probably, one can not remind once again about the magnificent beaches (after all, Australia is known mainly for its picturesque beaches) with fine creamy sand that stretch more than 40 kilometers in the city and can be used for at least 6 months a year.
In summer they are better than escape from the legendary Australian heat. Very interesting for spending free time is a park, it is almost square and surrounded by an administrative center.
This allows you to be in a quiet environment of the park in just a few minutes, no matter where in the city center you are.
This is a favorite place for walking and rest, both for locals and tourists. From the east Adelaide is surrounded by picturesque hills.
Here you will find sketchily beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and forests, through which hiking trails.
Among the hills of Adelaide, which are part of Mount Loft, about 15 kilometers from the city is the historic city of Haandorf, which annually hosts a festival so beloved by everyone’s German drink. beer.
Probably, this is the second most important beer event in the world after the Oktoberfest in Germany. After attending one of these festivals you will get a real idea of how much Australia is cosmopolitan.
What you become witnesses will make you forget for a moment that Germany is quite in the other side of our beautiful planet.
It is not by chance that Adelaide is one of the favorite places for foreign tourists. Here, a small area is full of cultural, natural and other sights.
Wherever we look, everywhere in Adelaide we see the progress of one responsible and modern nation.