Accommodation in Berlin.
Berlin enchants many people – not just history enthusiasts interested in its rich heritage. Emigrants living in Berlin come from all over the world. Our guide will prepare you for moving to Berlin with information about permits and transport.
Berlin: International Schools and Transport Popular among emigrant quarters in Berlin.
In Berlin, there are only two educational routes at the end of the primary school: the gymnasium or the Integrierte Sekundarschule.
If you prefer that your children are engaged in different training programs, many international schools are also at your disposal.
Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular form of transport in Berlin, as it is cheap and safe with a multitude of bike paths.
There are 12 districts in Berlin to choose between where to stay when you choose a house. They offer a variety of prices and local conditions.
Berlin is one of the most exciting, interesting and multifaceted cities in the world. There are about 3.5 million people currently residing in Berlin, which makes it the largest city in Germany.
You probably are not bored if you move to Berlin. About one third of its surface area consists of parks, forests and gardens, and for less hiking types, there are about 170 museums to visit. In connection with the international atmosphere of the city, the kitchen is very extensive. Having moved to Berlin, you can find something from burrito and shish kebab to sushi and traditional Currywurst.
As soon as you arrive in Berlin, you will quickly become clear that this is a very international city, as well as a cultural, political and scientific center. Its unusual festivals, stormy nightlife, countless picture galleries, and impressive architecture also make a significant contribution to the quality of life.
Due to its rich history, Berlin also offers enough historical experience. You will find reminders of modern German history at almost every corner, from the checkpoint Charlie. to the remnants of the old Berlin Wall. Life in Berlin should not be expensive, as it offers many free cultural events.
Important for the EEA citizens: residence permit.
If you are not from the EEA country, you not only have to go to Einwohnermeldeamt and register your new address. In addition, you are required to apply for a temporary residence permit (residence permit) as soon as you arrive. Please note that this in addition to any visa, it is already necessary to enter the country. To obtain a permit, you need at least a valid passport, proof of sufficient financial means to support yourself (ie, an extract from a bank account or employment contract), a document certifying health insurance, and proof of your new residence.
If you are a highly skilled worker with an annual income above a certain threshold (as of 2016, 49,600 euros or 38,688 euros in case you work in an area with a shortage of job seekers), you can qualify for the so-called EU Blue Card & # 187 .
In general, residence permits are divided into two different types: limited or unrestricted type of permits. As the name implies, the latter acts for an infinite period of time. Other, however, should be extended for a specific date (for example, in a year). You can, as already mentioned above, apply for a visa to Germany before starting your life in Berlin. Refusals are very rare.
Also read about how to obtain a German residence permit in our comprehensive guide for an expat living in Germany.
Registration for new residents in Berlin.
In Berlin, you must take care of registering your residence in Germany, in a place called Meldeschein. This requirement is mandatory for every resident.
To complete the registration process, simply take your passport and lease or purchase contract (with address!) To the local registry office (Einwohnermeldeamt).
There are registrars throughout the city. In Berlin, they are also called Burgeramt and belong to the local district municipal government (Bezirksamt). The registry office will be decisive for a number of legal issues, such as driving licenses, income tax cards, German tax identifiers, etc.
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