A train to Paris from Cologne via Aachen and Brussels to Talis.
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About the train Thalys, I already told you in the note “For the weekend in Paris on Talis.”
If a trip from Germany to Paris or Brussels on Talis is included in your vacation plans, then you need to know a few more points related to this train.
Just like in Moscow, in Paris and Brussels, there are several train stations. In Paris, trains to other countries leave the Gare du Nord. And in Brussels – from the South Station (Brussel Midi). This should be remembered if you are planning a trip only to Brussels. Thalys (Talis) stops at the Brussels Midi station, which is not quite in the center of the city.
What train stations in Europe does Thalys stop at?
I must say that in Brussels Thalys passes through all three stations – North, Central and South, because they are located virtually on one branch, but the stop is on the largest and most modern of them, the South Station.
High-speed train Talis from Cologne to Paris passes through Brussels.
So if you are scheduling a meeting at a train station in Brussels or Paris, it makes sense to specify which one.
How much do Talis train tickets cost?
Thalys has a complex tariff system: for example, the earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper. Although, of course, the cheaper the ticket, the less flexible are the conditions for its exchange or delivery. In addition, special tariffs are available for young people under 26 and for pensioners after 60. On Talis you can buy tickets online and print on your computer.
Train inspectors have special devices that read special barcodes on the electronic ticket sold in this way. So it is impossible to forge it. The payment for the ticket purchased online, occurs by means of a visa card or mastercard through the Internet.
What if Talis was late?
Delays in the Thalys movement and compensation for late arrivals.
This topic is interesting and useful for those who are planning a trip to Thalys or Daeje. So, if Talis trains are late for half an hour or more – then you, as a passenger of a late train, have the right to reimburse part of the cost, because the carrier company has not fulfilled its obligation to transport you from point A to point B.
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48 comments “By train to Paris from Cologne via Aachen and Brussels to Talis”
Tell me, how can I buy a ticket on the high-speed Talis train from Paris to Cologne on-line?
Such a question, confused first name and last name when making a ticket, tickets of the cheapest category without canceling and editing the reservation, can there be problems?
No, there will be no problems, you have the passport with you to show, “if that’s what.” This is a minor oversight. The main thing is that you were traveling.
Anna, tell me pliz! I bought 5 tickets for Thalys now, I indicated all the names, but I put my email address everywhere. I received the confirmation of the order for the mail. Everything seems to be normal, but the names are not spelled out anywhere. True when booking instead of print email. the ticket pops ticketless. Now I’m worried, should they be personal or not necessary?
It’s all right. You must enter passenger data and print tickets before the trip. Otherwise, you will not get a train. Look at the booking guide for Talis, if you did without it (it seems that you did not read the instructions), and do as described there & # 8211; all should turn out with surnames and printing of tickets & # 8211; http://evropult.info/instrukcii-po-bronirovaniyu/instrukciya-po-bronirovaniyu-thalys & # 8211; steps 12-13 onwards.
Yes, the fact is that there is some reason for it differently, not as in the instructions. There’s no choice of ticket printing. Only ticketless c barcode, which can be printed from the site of the Talis., But there is nowhere to write. And there were no attachments in the mail and in the booking on the site, too, no attachments, just a page with my order and all print this page.
Maria, I just checked the terms & # 8211; there it is written that in the tariff Smoove (you in fact this have bought?) it is necessary to specify the data of each passenger. Therefore, I can not answer you on the fly, that in your tickets differs from the usual variant in the instruction. As an option & # 8211; Send me your confirmation, I’ll take a look at the mail in the mailing list.
Anna, thank you very much for your sympathy !! And then already the head swells, with all these hotels, air and railways … Thank God everything is in order. I started to panic early, the day after registration, I received all the tickets with bar codes by mail. (on the site and indicated that they say wait 15 minutes or the next day maximum) When registered, indicated the names and surnames of all passengers, but el. the address indicated everywhere its own, so that each personal ticket came to me by mail in a separate letter. Now just print out the mail and all the cases. That is, there are no problems with Acrobat, everything has become simpler. And I bought the ticket the cheapest yellow, not Smoove.
Now we have to book a ticket for bahn.de, I hope everything goes smoothly, I learned the instruction :))
I plan to go on the route in October: Dusseldorf-Paris-Amsterdam-Dusseldorf. By the way, in January, with your help and at your prompts, dear travelers, visited Dusseldorf and Cologne. Also good and in detail I want to know other European cities. Tell me how to get from Paris to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam & # 8211; in Dusseldorf. Possible options and the railway or bus. What train stations?
From Amsterdam to Dusseldorf & # 8211; German train, instruction hhttp: //www.v-evropu.info/arrival-to-europe/instrukciya-po-bronirovaniyu-deutsche-bahn.
Tickets catch 3 months before the date of travel.
Hello! I tried now to go through all the steps for booking Talis, Cologne-Paris, for 4 people (1 child), but print out an e-ticket does not offer & # 8230; Only free by mail. Because of what it can be, do not know? And what to do, if by mail it does not reach # 8211; somehow you can restore these tickets on the spot on the information sent to the email?
most likely, the cheapest smoove tariff is not available, and the remaining tariffs are sent only by mail, because they are subject to return under certain conditions. Readers say that by mail the tickets reach for 3 weeks. Can tickets on the spot be restored & # 8211; I do not know.
Hello! where does the train come to in the cologne? is it not far from the airport?
To the central station of Cologne. To the airport & # 8211; 20 minutes by train.
Hello Anna! What happiness, that there are people like you & # 8230; Everyone will explain, help .. and travel to other countries, like at home, without fear, panic and do not look abroad as an idiot. Very much I ask you prompt, please, and if have not ordered in advance train tickets & # 8220; Talis & # 8221; to Paris from Germany (probably from Dusseldorf, he does not go, it means from Cologne) and want to go paying for the ticket right before the trip day in and day out? It may be that there will be no tickets or they are at unattainable prices, and I really want to know the difference in the price of such urgent calls. tickets for the class (first and second) or there is no class division? I would like to leave Dusseldorf on April 5 or 6. Many thanks to you in advance.
Love, tickets for Talis before departure are, I think, the EUR 120-150 one way in the 2nd class. And yes, it may be that they are not on sale, Because. all seats are sold out, there tickets with seats are sold.
And one more question to those who have visited Dusseldorf and know “# 8211; if the hotel has satellite TV, is it possible to watch TV channels (at least one) in Russian and is it possible to rent a DVD player in the hotel?
Good afternoon. Have tried to buy train tickets Cologne-Paris-Cologne, the card was withdrawn 60 euros for two, written in the letter reserve. Do not tell us what to do next, how to pay the rest. In general, we did not understand why not immediately passed payment for tickets. Maybe that’s not how they did it?
Irina, how much did the full tickets cost? in general, this is very strange & # 8211; they immediately withdraw money and tickets are sent by e-mail if you have chosen electronic tickets. if something went wrong, then we should look for tickets & # 8211; contact the customer department with the booking number: on the Talis website, the contact form on the top right.
Can I go with my bicycles? Is there a special car or some luggage compartment?
There are places for luggage in Talis, but I have never seen bicycles there. Best of all & # 8211; mail to the customer service your question on the Talis website on the link in the article.
Hello Anna, tell me please, tried 2 times to buy tickets for Talis, but both times we threw out and wrote that some cards are not accepted for payment, we have a Visa card and without any problems made all purchases on the Internet, do not tell us what to do? I really need an e-ticket Brussels-Amsterdam ..
Valentina, such reports sometimes happen that the cards of Russian banks are not accepted for payment by the TaeWeWe website. Usually people find some other bank card in the family or with friends. Unfortunately, I can not suggest anything more sensible. Between Brussels and Amsterdam there is also an ordinary train, not a talisman, it goes longer & # 8211; but prices do not seem to be different in the internet and live at the box office, look for the site of the Belgian railroad # 8211; like, it serves this branch (or the Dutch & # 8211; one of two).
Good day. Now on the site Tailis (fr) bought two tickets Paris-Amsterdam. Sberovskaya Viza paid with half a kick. But when I look at the various details that have come to my email, I see that my name is both the first passenger and the second one. Method of obtaining tickets & # 8211; machine or station (fr).
I beg, teach me what to do? Will there be problems for the second passenger?
*** and how did I manage to mention myself everywhere, forgetting about my husband? ***)))
Elena, there are 2 sides to the question & # 8211; formally tickets are nominal. But I travel by registered tickets for 10 years in Talis & # 8211; never checked the documents for compliance with what is stated in the ticket and the one who is traveling. True, I never went by tickets that need to receive in the machine. I have a suspicion that there they do not even appear on the name “# 8230”. When I buy tickets for Talis at the ticket office at the station, there they are impersonal. Look for more information on the forums, how tickets obtained in vending machines look.
Anna, many thanks for the answer I join the majority opinion here & # 8211; You are doing a great job, because sometimes there is enough sympathy even without the slightest information on the problem. Especially, to beginners)) Thanks again.
I search on forums, yes. Here at night one more answer (maybe, also to whom it is useful):
I got our tickets by mail. Now I looked at them carefully. On the first written my name and surname. On the second and third, & # 8211; my last name (without a name) and deux (on the second), trois (on the third). Tickets on the train were checked, no questions arose. & # 8221;
Hello! Anna, thank you so much for the site! I have been a regular user for two years now! Your site & # 8211; best!
Be kind, share your opinion on the following question (I, of course, understand that you are not an oracle))))
Trip at the end of March. We fly Lufthansa to Dusseldorf at 17:00. We want to go to Paris right away. The last train from Cologne leaves at 18:42.
We will study the flow diagram in detail.
Do you think this is not too much?
Maybe it’s safer to go tomorrow the next day? Thank you in advance!
Natalia, I would not go like this. I believe that the chance to catch a train to Cologne is low. The last suitable train from the railway station Dusseldorf Fluhfen (this airport) to Cologne goes to 17-50 and arrives in Cologne at 18-29. That is, you have 50 minutes to get out of the plane, passing border controls, getting baggage and skye trains. In my opinion, this is very sporting (as the Germans say). Do not worry yourself, stay overnight in Cologne or Dusseldorf, and in the morning on the first train at 6 or 7 am, go to Paris.
Anna, thank you very much for the answer! Your opinion completely coincided with mine))))
Already this morning we will buy tickets for Talis (Cologne-Paris), but I still have not figured out what type of ticket to choose? What are they fundamentally different: Printed ticket and ticketless?
The first does not come to the post office, and I myself having filled it in advance, I print it from the site?
The second after a while (sometimes the next day) comes in ready form with barcode on the e. mail? And I show this printout to the controller?
Instructions read, but there they limited themselves to choosing the Printed ticket.
Natalia, they have already improved the site a couple of times,. Ticketless & # 8211; you can show the bar code from a smartphone or print a ticket. Printed & # 8211; necessarily print on paper (although it seems to me, now they offer only a choice between the Ticketless and Delivery Bai post).
Thank you very much!
Anna, I’ll update you once more. Those. if I select the Ticketless and confirm the points where they ask about the smartphone, I And the e-mail letter with the bar code comes And the phone sms, which can also be shown to the controller?
And what is Delivery Bai Post? Ordinary mail?
Natalia, 1 point do not know & # 8211; I never contact the barcode. In my opinion, it’s easier to print a ticket on paper. I always choose the ticket and the option & # 8220; print on paper & # 8221 ;, I do not contact the smartphone, it may end up in an inopportune moment. Yes & # 8211; by mail, do not recommend. If it is possible to take a printed ticket yourself & # 8211; take it.
Good afternoon! Help me please! I’m in Dusseldorf and I want to buy a ticket to Cologne-Paris, I called tiles, tried to book but then it turned out that my card was without a name and I can not buy a ticket. I just wanted to book and buy in Cologne in their office, but I do not understand how to do it better. Help please, I want to get into a disneyland with a child. (I do not speak German)
Irina, go tomorrow to the main station in Dusseldorf at the Deutsche Bahn cash desk (German rail) and buy a ticket for cash right there on the spot, this is the easiest way to buy a beads on talis.
Question to the experts: I bought tickets for Talis Brussels-Paris-Brussels for 2 adults and 1 child. But when filling out the data, confusion emerged: he himself took a child’s ticket, and the child was given a 9-year-old & # 8211; adult. What to do?
I do not want to correspond with Talis. I think, maybe they have an office at the railway station in Brussels, and before going there you can go there and ponyt?
Good afternoon! And yesterday June 25, 2014 we had an evil. Talis from Paris to Amsterdam was 1 hour late on technical failure + did not reach Central, because something happened on the routes & # 8230; We reached the center by metro. Delay was more than 2 hours. All our plans are destroyed, the children are exhausted! Have I the right to write a complaint to them? Is there any reason? And is not it too late?
When the train is late for more than 30, 60 or 120 minutes, Talis makes a payment & # 8211; vouchers. Either there is a refund option for being late for more than 60 or 120 minutes & # 8211; respectively 25 or 50 percent of the ticket price.
Thalys vouchers & # 8211; For any Thalys delay equal to or greater than 30, 60 or 120 minutes, or more, we offer compensation in the form of Thalys travel vouchers (valid for 12 months), except in cases of force majeure, equivalent to 20%, 50% or 100% of fares respectively.
Reimbursement by bank transfer & # 8211; Customers who wish to receive compensation in cash will receive, except in cases of penalty for exemption, starting from the 60th or 120th minute of delay, 25% or 50%, respectively, of the fare price by bank transfer. (No compensation will be paid for sums under � 4).
On the link there is an online form for processing the application for compensation.
Please, tell someone! This situation that took a ticket for themselves (from 26 and older) and a friend (12-25 years). In tickets it turned out so that age is specified on the contrary, i.e. I have a ticket with a youth discount, both for people under 25, and a girlfriend’s usual ticket. The question is: is there any kind of fine? And can they even refuse to put the train?
Surely, someone has already encountered a similar situation.
Thank you in advance for responding!
Olga, if you are 2 people and in general you have 2 correct tickets, then who has what & # 8211; not so critical, in my opinion. If the conductor begins to delve into the details (which is unlikely), you will say that you mistook the names when placing an order, when you specified the category of tickets. I would not worry.
Anna, thank you very much!) I hope that everything will be fine.
Anna, good afternoon.
I ask to dispel my doubts.
When buying a ticket to Talis, she hurried and instead of Dusseldorf she pointed out Duisburg (as I understand it, this station precedes Dusseldorf).
Can I take a train to Dusseldorf, or will I need to get to Duisburg beforehand? Could it be that if I do not take the train to Duisburg, will my ticket be canceled?
Varya, do not worry and sit down in Dusseldorf, between these stations to go just 16 minutes. And the control will, most likely, only in Cologne.
Reading the comments, I found that there are tourists who do not know German. How do you manage to express yourself at the ticket offices when buying a ticket (I do not know German or English myself)?
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