Qualified employees who can find work in Manitoba.
You will have to prove that you have the necessary education and training (including the required licenses and certificates), work experience and language skills in order to find work in your specialty in Manitoba shortly after your arrival.
If your specialty is on the list of qualifications for professions issued as part of the Manitoba Province immigration program, you must meet all the requirements for your profession listed on this list. A list of requirements can be found on the website of the provincial immigration program.
Your ability to find a job will be assessed according to the documents accompanying your application, as well as information on the current state of the labor market in Manitoba. The applicant’s abilities will be considered individually, for each case, regardless of whether his profession is included in the list of requirements for professions and the applicant’s compliance with the requirements. The immigration program of the province of Manitoba does not guarantee employment by profession.
Directions for the assessment of skilled workers.
The program provides for five priority areas and one common.
Priority areas are intended for applicants who demonstrate the strongest potential for successful resettlement in Manitoba. Statements adopted in priority areas will be assessed earlier and faster than applications accepted in the general direction.
If your application does not meet the requirements of any of the priority areas, you can refer to the general direction if you have at least one of the following:
A close relative in Manitoba; OR Education received in Manitoba; OR Two guaranteed letters of support from friends or distant relatives in Manitoba; or Work experience in Manitoba.
You can find out about the specific criteria for each of these factors in the General direction.
The immigration program of the province of Manitoba is not a sponsorship program. You have to prove that you can successfully find a job in Manitoba as a skilled worker.
This program can only be used by those who can submit documents on the availability of funds in your own name, allowing you to:
to pay Canadian immigration fees and your expenses for moving to Manitoba; support yourself and your family while you are looking for work; successfully settle in Manitoba.
Typically, immigrants must have a minimum of $ 10,000 CDN for the main applicant and $ 2,000 CDN for each family member.
If you have an approved job offer, or you already work in Manitoba, you may not show the availability of $ 10,000 CDN. If you do not have such funds, you do not have an approved job offer and you do not work in Manitoba, the Manitoba immigration authorities can accept a guaranteed statement of support and a Statement of Financial Support from your close relative in Manitoba. In any case, you still have to show the availability of any means.
The authorities of the province of Manitoba highly appreciate the contribution of families to the economic development of the province and encourage the inclusion of family members in applications for immigration. You can include the following family members in your application: spouse or partner living with you in a civil marriage, your children under 18, adults under the age of 22 and unmarried; older than 22 years dependent on you financially for health reasons; older than 22 years and are students of day departments.
You need to prove the availability of adequate funds, sufficient for all members of your family.
Dependent family members who are not included in the above list can still be considered within the framework of the Manitoba immigration program, on the strategic recruitment project, AFTER your immigration application is approved by the province.
The immigration program of the province of Manitoba for businessmen and entrepreneurs.
The Manitoba immigration program for businessmen and entrepreneurs enables the province to select candidates with the intention and ability to move to Manitoba and create or acquire a business.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
have personal funds of $ 250,000 CDN; to invest in the economy of Manitoba in the amount of not less than $ 150,000 CDN; have experience of successful business or company management; Visit Manitoba for a visit or plan such a trip within a few months after the application was filed in order to explore business opportunities and learn about the living conditions in Manitoba; Make a pledge on a trust account of the Government of Manitoba of $ 75,000 as a guarantee for the creation or purchase of business in Manitoba. In most cases, this deposit is returned after the investment is made and the business is established or acquired.
Manitoba is ready to accept all immigrants who apply, but according to an agreement with the federal government of Canada, the number of immigrants who can enter the province within one year is limited. In view of this limitation, Manitoba selects those applicants who are most suited to immigration requirements and who are most likely to offer provinces.
Applicants backed by the province of Manitoba must apply for immigration visas to the Canadian consulate. You will be assisted in preparing an application for permanent resident status for you and your family members.
Criteria for the program for young farmers.
Manitoba invites young farmers with work experience and doing business to take part in the farm business, which creates good opportunities for themselves and contributes to the economic growth of the province. This program helps young farmers in the immigration process. To use this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:
have personal funds of $ 150,000 CDN after moving to Manitoba; invest at least $ 150,000 CDN in a farm in Manitoba; the main applicant must be at least 40 years of age; have experience in successful management of the firm; have the professional skills required in the labor market (the main applicant and spouse to supplement the income from the farm, deposit a $ 75,000 deposit to the trust of the Manitoba Development Corporation to guarantee the purchase of the farm in Manitoba.
The annual income of $ 35,000 CDN for an average family of 4 provides a good standard of living in Manitoba. This income can be obtained from working on a farm and / or working outside the farm.
It should be noted that regardless of what program you are going to immigrate, you must have a legal status in your country of residence. If you live in Canada, you must submit a document confirming your status as a tourist, student or temporary worker. You can not use this program if you are in Canada as a refugee. You can apply from outside Canada, but you need to show proof of your legal status in your country of residence.