Accommodation in Austria. Residence.
Permanent residence in Austria.
Permanent residence in Austria is expected if the stay on the territory of this country exceeds six months. For citizens of the CIS countries, permanent residence in Austria is possible after obtaining a residence permit.
Accommodation in Austria. Residence.
In recent years, more and more of our compatriots are discovering Austria as their permanent place of residence. And it’s not surprising. Austria is open to people of all nationalities and religious preferences. The economy of Austria continues to develop steadily, despite the ongoing financial and economic crisis in some countries of the Eurozone. A stable political system and legal security, excellent infrastructure, education and healthcare attract new settlers. A significant contribution to the successful development of the Austrian economy is made by foreigners permanently residing in this country.
Entrepreneurs and private individuals wishing to reside in Austria are confronted with a complexly arranged legislative system for admission of foreigners to the labor market and obtaining the necessary permits for doing business. Austrian legislation provides for a number of opportunities to obtain the appropriate residence permit.
In the section of articles, on our website, you can learn more about certain provisions of the legislation related to the issue of obtaining a residence permit. For example, an article on general legislative norms for obtaining a residence permit and a red-white-red card details this issue. We also highlighted a separate article on the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Austria for the first time and other articles.
The issue of obtaining a residence permit in Austria, as a rule, should be considered in full, taking into account the prospective professional activity, renting or purchasing real estate, choosing a place of study in Austria.
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